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Chapter 10 (v.1) - THE FINAL QUESTION

Submitted: April 17, 2007

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Submitted: April 17, 2007



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Next to the chariot that Klepto was riding in was the chariot of the Fleek Mokas. It remained at the same distance and carriage as the other. In the back, seated on a cushions to make him look taller in the seat, was the being of Sigmo. He was the general and leader of the Fleek Mokas. He was a person of short stature and held his position well for his size. This was mostly because he was always self-conscious of his height. Ever since the first memory of height came into his life, he was aware of it.

Sigmo was of a wild and rambunctious nature. This could be attributed to his wild upbring as a child. He roamed the woods and fields of his backyard. He was the free spirit of the woods, wallowing into all sorts of adventures, though soon he decided he wanted to be a leader. There was a fanatical inbreeding in his nature to be the leader of the group. This manic ability thrust him to the top during the siege and great battles of the land. He was new at the position, yet revered for being in the spot.

The only thing that bothered Sigmo the most was the feeling of being in the inferior position. When he found himself in the position of not being equal, or better he would pull back. It was his way of self defense. He had a little waddle to his walk that gave him the rhythm he wanted in his life. Sigmo was a quiet person at times. There were long stretches of talking to himself in the dark. He said, that he was the only person who could understand him. To other people, he was an enigma.

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One great affinity that he enjoyed was giving himself orders in the dark confines of his chambers. It gave him that feeling for authority that was missing in his life. He lived in a very sparse way and did not ad hear to luxury that was afforded the other leaders of the tribe. It was believed that that he lived with the absence of the use of a toilet. The local woods or nearest ravine would be of adequate means.

The remote coincidence of the two great leaders was funny. They both had a habit of wearing the dark sunglasses that were so prominent. Sigmos sunglasses were of the same dark lenses as those of Klepto, though on the sides of the glasses were a pair of blinders. This prevented even the remotest of unfiltered light to reach the eyes of Sigmo. The lenses were very shiny and reflected the sun and the reflection of the bright chariot.

It was useless for anyone to try looking into the dark lenses. They would only see the reflected images of themselves. Around the side of the cheek and to the ears they roamed. The black rims stood out next to the short cut hair of the near balding head. It seemed also that the sunglasses were of the most important part of the dress of Sigmo. To ask him this, he would only reply that "they were only to keep out the sunlight". Yet, it was believed that they were used to try and keep out people, strange as it may seem.

Together, the two generals rode in their respective chariots. Both had the shiny images protruding from their chests. The chariots moved in a slow procession of honor and semblance. There was actually a twin being to the event and time. At one instant the two zombie generals in the chariots looked at each other, the only cognition was that of the dark sunglasses looking at each other. It was a strange and foreboding event.

Adjunct they rode up the long road. There was a strange trans-formation to the whole event. Hidden in the far reaches of the spirit world, the two spirits of the generalsmerged. There, riding together in the two chariots, were only the zombielike images of the leaders. Above, almost in a transcendental state, were the two spirits of the leaders.

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