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Chapter 9 (v.1) - THE BEGGAR

Submitted: May 02, 2007

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Submitted: May 02, 2007



THE BEGGAR poewhit

Pronounced again and again upon the listening populations of the earth. Reception to the Holy state of, THE BEGGAR, being. The state which calls to mind the Holiness of the universe. Now just standing and giving glare to the inner energy, which was rejuvenated, with the Holy meditative state of GOD. Now knowing the full manifestation, which is the living presence of GOD. THE BEGGAR, a living utensil which GOD created for his sign-post. A lonely stoic sign-post which radiated from the living GOD.

A creation of the living GOD. Brought forth from the deep recesses of the universe. Places where only God himself lives and brought forth his creation. All part of this creation, which abounds us on the focal point of the earth. A sign-post position, which radiates in all directions to the infinite corners of time.

THE BEGGAR, the living creation of this GOD of the heavens. Now standing and looking upon the surrounding earth. It was all an energy matter position of thought. Realizing the reality that is GOD. Seeing the matter around himself being transformed with the will and whimof GOD.

THE BEGGAR, was in the constant being with the GOD of all. Finding in himself only the will of GOD, being projected upon the earth. The harmony of total being, with the constant universe. Feeling and reliving under the constant perfect. Touching GOD and the universe. Calling to all in life, to rejoice over this perfection.

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