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Chapter 12 (v.1) - THE FINAL QUESTION

Submitted: April 17, 2007

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Submitted: April 17, 2007



page 22

There was the need to get away from the place. Yet, the restrictions of the events were not of the appropriate time. No, the course of peace must be followed. That course, they both knew, ended at the top of the hill in the old castle.

The great table would be there, surrounded by people of each concern. There would be the momentum of the real cause of that moment. Then, the sometime illusion that there can be no peace. There is only the transitory period that really exists. Then the ultimate conflict arises again.

Where would all of this end, was the thought of each zombie general. Yet, the rise to power and the greed of the power, were of the very formidable reasons. To each the power and the rise to the place of peace were in contradiction. To attain the one, the other had to be sacrificed. That was the thinking of the combined spirit above,a new entity called MISTER.

The two chariots continued up the road. It was still paved on either side with the skulls. The spirit of MISTER hovered over the chariots of the road. There, the spirit of MISTER looked over the rows of skulls on either side. MISTER, felt alone and forbidden from the world. There seemed to be an alternation of that life form of energy. The spirit of MISTER, looking out over the skulls realized the reason why. The skulls were looking back at the leaders in the chariots, remote and lost from the real situation.

They stared back at Klepto and Sigmo. They had the, hollow and forbidden, sunk into the hollow eyes. The GOD of creation had somehow been altered, it needed an explanation. There must be a recess in the circular GOD of creation that needed release. The only remark or reply to the uneventful situation was a new sip of the flower drink. What was the final line in the reason for countless skulls along the side of the road. It was haunting to MISTER in countless ways. The zombie leaders remained oblivious.

page 23

The chariot proceeded further up the slope of the number ten hill. The casual glance of MISTER took in the countryside from this advantage. There, out over the skulls, could be seen the ruins of a city from the battles. It was an uninhabitable city that was once the home of millions and hundreds of thousands of people. There was a new type of bomb that had been used upon the city called, 45.

The new bomb was the creation of a scientist in his own right. He had discovered the secret of creating energy from matter. In full theory, any piece of matter could be made to explode. The secret was to make the mass unstable so the molecules would separate, there by colliding with other molecules and creating a chain reaction.The new bomb made a chain reaction happen over a city. What was left was the death of millions of people. The city itself, was made flat and uninhabitable for countless years, due to radiation.

From the distance and vantage point of the leaders, the city was only a blackened spot on the countryside. They had not seen the city or made any close-up inspections. This was due to the hundred mile radius of radiation contamination. The next two hundred and fifty miles were an extreme warning area. Enter at your own risk for the next hundred years or so.

There in the chariots were the zombie generals who had ordered the destruction of the many city's. They were the ones who had unleashed the torrent of fire and energy upon millions of people. It was the ultimate command decisions of the zombie leaders , to eradicate the cities from the face of the earth.

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