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Chapter 3 (v.1) - THE BEGGAR

Submitted: August 14, 2007

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Submitted: August 14, 2007



Created substance and matter,, from the formation of GODS creation. Mow placed, our forming creation grows and expands with the passage of time. A time which at some point has a formation of matter and substance.

Then transformed through the will of GOD into a creation. A place of time and matter. Making a formation and image of substance over time. Creating the earth and the realm that we live in. The formation and coordination, finding by nature its primordial instinct.

Gathered formation of creation placed in a solidified state. Yet, still passing but only in an altered form., the formation of matter. Exposed to a presence of cognition and a formed atmosphere. Brought forth by the history of creation. Stamped with the creation of the church and having that link to the cosmos retained in human development.

Expanding and gathering into the formation and energies of GOD. Finding the wonderment of his creation. Finding the special calling cards of creation. Bringing to light the wonderment\'s of Holy creation. The blip of GODS creation in the universe.

Being beyond the formation of its creation. Holding fast the cosmic creation. Bringing it into focus to the reality of its creation of life and the surrounding creation of life and the rhythmic pulsations of eternal life. Calling forth into creation and harmonizing into the formation of creative life.

Life created by GOD through the evolution of countless cycles. Bringing to call the formation of living life. Brought forth from the living energy of GOD. Altering and finding the creations which are born under his eternal heaven. Finding the eternal call of his creation. The song which flows from the spoken GOD in heaven.

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