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Chapter 6 (v.1) - THE BEGGAR

Submitted: April 19, 2007

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Submitted: April 19, 2007




There was a cold silence about, THE BEGGAR. The quiet solitude which fills the soul of the meditative mind. Disciplining the thought to the focus point of GOD. Reaching a not asked for but bestowed elevation of spirit, enhanced by prayer to GOD. A GOD which answers prayer and provide unto the person an elevation of spirit.

For hours ,THE BEGGAR, remained in the prostrate position. The hot sun of the day, blaring down upon the soft dirty cotton gown. Shrouding the body of, THE BEGGAR, for full coverage. Only to find in a sinful position, the exposure of the feet, which bare no sandals. Only the hard, dirty, calloused feet of, THE BEGGAR.

The feet along with the rest of the body. Finding solace in the repose of the body. The position of time and space, which coordinate to make a whole. Finding the just position of the body and mind, which balance in the universe. Making a joyful fulfillment of spirit and GOD. Bringing a harmonic energy to the being of the person.

Slight gentle breezes cooled and evaporated the sweat from the body of, THE BEGGAR. Leaving a harder dirt pocked skin area, around the sweat-ed parts. Yet, THE BEGGAR, remained in the prostrate position. Praying and filling the soul with hours of meditative prayer. The sun pierced down upon the back of, THE BEGGAR. Gathering as if it may seem a communication with GOD and the universe. Sustaining the truth and belief of , THE BEGGAR.

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