Something Like a Sequel

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Ice Cream!

Submitted: March 29, 2014

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Submitted: March 29, 2014



Chapter 15

Ice Cream!-

Jimon walks into the kitchen. Ren is sitting at the table. Jimon walks over to the fridge. He opens it only to see that his ice cream is missing. Jimon looks right at Ren. “Ren.” Jimon says.

“What?” Ren asks. Jimon walks over to Ren.

“Where’s my ice cream?” Jimon asks.

“Well, it was in the fridge, but now it’s in my stomach.” Ren replies.

“What the hell dad! That ice cream was mine!” Jimon yells. Ren looks up at Jimon.

“Who the fu*k are you yelling at?” Ren asks.

“You! I’m yelling at your ass!” Jimon replies.

“Son, you may be thirty something but I’ll still take a belt to your ass.” Ren says.

“Oh, oh you’ll take a belt to my ass. I highly doubt that.” Jimon replies.

“Fine, Jin!” Ren yells.

“Leave me alone saggy!” Jin replies from up stairs.

“I need a favor devil child!” Ren yells.

“I aint doing a damn thing for you!” Jin yells back.

“It involves Jimon getting his ass beat!” Ren yells.

“What’s the favor grandpa?” Jin asks.

“I need you to bring me a belt!” Ren yells.

“Okay, be down there in a second!” Jin yells back.

“Are you seriously gonna try to beat me with a belt?” Jimon asks as he stands in front of Ren with his arms crossed.

“Believe me Jimon when I say that I’m gonna take a belt to your ass.” Ren replies. Jin comes into the kitchen with a belt. He walks over to Ren and hands it to him.

“Now you must be out your fu*king mind if you’re about to try to hit me with that.” Jimon says.

“Oh, sh!t my dad about to get beat by a belt.” Jin says.

“Jin, hold him.” Ren says. Jin walks over to Jimon.

“You better back the hell up Jin.” Jimon says as he steps back. Ren stands up. “Both yall back the hell up.” Jimon says.

“I told you son that I’m gonna beat your ass.” Ren says as he steps closer. Jimon backs up, but sadly he backs up into a corner.

“That fu*king belt better not touch me!” Jimon yells.

“Oh, I think it will.” Ren replies and swings the belt. It hits Jimon’s leg with a loud smack. Jimon screams and holds the part of his leg where the belt hit.

“You old piece of sh!t!” Jimon yells. Jin laughs.

“Let me get him.” Jin says as he grabs the belt from Ren. Jin swings and hits Jimon’s thigh.

“Ow, neither of you two have aim. You aimless b!tches!” Jimon yells as he quickly snatches the belt from Jin.

“I’m out.” Jin says and starts to run out of the kitchen along with Ren.

“No, both yall come back. I’ll show you how to beat someone’s ass!” Jimon yells as he starts to chase them. 

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