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Chapter 5 (v.1) - THE FINAL QUESTION

Submitted: April 02, 2007

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Submitted: April 02, 2007



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The best time for this to happen would be the time of the darkness of the moon. There, the greatest reflection can be seen. It is always hoped that one might see the face of a distant relative. Yet, they never knew if the faces were that of the Fleek Mokas or that of the Wambas. It was really more the excitement of the event. There the great Grand Moka would pray for the rain that he knew would arrive. It was one of the hidden pieces of knowledge that the Grand Moka acquired.

It is written in the history books that they warred to exercise the spirit. The other reason was to provide rain that was needed to make the flowers grow. This was one of the hidden ways the spirits took care of their race of people. It was believed thatif they did go into serious battle, it would destroy the land and sky. How this would be done was never really known. Yet, the people believed this with all the faith that they could hold on to.

In their own spiritual way, the two great spirits just made a lot of noise. There was the rumble of the thunder that made the ground shake, the shaking of the trees and the rain of its torment. There was a great release of emotion from the spirit community that inhabited the valley of the Moka.

The morning arrived one day after one of the great battles of the spirits. There on one of the blackened trees was the image and being of the pigeon. It had obviously been sent by the great Golden Needle of the far country. There it was released from the castle of his life and home. The great pigeon lived in the castle when it was not on a mission for the great Golden Needle. It nested and mated in the upper chambers of the castle.

It was in the dark hours of the night that the Great Needle would go to the castle and give messages to the pigeon. Usually, the messages read that the Woodings people of the lowland were in need of flowers. With a swift flash of the pen and the trusty knowledge that the message would arrive, the pigeon was released to the land of the Mokas.


Whenever there was going to be a party, the demand for the flowers was greatest. It was used to make the favorite drinks of the Moka people, which was also the favorite drinks of the Wooding people. At these parties, the people would drink in the fluid and the spirits of the evening. They would tell each other the stories of the olden times, the stories that would hold the attention of the children for hours.

This was really the purpose- to transfer the stories of the ancient people, to the children, knowing that when the children grew up, they would transfer them to their children. It was the way that history was given to the people.

After a great amount of time, the flower drink was consumed. Some of the people would go into the dream lands of their life. Others would just listen to the music of he night. Then, there were those that would walk along the great shores. They would listen to the inner loneliness of their souls. That deep inner song that comes to people when they face the realities of themselves.

Yes, the festival was that sort of event in the lives of the Wooding people. They were of the gentle nature. They adhered to the workings of the song in their soul. They waited patiently for many moons in the hope that flowers would arrive so they could party and have the great events. It was always their belief that the release of the inner soul was the greatest part of their life. That moment, when the inner part of themselves are released to themselves. That was the real music of life, that was theirs to be cherished.

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