L'Amour Vampire

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 15, 2013



I leaned against the castle's walls while everyone chatted about where they planned to go, who they planned to see, and what they were going to get. This was the exact definition of spoiled. I couldn't stand people like them. "AhYour highness! Where have you been? You can't miss your own party!" I glanced to see a women address her. She stole a glance at me, giving me a chance to see her eyes which were swallowing up and red, then quickly turned back around and ran off toward the castle's back door. "Wait your highness!" The Young women with long brown hair called out before chasing her down. I had accidently promised something to her. The sun had gotten to me, and now that it had set, I had knocked the common sense into me. I still had to make her fall in love me, so I couldn't go chase her down right away, I had to give her a moment to feel utterly pathetic. I grinned to myself, I would save my kingdom, and then not just me, but everyone in my kingdom would have freedom.

There was a quick rustle of atree and I instantly turned my attention to it. The humans didn't seem to notice. I let my senses focus more, and gave a sniff of the air, itwasn't a human, justan animal. Perhaps a squirrel. No, it smelled slightly different than that. There was a high-pitched squeak, and I instantlygrabbed my ear in defense and dropped my focus of my abilities. I winced, my eardrums screaming, the human's had apparently heard it a little startled, just not as how loud I had heard it. There wasmovement in the tree, I was distracted and could only see a flick of it as it moved, however I knew it was gone now. Slapping my ear to stop the ringing, I slowly walked a little closer to the tree, then stopped myself, I didn't have to search for it, it was just an animal. Although it seemed so familiar. Something about it made me think back to home. What was wrong with me? Was I ill or something? I was thinking such odd things today. I turned back around and leaned on the wall trying to calm myself down.

"That was really funny." Alex said behind me, I was almost shocked, but when he had stopped to stand behind me his boots had swept over the grass. I nodded grinning to myself.

"So how does a 17 year old get to be a high knight?" I asked him turning around to see his face infuriated. I raised an eye-brow, had I touched a tough subject?

"You do know I'm 22 right?" He asked me looking me straight in the eye. I held in a laugh. He really was short, it was probably because he had started working out, and once he got those muscles, he stopped growing. It was amusing though. I stood straight up, I was a head taller than him. Honestly, he was short. "I'll take that as a no." He assumed with another spark of fire for his hate for me in his eyes. I narrowed my eyes challenging him. "You've seen the princess now you can go off to wherever you were from right?" He asked me, well it was more like he was ordering me. I shrugged.

"Who knows I might just stay for a while." I sighed with a happy tone before smiling in his face could tell I was making him tick.

"What if I kicked you out of my parent's inn?" He threatened me.

"Ah that's fine, I'll just get a job and a house, oh, what do you know, maybe I'll even get a job at the castle!" I smiled at him and he stuttered. Wow, he was really hopeless. "Is it just your hate over me or do you love Penelope that you want to get rid of me?" I asked him starring him straight in the eye.

"What the hell! Of course not! I just hate you, plus look what you did to me! You'd probably humiliate her highness as well!" He stuttered before answering me, and finished by swallowing. I remember, earlier when he had lied to me he has swallowed too, that was his habit wasn't it?

"Ah that's good, because your status is so low compared to her. If you even thought about telling her you loved her, you'd probably have all your connections with her cut off! Who knows maybe you could even lose your title!" I laughed patting him on the shoulder. He laughed along with me just a little less from the heart. He needed to work on his fake laugh.

"You couldn't either though. You're just a pathetic traveler, lower than me." He smiled warmly which irritated me. I opened my mouth to interrupt however the squeak began again and I grabbed my head as my eardrums vibrated killing me. "Ow, what was that?" Alex said before turning to see me wincing in pain. "Hey you okay?" He asked for once not angry at me. The squeak came again, this time louder. Whatever it was, it was coming closer.

A black small figure swooped down and past Alex's face than I could feel extra weight on my shoulder. Alex's face was scratched and it slowly poured with blood. My eyes widened and I could feel my teeth aching. My blood pulse speeded and my desire was to have blood. Nothing else, that was the only thing on my mind. I came closer to Alex, nearing his neck. "Whoa! Is that a bat!?" Alex said snapping me back into reality. "You could've said something instead of sticking it in my face." Alexander told me reaching for my shoulder.

There was another squeak, and the bat flew off my shoulder. No way, it had to be pure coincidence. They couldn't have found me already. I sighed, of course it was a coincidence, they would've already dragged me back if they were here. I sighed in relief in my silly thought and turned to Alex whose cheek was now completely blood and my eyes widened. "You're bleeding go to the infirmary." My voice started to sound a little bit thicker, which meant that they had already reacted. I covered my mouth with my hand, my fangs have pushed all the way out so that they were at the bottom of my lip when I closed my mouth. So badly I wanted to drink blood, yet I had promise not to harm humans, ever since I hurt that little Penny who had saved me. However that was getting hard to do with this guy bleeding and being a person I hate a lot.

He laughed at me. "AW scared of a little blood are you?" He grinned. I narrowed my eyes at him. I could force him with my mind, however, that caused for power, and if I used power, I'd live for a little less unless I had blood. I turned around and ran off. If my desire grew too great I'd probably have a forced transformation into my weakest state. I didn't need him, or anyone else seeing that. I passed a bunch of women, all wearing dresses, their necks completely naked, the nape of their neck shined and I closed my eyes storming out of there. This was good. I could feel my bones tightening. If I was forced to transform, I'd have to drink blood to return. That wouldn't be much of a problem, I'd just have to find a cat, or perhaps a cow, and that'd be much easier in the other state. However, the transformation was extremely painful and embarrashing.

"Petri?" A voice called. To hell with this! I ran down a tunnel, and turned standing to the other side of it. I felt as if I was becoming a bit smaller, and my bones felt scrunched up, but lighter. I screamed in fustration I wastoo late, and instead of a scream I heard a loud squeak. Alexander turned and kneeled down. "Ah you again, you see this? You hurt my face pretty bad." Alex said pointing to the scar on his face. "Wow you've got big teeth don't ye?" Alexander said reaching his hand for me. That would just disgrace me. I flapped out my wings and knocked his hand away. "Well aren't you violent." Alex muttered pulling his hand back to rub it.

"Is that a bat?" A soft voice asked. Both Alex and I looked up to see Penelope, whose eyes were slightly black from her eye make-up which had smudged when I'd rubbed her eyes. I tried to glance at my thumbs to see if they were black from that. I wanted to slap myself, my thumbs were perched on my wings and they had fur covering them now.

"Oh Pen, you shouldn't come to close to it, it's kind of violent." Alexander warned her grabbing her hand which I just noticed coming for me. What was with humans and petting bats?!

"Alexander, this is an order, put your hand down and let me touch it." She said still in her soft doll-like voice. She seemed so forced to have that voice and the manner she said it in. She really was trapped wasn't she? I got distracted starring at her face, before realizing she was petting my head. "I guess he just doesn't like you." She told him before patting inbetween my ears. That felt soothing, it calmed me down,, my blood's pulse was slowing down and I squeaked in shock. What was this? I'd always had required blood to transform back into my human form, so why did it feel like I was going to go back? "Where is your cave? Have you gotten lost?" She asked and she began trying to pick me up. She could pat me fine, but pick me up? No. Such disgrace was not wanted! I whacked her hand away with my wing and flew off into the tunnel, where I felt myself transforming back. I groaned, all my muscles were sore, and I felt as if I couldn't move. Why had I transformed back without blood? Did Penelope have some sort of special power or something?

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