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Chapter 7 (v.1) - THE BEGGAR

Submitted: April 19, 2007

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Submitted: April 19, 2007




The hours of continuous prayer spilled forth from, THE BEGGAR. The verbal chanting which filled the absorbent air with GOD. Filled the inner heart and soul of, THE BEGGAR. Making and answering the question of creation. Giving to, THE BEGGAR, a soul now filled with the total faith. Total belief in the, GOD, of the universe. The GOD of this Holy creation earth. The stage where, THE BEGGAR, practiced the faith of his Holy belief. Casting himself upon the dirt ground and gaining position.

That position which a person takes upon the earth. Finding the place where GOD and creation enter into the persons soul. Finding the oneness with the universe and all of Godliness. Knowing the GOD which created the person and all around. Falling as if it seemed into the infinite abysses of the soul. Again casting ones self before the GOD of the universe.

Empty of all possessions. Finding only the prayer of GOD. Finding in a universe world, the existence of GOD and the existence of the universe. There is living perceptible matter, formed into the being of life. Finding from the energy the creation of matter. Having the spirit of GOD which perpetuates this energy into the matter of the universe. Finding in the earth an oasis of life. Formed from GOD and ending in the eternal bosom of GOD. Finding the coordinated energy and matter. Which fits into the harmonic energy of GOD. The harmonic creation of the universe. Calling to the person in the harmonic song of the living energy.

Bringing only to the mind, the new stoic being of, THE BEGGAR. Pronounced stature rings, the calling of the inner soul. Casting forth a radiance of inner belief in the GOD of all his belief. Shining upon the living earth of GODS matter and created energy formation. Casting and finding an image in the stoic, icon, which stands silhouette against a whitish blue sky. Having GOD as the back drop of this living energy which is, THE BEGGAR.

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