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Chapter 9 (v.1) - THE FINAL QUESTION

Submitted: April 16, 2007

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Submitted: April 16, 2007



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They were of the people and only drivers of the chariots, yet each was a man servant of the general.

The two great chariots were on the road to the top. Each chariot was next to the other. They both moved at the same constant speed, so neither one of them could feel superior to the other in the procession. The two great chariots proceeded along the great promenade up the hill.

The general of the Wambas was known as Klepto. He was of the strong, rugged type. There was an affinity for battle within his blood. It was believed that his parents had dressed him in the fashion of the military since his day of birth. This could account for the fetish he had toward the liking of the color green. His diapers were green, his room was green, and even his toys were green.

There was a point that had to be reached, yet the color green remained predominant in his life. It was believed that the color of his skin was turning the lighter shade of green from over exposure. The children at the school used to make fun of him because of the tint to his being.

The teacher had wondered about the color of the green. All the time, every day of the week, the color green was worn. There was a constant bombardment of the color in young Kleptos life. A note was sent to the teacher one day explaining the color. It seemed that young Kleptos parents were training him for the life of a warrior fighter. There had been a study done of the family lineage and the fighting man stood out in the final analysis. There was Uncle Sod, who was the first man to make a jump without a parachute, not to mention that he was the first person to die of a jump without a parachute.

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With all the constant bombardment of the color green and the constant discipline, young Klepto turned out to be first in his class. He would study all his free time. This left him with no time for socializing. With the new young Klepto, it was all strictly business.

He did haveand acquired special skills in all of his training. He was able to write with his left foot and eat with his right foot. He couldlight a match with only the left hand, plus be able to stand on his head in the corner for hours on end. He said, "this helps me think in better terms". The blood would go to his brain, about twice the normalpressure and there would also be added oxygen in the blood.

Klepto was always of a stiff manner when it came to women in his life. There were very few of them to mention. There was always the feeling of retention to the outward giving of any love and affection. This could probably be attributed to the rigid self discipline that he lived by every day. Yet, he did like to garden and listen to the best of the music world.

As the years progressed, so did the images on his chest. He loved to walk around with the images in the forefront of his being. There was a certain masculinity and respect that had to be attributed to the shiny gold on his chest. Klepto, being of a reserved and hidden nature, used them more and more as a prop. Soon, the presence of a whip and the wearing of dark sunglasses took place.

The dark sunglasses were the paramount point of his dress. He had considered the glasses the most important part of his life. They were of the darkest lenses that could be madenext to opaque. Many times the faint twinge of a squint could be seen in order to see through the sunglass. Yet, with all the turmoil and grief, they still remained upon his nose.

After the middle of his age, he was never seen without the glasses, They fit across the bridge of his nose with the tightest comfort. The slight suntan on the cheeks gave off in the reflection of the sunglass. Many times Klepto would remain for hours looking into the mirror at his reflection and stare into the dark sunglasses, he thought gave him the authority he wanted.

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