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My experiences in the Viet Nam war

Chapter 49 (v.1) - THE PASSIONS OF VIET NAM

Submitted: March 11, 2008

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Submitted: March 11, 2008



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The grass seemed to have no noticeable affect on my being. In fact the times stonedseemed to make the time go faster. There also seemed to be any affect of gaining a crutch in my life. It might have seemed a weakness, but I really didn't care. There was the war and the everyday pressures to contend with now. My childhood was fading into the background. Omega, Joe Namath, and high-school all were the past. Even Camilleon her bicycle was in the past.

The direction and course of my life was taking new directions. My mental attitudes andsocial learning were taking new scope. The guys that I smoked with had the greatest affect.They were college grads. or very well read. This was the filtering process of the army in theselection of personal for Air Traffic Control School. We all seemed to gain a brotherhood. There was a deep bondage formed in a short period of time. We knew habits and little quirks of each other.

It was that when we got high, there was some sort of very deep conversation. The thoughtsand concepts were beyond my high-school education, which was beer and my 57 White ford conv.Maybe it was that I had never thought about these things, or friends that vaulted that high inthought. Yet, the closeness made the conversations open. Some got very personal, others were light and goofy. There was the coming and going of others and life. There was analysis of otherguys and concepts in life. It sort of grew into a circle of learning and wisdom beyond myself, yet I learned. Many times, I would just listen and wonder. Maybe again, I never had been exposed to life.

There were startling revelations which had come to me. The flow of conversation was exciting and new to me. Then there was just the thought of conversation and the transmissionof ideas and concepts. It seemed that people were closed to the art of conversation. The thought of making the unknown, known. The transmission of ideas into concepts. These were all newways to me, plus my old ways of thinking. Now the new world of conversation was open to melike a large door open. The syndrome of non-communication was made aware to me of America. The influence of TV. radio and other divergent modes of life made this possible. It was that countlesshours were gone in these pursuits. Where could a person get the stimulation of conversation.

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