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Chapter 7 (v.1) - THE FINAL QUESTION

Submitted: April 16, 2007

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Submitted: April 16, 2007



page 11

The chamber door was old and wooden. Slowly, he removed the key from his left pocket. There was a great emblem on the key. The shank was of a bright gold color and had only been used a few times. The door opened with the quiet ease of the same quality of it demeanor. The lighting inside was of a poor quality. It was only the moon that penetrated into the far corners of the solitary room. There were scant furnishings, and the walls were covered with an ancient form of wall covering. On it were written the ancient songs and chants of the Needle people.

The Golden Needle moved to the center of the room, his steps of a very gentle nature. Upon reaching the center, there was a voice of one coming to him. It said, " come forth ". It was a solid command. There was an iron solitude that held it in supreme command. Slowly, the Golden Needle took another step to the exact center of the chamber. "What do you wish" ? , was the next command of the voice in the room.

"I, the Golden Needle, have come on a great mission of time and extreme emergency. It seems we are in need of the flower of the distant land".

"Good, tell the word with the message of the pigeon. He will bring forth the necessary boding".

The spirit or energy spirit that spoke to the Golden Needle was that of the Fleek Mokas and the Wambas combined. It was the only spirit of its kind in the realm of the Fleek Mokas and the Wambas. They had mated in the ancient times and remained as one after the spirit wars. Now, they held guard over the castle. They protected it from any damage or harm. It was the final resting place of the spirit.

It seemed from the long history of the area, there was once a great battle upon this part of the world. The castle was the only place to survive the conflict.

page 12

It was between the Wambas and the Fleek Mokas when they had returned to the land. The Fleek Mokas were under the domination of the Needles. The revolution had ensued and the great battle took place.

After the great escape from the land, the spirit of the Fleek Mokas and Wambas returned. The Fleek Mokas were the better part of the spirit, and the Wambas were the fatal part of the spirit. In trying for control of the domination of the spirit kingdom, the Fleek Mokas and the Wambas had a great battle in the sky. Through a warp in the time spectrum, it was placed into the physical realm of the world. A great battle ensued for the better part of many centuries.

They sky was filled with darkness of the battle. The ground and the buildings were destroyed in the wake of the battle. Great thunder and the flashing of the manyweapons could be seen from all directions. The battle raged continually into the days and then the moons of the ages. Many people were the innocent victims of the battle. The crops lay in waste, speaking of hunger and death. The people hid in the holes in the bowls of the world. The Fleek Mokas and the Wambas were in the ultimate throes of the passion that was the battle.

Onward raged the battle into the time of each others passions. The whirling of the Fleek Mokas and the whirling of the Wambas, it was all part of the battle. They would swoop down out of the sky in hostile motion, hoping to catch each other. It was the manic praise of their leaders that made them continue.

The tides of the battle swayed to one side then the other. Finally, there was a realization that the tides of the battle were no good. There could not be a winner in the conflict between the Fleek Mokas and the Wambas. The battle had raged for the better part of one thousand yaks. That was longer than anyone wanted to remember.

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