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My personal opinions of the Viet Nam War.

Chapter 38 (v.1) - THE PASSIONS OF VIET NAM

Submitted: April 02, 2007

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Submitted: April 02, 2007



page 76

The comic tone of everything still remained within my mind. We continued to walk up the shallow river. The water flowed with that same gentle grace that surrounded the whole situation. Soon we entered a small tunnel of bushes that overhung the small river that led up to the main river. There were bushes scraping our bodies on either side. It was the most interesting thing that came along on the trip. It had that hidden mystery and allurement that a child would think of at the moment. That escape into the tunnel of the unknown. Soon we emerged on a cove that rest against the river. It had a small beach on which one could lay down and rest. There was mud on the beach but this was the least of any problem. It seemed that at times all of Viet Nam was one large mud puddle.

We put down our stuff and removed any extra clothing. There were other guys there who were going to go skinny dipping. Who would really care? This was Viet Nam and the only person in the bushes were probably Viet Cong. Inside myself that same euphoric feeling remained with me. Everything was on the elated scale. Talk seemed like a strange thing. Thoughts about the this and that captured my imagination. I soon found myself thinking about speech and the affects it had on our lives. Everyone could express themselves and make points become clear. Then I realized that my thoughts were taking on new dimension and scope. New ideas were coming into my mind. The grass was opening up new doors of thought. All of this seemed strange and new to me.

My elated feelings at what seemed there peaked, I entered the water with my raft. The coolness of the water flowed around my body. It was like it was feeling every pore, opening and closing to the affect of the slow moving water going around my skin. The heat that was built up within me seemed to evaporate into that cool.

Soon I found myself in a new dimension of reality. There was a pleasure that surroundedmyself and the water. The feeling of a buoyancy came into my reality. It was a sensation that would have escaped me before, without being on grass. The awareness seemed to be magnified to the highest point of realism. I let myself become a piece of drift wood to the current, that flowed slowly within the river. There I was like a traveler within a new world caught in the current of the flowing river. The sensation brought on heightened feelings of euphoria. The grass had surely been a mind expanding experience. A new world was opening up to me. The world of sensation and stimulation, like I had never felt before. It was a true magical fantasy world that had been created, by the smoking of grass.

page 77

Soon the cool of the water was having an affect upon my being. The euphoric feeling was leaving me. Soon I found myself coming back into the person, that I was before I had smoked the grass. The illusions of total bliss was leaving my being. A lot of time had seemed to have passed. The high from the grass seemed to have lasted for hours. Yet, the reawakening into the reality that I had once known, seemed to come in intermittent stages. It was asif one minute i was stoned and the next was a reality of Viet Nam. The other guys were in the river having fun and floating with the tide. There weremany mixed thoughts going through my mind at the time. A stillness of animation was being lost to the grass wearing off.

One of the other guys on a raft nearest me came over to see how I was feeling. I told him that the grass was surely adifferent thing to me. He asked, if I wanted to get stoned again? Talking he said, that the grass only lasted for about fifteen minutes to one half hour. That was the length of the high. My body was still relaxed but the euphoria that I had once felt, left my being. I told him, that I would like to get stoned. With that he pulled a plastic vile out of a plastic pouch. He rested it on top of the raft.Opening it he pulled out a joint and a book of matches. He said, that this was his emergency stash of grass. It was protected from the water and gave him access to grass.He put the joint in his mouth and lit it with the matches.. The smell of the grass filled the surrounding air. That same sweet smell that I had experienced up river.

He passed the joint over to me. I placed it to my mouth and took a deep inhale from the joint. My insides felt that they wanted to release the smoke that entered my lungs. With all my will power, I held the smoke for a few moments. Then the coughing spat tookplace. It seemed that one had to get use to inhaling the smoke and holding it. He let me take another toke from the joint. The same process of holding the smoke and coughing came about. We passed the joint around to the other guys as they came near to where we were. They all wanted to get high again. They said, that they wanted to crash on the mattress and float with the river. "Crash", was another word used to mean getting reallystoned and lying about somewhere. Soon I found myself in that same euphoric feeling. The world that I had left came back into my being. Soon the water took on the sensual feeling that it had before I began to come down.

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