The Cracks in the Ceiling

Status: Finished

The Cracks in the Ceiling

Status: Finished

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The Cracks in the Ceiling The Cracks in the Ceiling

Book by: plattinum


Genre: Other



My 2012 NaNoWriMo Endeavor


My 2012 NaNoWriMo Endeavor

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 04, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 04, 2012




Chapter 4


“So, what are we gonna do?” Carlos demanded.  “Are we gonna fucking kill him, or not?”

Logan sighed on the inside, but wisely chose not to do it so that all of the gang members could see.  He knew that in their eyes Terrance had fucked up.  Hell, in his opinion, Terrance had fucked up.  That was why they always let Logan plan their hits; so this kind of shit didn’t happen.  They had gone months without losing someone.  Logan knew that it could only last for so long, but between him and Doc, they had managed to keep everyone alive.  This stupid attempted raid was all Terrance’s idea.  He had acted on it without any consultation with Logan, Doc, or any of the other three higher ups.  And this was what happened.  Six dead.  Two seriously injured.  Another four that had injuries, but they could still fight.  They could help on the retaliation strike.  The retaliation strike that their new leader would have to plan.  

But that would be dealt with second.  The first thing the group had to decide was whether or not Terrance’s fuck up was big enough to warrant killing him.  The talk had been going back and forth, and really, Logan was ready for the argument to be done.  Either way.  The way he saw it, they could kill Terrance or not, it didn’t really affect Logan.  Truthfully, Logan just wanted this day to be over.  It had been a very hard day, he had lost his last two best friends, and he really wanted to go see Tasha and have her take his mind off of the fact that he would never get to see wither one of them again.  The quicker they could get this matter resolved, the quicker Logan got to leave.  For a couple of hours, at any rate.  

“I say we fucking kill him,” Jones asserted, his low voice sounding controlled and assertive.  That was one of the reasons that Logan thought Jones would be a good leader of the gang someday - he could think through tough situations and maintain his temper.  That had been one thing that Terrance was never good at, and look where that got him - on the fucking judgment table - in exactly the same position that Logan had been in two years ago.  Logan really hoped that the vote wouldn’t come down to him, but if there was a tie, he would be the final vote, since he had been in the gang the longest (besides Terrance, who, obviously, was not allowed to vote).  If it did come down to his vote, however, he was going to vote to kill him.  There were two main reasons for this.  The first was because Terrance made a bad call, that got his last two best friends killed, and he wanted him to pay.  The second, was because when Logan was on the stand two years ago, Terrance had voted that Logan should die.  An eye for an eye - that’s the way that Logan saw it.  

“I say we let him live,” Shredder said, voice quiet.

“Same here,” Doc asserted.  “There have been enough lives lost here today.  There is no need to add one more to the pile.”

Logan thought about Doc’s logic.  He could see where Doc was coming from.  After all, the two of them had been trying to save all of the gang members’ lives for three months.  For three months, they had succeeded.  That was the longest amount of time that the gang hadn’t lost anybody.  So, yes, Logan understood where Doc was coming from; he wouldn’t want to add to the death total either, if he were Doc either.  But he wasn’t Doc.  He was Logan.  The man that had no more of his best friends.  The man that Terrance himself had voted to kill two years ago.  He hoped it wouldn’t come down to him, but if it did, Logan just couldn’t forgive him for those crimes.  An eye for an eye, after all.  He liked Doc; they had become pretty good friends, actually, but in this matter, Logan couldn’t agree with him.  

The next two votes - the two Hispanic brothers that had been recruited by the top recruiter in the gang (Price), were Carlos and Hector, and they both voted for Terrance to be killed.  That didn’t surprise Logan; they had actually been in another gang before they came to the Bloods a couple of months ago.  They always voted to kill someone on trial.  

Price, the top recruiter in the gang, the one that had recruited Carlos and Hector (as well as four others that were still alive in the gang), voted to let him live.  Damian, the third oldest member of the gang (behind Logan and Terrance) voted to kill Terrance.  Again, Logan understood where Damian was coming from.  One of the men that had been killed today was Damian’s best friend.  Looking over at his face when he said, “Kill him,” Logan saw no remorse whatsoever.  If it came down to his vote tonight, that was how Logan hoped to deliver his vote as well - solid, with no pause or hesitation.  He wanted to let Terrance know that he fucked up tonight; he ordered a hit that cost the gang dearly.  

BJ voted next, in favor of keeping Terrance alive.  Rex voted to kill him.  Maurice and Saul went soft, saying he could live.  Logan really liked Maurice and Saul, but he had a feeling that they had only voted that way because they wanted to keep their black numbers up.  If they voted to kill Terrance, then there would only be four blacks left in the gang - those two, Jones, and Damian.  When Ryce voted to kill Terrance, that drew the votes to a dead standstill - five for killing him and five for sparing his life.  It all came down to what Logan would decide to do.  There were only two people that Logan looked at before he announced his decision - Doc and Damian.  They both had pleading looks on their faces, because they were both pleading him to side with them.  Meeting their gazes before he spoke, Logan tried to convey a quick message to each of them.  To Doc, he gave a pitying, apologetic smile.  He knew that Doc knew what it meant, and he also knew that Doc understood and wouldn’t hold it against him.  Not forever, at any rate.  To Damian, he gave a much firmer, I’ve got your back, look.  When he met Damian’s dark chocolate eyes, he gave a very slight nod.  Damian returned the shake of his head.  Having that settled, Logan turned his expression to meet the eyes of Terrance.  They shared a look for a full minute, and Logan knew that Terrance guessed which way Logan would go if it came down to him.  He gave a firm nod of his head, as if to say, I understand.  You do what you gotta do.  Out loud, Logan said, in a much steadier voice than even he had been expecting, “Kill him.”

Since Jones was the “executioner” of the group, he was the one that fired the shot that entered Terrance’s head at the base of his skull.  No one in the group said anything; it was something they had all seen before.  Once Terrance fell and the senior members of the gang got the scene cleaned up, Carlos called the group back to order.  

“Ok, so, guys, who we gonna name the new head?”

No one said anything at first.  Taking another glance at Jones, Logan knew that someday he would be an awesome leader, but again, he just thought that he was too young,  Judging by the hesitation that Jones was emitting, Jones agreed with the thought that he wasn’t ready to lead, not yet.  Though, judging by the looks that some of the other gang members were giving his way, Logan started to wonder if someone else was ready to throw out Jones name on his behalf.  Wanting to act before that happened, Logan tried to think of a suitable alternative.  That was when he met Damian’s eye.  

Damian actually would be a pretty good leader.  He had a quiet strength, which was why Logan hadn’t immediately thought of him at first.  But remembering the look he had given Terrance just moments before, the I don’t give a fuck that you were our leader, my best friend is dead because of you and now I am gonna make sure that you die, made Logan think that maybe, Damian would be a decent choice to take over.  If he were the same age as Jonas, Logan would have picked Jonas without hesitation.  But they were not the same age.  Damian had two or three years on Jonas.  Obviously Jonas thought that two or three years were important, because if he didn’t, he would have jumped up and thrown his name to the suggestion box, which he still hadn’t done.  

“I vote Damian,” Logan said, nodding in the direction of where Damian was sitting.  “He’s been with us practically longer than all of us . . . I think only I have been here longer.  He has shown strength when we needed to be strong and he is not afraid to hold others to the same standard.”

“I second that,” Doc said at once.  “He has helped me out when I am caring for several people.  He’s not afraid of blood and he knows how to judge if an attack is too risky or not.”

“Third,” Jones said quickly.  “I trust him.”

With Jonas backing him, that meant that everyone who wanted him to be leader someday would be backing him, too.  Seeing that that meant pretty much everyone was backing him, Logan tipped his head to Damian.  “So what do you say, Damian?  You think you can lead us right?”

Damian gave a firm nod and said, “Yeah, I got yo back.  Everyone, go to yo girls tonight.  We had a done fucked up day today and I think we al need a breather.  When we meet back up in one day, tho, we need to start lookin’ at some new recruits.  I’m puttin’ Price in front of headin’ up some recruiters.  But that can wait a day or two.  Go home tonight.  Get yo girls.  I’ll see you in twenty-four hours.”

With the meeting dismissed, Logan started walking toward the strip club.  Tasha would be getting off soon, and Logan really wanted to see her.

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