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Chapter 13 (v.1) - THE FINAL QUESTION

Submitted: May 05, 2007

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Submitted: May 05, 2007



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What was the reason that could ultimately lead to the killing of millions of people at one time ?Was there a strategic reason to mass murder a total city in the blink of an eye ? Was it the childhood fantasy of the great leaders looking in the mirror at himself giving orders that made the ultimate decision ? Yelling and screaming out the orders to fire. Kill the enemy at all costs victoryto the valiant. Onward into the pit of the fire. Just like the captain leading the calvary in the charge up the hill.Could it have been that change to the days of some childhood fantasy. Yet, looking out of the chariots, the evidence was there to see. The skulls were also real.

Yes, just like Klepto could be at times. The earlier years, when he himself would look into the mirror with his uniform on, giving command decisions. It was the ultimate release of emotions. That suddenthrust situation. The supreme moment in any leaders life to make the ultimate command decision. The decision that determined the fate of millions of innocent people. Their only crime was that they were a creation of GOD, and happen to breath air. They had only the hope of living for another day.

Yes, you, Klepto and Sigmo, let the air fill your lungs. You both live for another day. Breath deep the inner intoxication of the final ultimate decision. You are both the harbingers of the death and the dispensers of death to the innocent. Let the stimulating juices of power flow within your bodies. They are only the shells of the spirit. One day, you will both find the errors of your ways.

The skulls along the road looked onward in a stoic manner. They were statues and monuments to the past disaster and battles. Yes, they were dead and lost to the living. Their bones now stand in the lasting memory of the fullness of battle. Still, Klepto and Sigmo, you go on in the inner mind of yourselves, wishing for the next battle.

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Where will the process of this folly end ? No more will the love and the compassion of these innocent people be upon the earth. No more, the looks of love to the children of their love. It is all lost to the name of some remote cause, most of which most of these people never even knew, or cared about. That is the tragedy of the matter, the innocence.

In the background, the unfamiliar music played onward. No cord had any meaning, it just rambled to the wind of its existence. More to the now-free spirits of the lost dead of the battle. A final good-bye to the dead.

Above the chariots, there was the whirling of the wind. Looking up through the dark sunglasses, the Zombie leaders could see the outline. It was the outline of the great white bird. High in the infinite sky it flew. It was circling the hill of the number ten. The shadow seemed to caress the ground as it flew onward. In the chariots, Klepto and Sigmo cringed with a sudden fright.

There was an ominous being about the bird. It brought the good news of the impending peace. Then again, it brought the fate of the lost. Still, it proceeded to climb to the highest high, then descended to the lowest low. There was a reality to the bird. The whiteness was the truth of its soaring glory. It absorbed the tolls of history. This it fed upon to live, for all eternity. The more that it ate, the morewisdom and understanding it could bring forth.

The bird further spoke to the presence of Klepto and Sigmo. Upon the ground, they looked up and received the words of wisdom."You leaders of the earth." You that bring the dates and mass murder. You will suffer in the eternity of time. Lost to the torment of your own passions and suffering." There was an eternal truth to the matter of GODS creation.

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