L'Amour Vampire

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: January 13, 2013

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Submitted: January 13, 2013



"I deeply apologize your highness." I told Penelope giving a little bow. The guests quickly returned to their conversations, although some men held their gazes a little longer before turning back. She really was beautiful as they said. She looked at me and blinked blankly obviously caring for my apology.

Her face was like a doll's hard, stiff, and it looked ice-cold. She seemed as if she expected everything to go her way. That was terrible personality. I would have to deal with it though. Now that I'd finally met the girl, let the mission begin. Part 1, meaningless chatter. "It's just that Alexander had offended me, so I got him back in return." I told her giving one of my innocent fake smiles.

She blinked at me and opened her mouth slightlyand hesitatingbeforebeing to talk. "Why are you trying to talkto me when I obviously don't wantto?" She asked metilting he head slowly with curiosity and her hairflowed off of her shoulder.I was takenaback,she was ruder than I assumed she would've been.

I gave her anotherfake smile. "Well that was you will eventually talk to me right?" Itold her with a fake laugh.

She looked at me with a frown and sighed. "Follow me." She ordered goinginto another tunnel and Iobeyed.

Once we were through I saw a beautiful pond withtrees that were tall and fitting and a deck that you couldwalk more into thecenter of the pond with. I looked at Penelope to see her reaction of sucha beautifulplace, but shewas staring at the castle's walland frowning.

"Look, I'm worry, but I don't want a fiance. Socould you just leave me alone?" She asked sincerely. She was smarter than I had taken her for.

"Such a same." I sighed looking at the castle's wall.

"Excuse me?" Penelope askedconfused.

"The wall blocks thetown doesn't it?" Isaidturning back to face her to see her eyeswidening a bit. "How many times have you gone intotown?" I asked her. I think I found out her problem.

Penelope slightly shiverand looked at me withnow teary eyes."Never..." She said andtears began to rush down her face like a waterfall. Yet shedidn't make a sound, not a wail or a sniffle. "They said I couldn't." she told me sounding so disappointed andsad. "They treat me like a doll, they dress me, they comb me, and theydecide what I'll say." Shetold me shivering as her tears streamed down even more.I understood now, she wasn't spoiled, she wasn't rude, she was trapped. She needed freedom from here. I patted her head which had shocked her, making her look up at me, and I could tell her tears were slowing down a bit.

"You're not trapped anymore Penelope." I told her wiping her tears from under her eyes with my thumbs. "I promise I'll free you." I knew exactly how she feels, I was once trapped like her. More than anything I wanted to go. I thought that if I had done something good for my kingdom they would let me, so that's why I left, I couldn't lose them because I loved them, and this was also an opportunity for my freedom, so I left, I escaped. The truth is, I am the heir to the vampire's kingdom. I have the most royal blood, so even though garlic, sunlight, and such will weaken me, they won't kill me. I can't let them know who I truly am, not yet anyways, or they willavoid me, kill me even, because they fear us, and if they kill the heir, they will have won the battle already. I pulled out a handkerchief from my pocket and hand it to Penelope. I patted her head and smiled again, once more it was real, and walked off

She was a kind person at heart, perhaps I wouldn't mind having to marry her. I stopped myself in the middle of the tunnel. I grabbed my head. What was I thinking? Maybe the sun had still affecting me, it was almost gone, but still, it was making me think the craziest things.

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