Love Me. Hate Me. Date Me.

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Tyler West. Tyler West, Tyler West! Jillian's only problem is Tyler, second place in academics, always second place in atheltic skills, second place, always right behind Tyler West. Not to mention her parents saw him as their second child. Well, we've been friends with 6, and ever since then I've challenged him. He just laughed and beat me every time. Not this time! I'd be the first person to date someone this year!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Always Second

Submitted: February 22, 2013

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Submitted: February 22, 2013



He stood tall, with perfect posture, tall and lean, yet he had slight arm muscle, and I knew from the past he had a 6 pack, his skin the perfect color, and his clothes the right style. I narrowed my eyes at him, throwing deadly arrows at him with my eyes. I wouldn't lose this. He turned around in front of the class and chuckled with a grin scratching the top of his head with no paper with him. Ha! He had nothing! I'd already won! I grinned glancing down at my neatly written page of notes I'd found in the text book last night, this class was made for the top 10 students, and we were expected to mainly teach ourselves, and have strict dates for homework, and this report was only given yesterday.

"Since this was an oral report, I went ahead and memorized all the information from the chapter so I wouldn't have to look at notes." Tyler grinned giving a slight shrug putting his hands in his pockets and giving a smirk at me and my notes. I gaped, I had lost yet again!


I furiously picked up my papers and stormed out the classroom, yet not in time for him to rub it in. "Hey Second Place I liked your report, but it's a shame that Mr. Fritz didn't praise you as much as he did for me." He said ever so sarcastically.

"Oh just you wait West I'll beat you one day!" I threatened standing on my tippy-toes to flick his forehead. I was 5 foot and 5 inches and Tyler was an amazing 6 foot 1. That was impressive for a 17 year old. He ruffled my hair with a laugh as if I were telling him a good joke. My best girl friend, Rachel Young ran up with her fierce battle-cry. I turned around and saw Rachel running to Tyler like she was going to stab him. I glanced at Tyler to see his annoyed face.

"Don't touch my most precious Jillian!" Rachel said running to me and wrapping her arms around my neck and resting her head on top of mine, like Tyler, she was tall, 5 foot 10. Man, what was with all these tall people?! "Aww it’s okay Jillian, I thought your report was much better than Tyler's." She cooed to me. Rachel always spoiled me with her motherly ways. She faced me with her black hair in a tight bun. She wasn't as competitive with a title as we were, and she was third place in the rank of this school.

"Hey Jillian I got the new Call of Duty game, but since it seems like you need to study a lot to step up your game, I guess you can't come." I turned around to face Tyler literally throwing Rachel off. I looked at him with sparkles in my eyes. I liked to challenge Tyler, in any way possible, and I was all fired up, especially if I could virtually kill Tyler.

"NO! What time?" I grabbed his hands and placed them in front of him and stared in his eyes with excitement.

"Seeya around 4, in an hour, if you think you can beat me!" Tyler announced before turning around chuckling. I chewed the insides of my cheeks.

"Cocky little-"

"JILLIAN! You're my tiny little angel! You're not supposed to say that!" Rachel squealed cutting my off. I'd gotten so intimidated I had forgotten about her! "Plus did you forget she's coming today!?" She squeaked a little hurt. I looked at her with realization. No way, I had forgotten! We'd planned this out for weeks! Our best friend Justine, from 6th grade was moving back into town and we were going to throw her the best welcome back party. I gapped at Rachel. No way.

I stood up tall. "Well, I guess I'll back down on the challenge this time." I hesitated before saying it however. I'd never backed down from a challenge nor did Tyler. However Tyler had one or twice whenever he lost interest in the bet, or simply didn't have time. Rachel gave me her award winning smiled and we walked down the hall-way and out the school to Rachel's car.


I bit my lip and tapped the table nervously. It was 4 now, Tyler would be expecting me, and his mom probably was waiting as well. The way their parents always did, as if they had gained another child. See, our parents had all been friends during college and such, so they always met up, and had brought me, Tyler, and sometimes Justine and her twin brother Mitch; they were also friends, just not as close. I was waiting in Rachel's house, in a room with streamers and balloons. There was a chocolate cake that Rachel had made. I offered to help, but she screamed at me and said something about not wanting her house to burn down, and the cake was to be edible. I bit my bottom lip, was my cooking that terrible?

I kept glancing at the door waiting for Rachel to bring Justine and Mitch. Would they recognize me? Would I recognize them? The door clicked and my heart leapt into my throat. I stopped breathing for a moment with excitement for Justine, but for Mitch, fear.

I looked up and those who walked in the door had to be super-models. I saw Justine first, her brown hair hanging down all the way to where her hips started, her big brown doe-eyes making her look at innocent as she had before. Mitch has his dirty blonde hair cut short, and you could tell right away he was ripped since his muscles were visible through the shirt he wore. I took a deep breath and gave a big smile to both of them. I had had a crush on Mitch, and before they moved I had told him how I'd felt. He never got a chance to tell me, and I hoped it wouldn't be awkward.

"JILLLLLIAN!" The twins, who couldn't be more opposite shouted at the same time and ran over to me for a bear hug. I sighed, it wasn't awkward, but I couldn't breathe. They finally let go and we chatted amongst ourselves about life. Their father had finally finished his over-seas moving, they told us how they'd gone to Japan, Germany, and lots of other places for about a few months. It had been inspirational to them, and helpful for their father's business. We told a few jokes, and eventually ate the chocolate cake which was delicious; it was moist and ever so chocolaty.

My phone beeped as we all were in the middle of playing a team card game, which I happened to be winning with Mitch. I took it out of my pocket and saw that it was already 6:00, my mom had texted me that she wanted me to come home because my father was going to have some guests for dinner. I looked up and gave everyone a pouty face. "I got to go ." I said sadly and everyone made a sort of wailing noise before giving me another group hug, this time Rachel joined in.

"I'll walk you there, your house is just down the street right?" My heart skipped a beat at Mitch's offered. I gave him a smile and got up from my chair and walked out the door. All our families were successful, so we had all lived in this quiet private neighborhood. It had 4 to 6 story houses that were huge, which always gave us adventure when we were kids.

"So how long are you guys going to be here?" I asked him as we headed down the side-walk with the sun getting ready to set. My heart beat rose and I began to feel lighter, and I couldn't really feel my stomach. He looked at me and shrugged.

"Not sure, but you guys sure asked a lot of questions back there! I thought I was being interrogated!" He laughed and gave me shivers down my spine. "Oh, and speaking of questions." He realized turning to me slowly coming closer. I could feel myself heating up. He was so close... "About-" He began to say as he leaned down right in my face.

"What the HELL ARE YOU DOING?" A voice called out and Mitch got yanked back a foot or so. I turned around in utter disbelief to see Tyler there with his eyebrows furrowed in anger. He looked at me with confusion. "Is this guy harassing you Jillian?" He asked me holding Mitch by the collar of his shirt.

"Let go of him!" I shouted giving Tyler a drop-kick in the stomach, it didn't do much, and it sort of hurt me. My parents owned a very successful branched of gyms, where they had been a lot of classes on how to kick some. Tyler and I had taken classes since we were 6. He instantly dropped Mitch's collar and looked between us.

"Oh..." He said acknowledging something. "You guys were on a date. That's why you ditched me." Tyler said with some sadness in his words. Ha! I knew he'd be defeated by being stood up. I widen my eyes, wait date? If only! I mumbled and played with my fingers, heat rose to my cheeks as I tried to explain that wasn't the case. Mitch said nothing and just stood there rubbing the back of his neck.

Tyler just held up his hand to his head and scratched his hair before turning around and quickly walking away. “No way, that’s got to be Tyler right?” Mitch asked me and I was still fumbling with my fingers staring at the ground to avoid showing him my blushing face. I nodded to him.

“Kay thanks bye.” I finally managed to say before I myself dashed off, I hadn’t noticed but we had stopped right in front of my house. That was odd, didn’t Tyler just come from that direction?

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