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My personal opinions of the Viet Nam War.

Chapter 41 (v.1) - THE PASSIONS OF VIET NAM

Submitted: April 04, 2007

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Submitted: April 04, 2007



page 82

The image of the American soldier was that of some God space alien, coming to the aid of the underprivileged person. An American soldier was the best equipped fighting man in the world. There was no denying that fact. When he went into the field, he carried anywhere from fifty to one hundred pounds of equipment. This was in excess to himself, which was also considered equipment in the army thought. He was well trained, but not to fight the kind of war, that was going on in Viet Nam.The training consisted of world war two type of tactics and maneuvers. The idea that Viet Nam was a gorilla war, was out of the scope of learning, except for a brief jungle school. An American soldier got his gorilla training by learning from the other guys and by his own stupid mistakes. He was lucky if he emerged from the time he entered Viet Nam and leaving, without some sort of wound or damage to himself.

The influence the American soldier presented was changing the life style of the Vietnamese people. There was some good services, such as the medical help that was being made to the populace as a whole. There was a control put on rampant venereal diseases, that flourished in the town. Like an occupying army, the American soldier got prostitution from the town of An Khe. There was a bar city, called Sin City, built by American army personnel& Vietnamese underworld, to house the bars and prostitutes. Some of thearmy personnel invested money and sponsored the town. Here the young American soldier was brought out of the sexual fantasy world of youth, into the world of women, beer and sex. It was about as easy to come by as grass and drugs that were available in the town. The God space alien image helper, often interfered with the married and family structure. The image that every Vietnamese woman was a prostitute, brought on much hatred by the town men. They in return, probably became Viet Cong sympathizers.

Insidemy mind the sociology of the people was becoming more of a reality. I had visited the town now, and talked with a few of the Vietnamese, which spoke English broken. There was times, that I engaged services of a prostitute, for knowledge of sex and and loosing my virginity.My own quest for answers, made me become more radical in my thoughts and now ways of behavior. It seemed the image that was told and infused within my mind, was different now from the reality and truth that was becoming altered me. I continued to smoke grass and had bought some in the town of An Khe. The person that sold me the grass was a child about the age of ten. The ounce or usually more that I bought, cost me only five dollars. It was strong and potent, as was all the grass of the area.

page 83

The children of the town proved to be the most interesting. It seemed that they were all street wise to the hilt. They had tremendous knowledge of the American soldier and his habits and wants. It was probably truth to say that they could outwit the average person. There youth and innocence, made them that more coy. They used facility again to the full hilt. They would beg for money and sell you their sister into prostitution. They had full awareness of the sexual wants of the American soldier. Many times they would do the running for a prostitute and take responsibility for acquiring things. A favorite trick of the young child was to steal your watch, that you bought only a few minutes ago. The kid would come running from behind and slip his hand through the watch band on your wrist. Then he would continue to run with the watch in his hand into the back allies and enter the unknown. That was the last, you ever saw of your watch and money.

The more time one spent in the town, the more one became aware of the happenings. You could sit in a hooch with your moma san. She was the person who you patronized when you entered the town. She would take care of your needs and procure the women that you desired. She made sure that the women were free of disease if she liked you, and that maybe she would not kill you. Stories around Viet Nam were some Viet Cong women, would let you love them. Then in the love making plunge and kill you with a poisoned knife. Then the body would be taken into the underbrush and lost for ever. This could probably explain the disappearance of some of the MIA'S, that are unaccounted for in Viet Nam. This was the sort of trickery, that the American soldier had to contend with in Viet Nam. The moma san would also make sure the Cola or beer was not laced with battery acid or other substance. This was also some of the many tricks used by the Viet Cong.

Yet, while in town you associated with the Viet Cong. They would never admit to the fact, but the cold steel eyes of the person, said more than any wards. They sort of looked right through. They told of the hatred of the American soldier and resolved killing of him. Friends accounted,stories of how the Viet Cong would kill an American soldier in town. They would take a child of five or so and give him a live grenade. Then he would be told to give it to the American soldier, that they picked out to kill. The child would run up to the soldier and present the live grenade to him. By the time the American soldier had time to react he was blown apart. The child was also killed in the process.

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