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Chapter 2 (v.1) - THE BEGGAR

Submitted: April 07, 2007

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Submitted: April 07, 2007



Expanding from the quagmire of some forgotten lore. Bursting forth into the eternity of the universe. Calling and finding the GOD which is alive. The eternal living energy .

Gathering our life energies and finding a coordinated point with GOD. Having GOD accept this energy into himself, then becoming one with GOD eternal energy. A never ceasing energy, which pulsates and lives in the universe beyond.

Formation of life, springing up from the fermented marshes of the earth. The cooling slags of land floating upon the molten magma of the earth. core. Like a thin wisp of dust lying upon an exposed bowl of jello. Only waiting for the slightest shiver to give new meaning to its existence. That existence which was created from the jello, dirt and water and all substance.

Lying exposed to the air and surrounding elements. Giving new found freedom in the creation. Then only to sub-come to the atmosphere around it. Letting the atmosphere absorb the warm parts of cooling. Just like the earth cooling off from the creation.

The boiling blobs of energy now made into matter, transformed with the will of GOD. Creating the earth and becoming. Making a shinning star to keep warm the fermentation. Lest it be exposed to the harsh realities of space and any surrounding elements.

Created from the will of GOD. Energy transformed into matter. Giving place to the existence of space. Finding the solidness of creation. Giving a security to the existence of the formed substance.

Placing before the universe a special Pasteur of the created universe called earth. The home of countless creatures from the ferment of the matter core of the earth.

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