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Chapter 2 (v.1) - THE FINAL QUESTION

Submitted: March 29, 2007

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Submitted: March 29, 2007




Looking out over the horizon, there were the black clouds of gloom. Terror gripped the little hamlet in the growing land. The people were simile people, yet they were held in a bondage of terror. It came upon them in the year of yak 272. It was in this time that the needles were making their campaign to conquer the land.

The needles were a fiercetribe of wandering nomads. They lived in caves and ate the roots of trees. Like their name, they were tall, slim people. They had only one eyein the center of their forehead. They also had silver hair that flowed like the rivers. Their noses were like those of mosquitoes. On special feast days, they would gather one of the townspeople. With savage and ritual, they would sacrifice one of the townspeople.

The wide circle would tell of there unity. They held the rituals to honor the lost peopleof the Needle tribe. It seemed that the local townsfolk, the Woodings, were left out of the ritual. These two tribes lived in the same general area but never communicated. Only on the supreme ritual days, would there be any notice of each other. It was a strange custom, but that was the way of the two different people.

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It was a horror for the woodings to see the Needles sacrifice the people of their tribe. Yet, there was nothing that could be done to stop it. The ritual had taken place for many years, and it was not about to be stopped. The custom, from what can be understood, was ancient, and went back to the days of the early years. Their relative isolation and the shyness of the people made this even more paramount.

There were few leaders of the tribes of the Needles and the Woodings. Theritual and ways of thepeople remained the same because of this trait. There was a stagnation in the thoughts that were allowed to come into the circle of the leaders. It seemed all they wanted to do was sit and drink of the flowers.

For hours on end, the drink of the flowers was used to pass the time of the day. The flowers were rare and were gathered from far reaches of the earth. It seemed the flowers had a hypnotic effect upon the Needles. They were an exotic flowers and had been the cause of many wars.

In order to acquire the flowers, the Needles would take vast journeys to the far regions of the Tambo region. There they would talk to the great, grand Needle. He lived in the golden caves of the Tambo lowerregion. The great, Grand Needle was of a golden color in the bright sunlight. The color of gold was a status symbol to all the silver Needles of the far region. The coloring was acquired from the peculiar habit of rolling around the cave floor.

The floor was covered with the golden dust of the silver Needles, and was used in payment for the flowers of the Tambo region. The great, Golden Needle controlled the flow of the flowersto the leaders of theSilver Needles. There was always a demand for the flowers, and there was always gold to acquire the flowers.

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