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Chapter 4 (v.1) - THE FINAL QUESTION

Submitted: March 31, 2007

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Submitted: March 31, 2007



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It just seemed to the Moka people that there was always a constant conflict between the two people. It was the one eye in the center of the forehead that made them different to the Wooden people. Yet, the Moka people were far from the leisure time that surrounded them.

The Wooden people had heard of the Moka people and the gentle way of life that they possessed. It was also known that the Moka peopled farmed the flowers that they themselves liked. There were always stories about the great bundles of flowers that the Moka people stored in the warehouses in the rolling hills of the valley that they lived in. It was also known that this was the place that the great Golden Needle acquired his supply of flowers. It was said that the Golden Needle kept the Moka in work for many moons because of the great demand.

Here in the valley, the people sang and laughed while they worked the fields. They would eat the flowers and work the days away in the field. Time would just flow in one constant motion. There would never be any change in the constant routine.

The great Grand Moka would watch over the fields of flowers. He made sure the people were working to their full abilities. The Grand Moka was a very wise and wonderful person to the people. He always seemed to have the answers to their problems, although problems were very small in the valley of the Mokas.

This was the magical land of the Mokas. The time on the clock did not exist. The people lived by the rising of the sun. They would eat the fruits off the trees, then drink the waters of the stream. It was a very simple and primitive life to other people. Children were playful and the young were full of energy. Paradise was the only word that could describe the simple valley.

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It was known that throughout the valley and Moka land, the Fleek Mokas would roam. The Fleek Mokas were the great grand relatives of the Moka people. They were the first people to settle in the valley. All around was the history and the buildings of the Fleek Mokas. Through time and the evolution of the race of people, the Fleek Mokas had evolved into a people of spirits. They were always in the valley looking over the people.

Long ago in the early rears, they had been part of the Needle people, the Fleek Mokas migrated to the valley of the Moka valley. Only the Grand Moka was aware of this. It was part of the heritage passed down through the leaders.

There was a twin spirit that had been derived when the great evolution had taken place. This was a spirit that roamed the valley.They were known as the Wambas. Along with the Fleek Mokas, the Wambas searched and covered the valley. The only difference between the two spirits was that one was hostile; that being one of the Wambas. The Fleek Mokas were of a gentle nature. They resembled more the people that cultivated the valley.

In the time that was passed, they would war to great extent. There would be great conflict that would fill the land and sky, although the more they turned into spirit, the more peace-like they became. At the present time, the only war is that of the two great spirits. It is said that the great thunder and the great lightning of the sky is that of the two spirits warring. When this happens, the Moka people of present day go outside to see the reflection of the faces in the clouds. The faces of the spirits can be seen by the flashing of the lightning.

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