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Chapter 11 (v.1) - THE FINAL QUESTION

Submitted: April 17, 2007

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Submitted: April 17, 2007



They formed a perfect harmony, each balancing the other. The wild, verses the disciplined. There, in the aspect of heavens corner, was the spirit theory of the two leaders.

All around was the two chariots was thehue of the energy atmosphere. People gathered along the road to see the procession of noticed energy and if not felt it. This gave them a feeling of well being. They knew by this feeling that the truce would be signed. The battle of the land would beended. There would be no more carnage upon the land.

The two chariots proceeded up the road. They were passing the remains of the battle along with the survivors. Together, the chariots rode alone with the feeling that there was no one else left upon the earth. It was a very frightful and terrifying state. It had reached the point where the situation was defining to the two spirits above in the energy.

Yet, in the procession of carnage, there was an affinity that the spirits of the bodies of the zombie leaders could feel. All their past training had proved its point in those very moments. To be able to be callous and hard. No remorse or suffrage for the dead. Their spirits had built a strength toward this point. It was almost the point of brotherhood.

As the two chariots moved forward, there were images to the right of the road. There were stares from behind the pairs of, dark foreboding sunglasses,which also the energy possessed. There, in neat formation, were the painted skulls of the dead of the battle. They lined the road on either side. They had been painted in alternating colors of blue and gold. This was to tell the side of the dead of the battle.

It was done, of course, with full respect of the soldiers. It was the final salute to the leaders who had put them in that position. On the forehead of each skull was the name and age of the person.


If one looked closely on the right side of the skulls, they could see the name of the town or village.

Behind the skulls on the side of the road in alternating fashion were the civilians of the dead. They were painted totally in white. This was to mark the innocence of the people killed. They far out numbered the dead of the soldiers rank. They also held the numbers of age on their foreheads, and the town or village, was on the left side of the skull. It was also their last salute to the leaders of the battles.

In the third rank, were the children and the creatures of the earth. The children were painted in light blue for the boys, and pink for the little girls. The creatures and animals were painted yellow. This was to tell of their innocence and ultimate awareness of the great battle.

As one looked up the road from the chariots, they couldonly see the road and the skulls lining either side of the road. They covered the road on either side as far as the eye could see. It was just one large plantation of skulls that had been gathered to honor the leaders of the battle. In the background, music could be heard that made no sense. Then, neither did the dead of the battle make any sense. There was no winner.

The spirit and bodies of the generals looked out over the plantation of skulls. The spirit that divided them was the same as the road that divided their cause. It was the same as the abyss which divided the ideas of their respectivethinking. Why had their to be the different ideas of the mind. There were many other thoughts that could be substituted for the thoughts of ideologies.

It seemed that the leaders did the same things at the same time. The two zombieleaders took out flasks of the drink of the flowers. It was the appropriate moment in the dense atmosphere of the skulls. There would be a tranquil affect from the drink and the situation.

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