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Chapter 12 (v.1) - THE BEGGAR

Submitted: May 08, 2007

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Submitted: May 08, 2007




The sun had warmed the robe in the moments of passed time. The new cooled body of, THE BEGGAR, received the warmth which the robed offered. Giving the body of, THE BEGGAR, a shade from the sun. Yet, the body filled fast with the overabundance of heat, being generated by the surrounding atmosphere.

A passage of life had taken place in the eternal order. The transition from the order which all life generated. Forming the formation of life given to, THE BEGGAR, in the eternal order of life. A simple bath in the cooling water, had brought about eternal order. Promoting the passage of heat from one body to another. The body of, THE BEGGAR, and the body of the flowing water.

Each possessing its own established temperature and degree of reality. A reality created by GOD and having the formation of his creation. THE BEGGAR, had taken possession of a space of that matter. Filling the space with his living flesh and warming body. Taking a possession which would last, for a specific interlude of time.

The end process of the encounter would be the removal of the body from the stream. Giving back to the stream its portion in space. Realizing, THE BEGGAR, with the universe and all of GODS creation. Bringing to all a harmony of time and space. Bringing back to reality the formation of being and person. The formation of living matter and the formation of moving non-living matter.

Yet, all matter, in the universe of the living GOD. Bringing to reason and thought, that the moving body of water was living. It was part of the matter, which makes the living GOD in the UNIVERSE real. Forming into matter from spirit. Giving a part, to form the altered part of the spirit. Giving life to a once nothingness. Located in time only, in the progression of the universe to the infinite.

CHAP 4 [ The Road ]

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