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Chapter 18 (v.1) - THE PASSIONS OF VIET NAM

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Submitted: March 07, 2007



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They took them away in their police cars. Then they were taken to the air police headquarters on the other side of the base. There they met the Sargent of the guard that was on duty. He asked them what they were doing on the porch of the PX. One of them said, killing roaches. The Sargent said, look wise guy we have plenty of roaches in the cells. Then they began to talk about the ROACH INC. that they belonged to. They explained the point system,white albino,fornication, etc. Then one of the air police said, he heard about this club. They further explained that they were doing this as a service to the United States. We were helping them to keep the base clean.

With that the Sargent brought the men back to the company area. They were handed over to the CQ. that was on duty that night. The next morning everyone was told that they were going to have an inspection of the barracks. No one knew what this was for either, also, all weekend passes were cancelled. There was a stillness that filled the air. Then one of the Sargent's, that was in the ROACH INC. told us that they were going to inspect for ROACH INC. tee-shirts.

The time of the inspection was close. Everyone took their tee-shirts and hid them under the lockers themselves. It was rumored that anyone found with the tee-shirt would be busted one rank or pay grade. This meant money from the old pocket. There was a massive scramble tohide the tee-shirts under the lockers. After awhile there were three or four Sargent's that came around to look for the tee-shirts. Everyone was required to unfold the tee shirts they had in their locker. There were only one or two found and these were guys that were asleep. It wasn't funny at the time, all the commotion we caused.

Then after that the roach tee-shirts were banned from the base. I guess we were undermining the government or something. That really sent all of us for a loop. Like I said, the funniest sights were the Clorox down the sewer manholes. When you saw all the other people looking, it was worth all the fun. It seemed strange the different things that guys do to occupy the time. Then he said,"they do some pretty far out things at this place". I asked him what, and he said,"you will find out". Just get stoned once and that will do it. I told him no, and proceeded back to my area to get some sleep.

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The next morning I awoke at ten o'clock. There was no revelry, horns, or sounds to wake you up. This seemed like a new and strange way to get up in the morning. There seemed no order to the company and there was a very lax air of command. It seemed that no one fucked with you as long as you did your job. There was this guy standingout back of the barracks. He was in his shorts and washing and shaving out of his helmet. Well, that seemed to be the way you did things. There was much disorganization in my mind as to the location of things and places.

Out back this guy turned and said, you must be one of the new F.N.G.s that came into the company. They got in from VHUNG TAU. They had just sent other guys ,the other day here for replacements. From what I can understand, they are building the personnel up at the airfield. Then he said, he was from LONG ISLAND, he lived only a few miles from my hometown. Right there that was the start of a good friendship. Here again the army plays fate to the lives of the people.

There was a strangeness about the company. There seemed an almost too lax atmosphere. It was quiet and there was no semblance of war to be found anywhere. The personnel at AN KHE seemed natural in action and social intercourse. The form of duty that existed at AN KHE seemed pretty good. Then from around a corner, a guy came walking at a brisk speed. He was skinny and had blond hair. Then he asked if there were any rolling papers to be had anywhere. There was a change of composure when he saw me. He asked,"if I was all right to the other guy". Then he said,"YES", and the tension that played in the air was released. There were no rolling papers to be found and he said, OK. Without saying anything, he took off like a rabbit. His image was lost as he rounded the barracks. There was a wildness about him. He radiated confusion and a mixed u life. My new friend said, he joined the service to get away from problems. Now he curses the day he enlisted. Most of the people here would like to get him transferred to another company.

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