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Chapter 8 (v.1) - THE FINAL QUESTION

Submitted: April 16, 2007

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Submitted: April 16, 2007



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It all occurred one early morning as the sun began to rise in the sky. The clouds were scant, And they reflected the early morning light. Across the purple sky, the image of the great bird appeared in the flowing wind. To some, it seemed like a vision; it seemed like the messenger of the universe. To the wise of the ground and the area, it was known as the great White Bird of peace. The generals of the Fleek Mokas and the Wambas looked up, and the Oman was very clear to them.

The two great generals agreed to meet and discuss peace and truce. After seeing the great white bird of peace, they agreed to meet on the hill of the tenth wind. That was where the castle was located. It was also the place where the spirits of the Wambas and Fleek Mokas reside. They hold that location as the neutral ground for any real peace. They both had merged in spirit to protect the great place of the peace.

There had been a battle truce arranged on the fields of battle. They looked around and saw the sick and dying of the war. The smell of burning was all through the air. Even the children had found a refuge of the coming peace. All they had realized was that a mother or father was missing one day.

Each of the two generals had agreed to meet at the setting of the next three suns. This was arranged by the great diplomats of the age. They signed the formal first agreements of the treaty. There was a mutual feeling between the two people. The great battle had run its course. There would be no winner in the time that passed. There was only the hope of a formal compromise. It would allow each to hold his head up and be the victor at the same time.

The whole battle had been drawn out. The generals were out of strategies. The troops were out of trooping. The people were happy to be people again. There was just a feeling that the whole event should be gotten over with. The great thinkers of the time agreed that the battle must end.

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It was just one of those situations in the course of history.

So it was agreed that the great generals of the Fleek Mokas and the general of the Wambas would meet. It would be the neutral place of the castle for the signing of the agreement. All the weapons would be put down. The peace would be signed.

Yes, it wasthe omen of the great bird that brought forth the peace of the people. It was in the past that the great bird had broughtforth windows of signs and wonders to the people. It wasnever known when the great bird would arrive. Yet, the people knew that the great bird held many ideas and forms of wisdom.


The generals, each in their own chariot, proceeded to climb to the top of the hill. This was the tenth hill of the winds. Upon the top of the hill was the castle, still standing after the many years of conflict and battle. It wound stand as he monument to the peace of the present ages.

Each general was in his own chariot so they would feel the comfort of their last moments in supreme power. Yet, each chariot was the same in form and color. They were a perfect match in the light of day. The reasons for the same chariots was so neither one would feel the betterment of the other. It would give them the feel of being neutral in the present ceremony.

It was very important that the same mannerisms and the same states of being were used. This was because the two generals were from the Fleek Mokas and the Wambas. They were past relatives of the Needle people. This meant that in relation, they were really the same people, but by their physical appearance this could not be determined.

The chariots were of a royal blue and polished to a high degree. There was a slight gold trim that surrounded the body. Wings of silver were on the sides that held the wind at bay. Even the drivers of the chariots were in the same mode of dress, simple blue uniforms to match the chariots.

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