Baby, You're a Joke CHAPTER 1

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Jordyn. Simple. Emo. Yeah, emo. But very beautiful, filled with secrets, such as her secret love for Dade. Jordyn was always the quiet, shy, hard to talk to kind of girl. Up until she and Dade reach each other's eyes. Then her life changes. Forever.

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Baby, You're a Joke CHAPTER 1

Submitted: October 05, 2010

Reads: 174

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Submitted: October 05, 2010



Baby, You're a Joke
Chapter 1

"Get a life," I said pushing my 12 year old brother out of my way. "Oh, and it's not like I ever 'kiss' a pillow. So you should have NEVER posted that on your stupid little thing you call a blog."

"Yeah, you're right," Jake said grinning. "You only make out with cow butt."

My body felt like attacking someone. I swear, I really HATE little brothers. I clinched my fist and held it out. He ran upstairs. "Fuck you," I mumbled scooping out some ice-cream.

My dad walked in the kitchen, and for some odd reason, watched, actually stared at me scooping the chocolate peanut-butter-fudge ice cream.

"Must I help you with something," I said rolling my eyes. "Dad?"

He looked up from his gaze of ice-cream. "That looks good.." He said. "And you are not supposed to have a lot of sugar, remember, your doctor said that about your blood sugar. NOT A LOT OF -"

"SUGAR. Yes, I know! I'm only getting 2 scoops," I said. "Is that good enough for you, Mr. Perfecto? Is this ok to you, Perfection? Are you ok with this, Perfection I call Dad. I hope this stasfies you enough because I would hate for you to be disapointed for ONE IN YOUR LIFETIME!"

"Thats enough, Jordyn, damn it!" Dad yelled at me while he scratched his head. "I'm sick of your little attitude and it's going to end RIGHT NOW."

I threw the ice-cream scooper in the sink, and put the ice-cream back in the fridge. "Oh, ok, my attitude will end today. But I wonder when your's will end." I walked into the living room and sat down on the couch.

My dad followed in behind me. "Excude me? Did you just ask when my attitude is going to end?"

I took a bite of the ice-cream. "No, I asked you when your corn would grow."

My dad stomped into the other room. I swear, I really HATE this house, HATE my life, HATE my school, HATE the way I'm in love with this guy named Dade. I just HATE it.

I finished my ice-cream. And heard the doorbell ring.

I never expected it would be who it was.

**I know its short but the next chapter will be longer!!**

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