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FANTASY, yet maybe a reality?????????

Chapter 1 (v.1) - THE FINAL QUESTON

Submitted: March 28, 2007

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Submitted: March 28, 2007




Today we live in a world of turning turmoil. We are confronted with the ominous questions of survival. We laugh and snicker at the thought of war and anuclear holocaust. Yet today we are faced with that ultimate question. We all live in a world that is like a goldfish bowl. Yet, we seem to bump into each other all the time. What the final answers are, I do not know. Yet, I feel thatI will live to see the outcome of the final answer.

We should all sit back and look at our own conscience. Inside ourselves we should ask the ultimate questions. Are we ready for the final days of our lives? Living in todays world and the past course of history, we are going to be confronted with the ultimate question of a nuclear holocaust. We who are living today will be part of the holocaust. It will touch all our lives. It will affect all the people of the earth.

No one person, no matter who they are or think they are, will escape the holocaust. It will rain down on the people of the earth like the rain of a thunderstorm. All the people will be engulfed in the fire and the aftermath of the holocaust. Nothing will be left and the days of the earth will be numbered in the final hours. People will die slow deaths from the radiation that will be prevelent.

This book is filled with fantasy, realism, make-believe characters, and an assortment of ideas and dialogue. I hope that it might be enlightening, and an opening in the process of reading and digestion of the concepts.

This book is totally dedicated to the purpose of people. With the bottom line being NUKES, I hope this work mightbe read by the right people, and that they will think about the idea of eradication. Speaking for the innocent of the earth, we hope you will do this. Thank you, people of the world.

Author note: [ This book was written in 1981, after The Passions of Viet Nam. in 1975 here it is 2011 ??]

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