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Chapter 55 (v.1) - Chapter # 55

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Submitted: March 03, 2010



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The Viet Cong were a very cunning enemy. It seemed we were sheep of pray in the fields of Viet Nam. Inside many of the guys felt the war was over inside themselves. There were too many factors, that just didn't add up right. For one a policy of not firing, unless being fired upon, was installed. It was a play of political policy in the field of battle. Probably to see if the North Vietnamese would negotiate. To policy makers it's very easy to do this, if your own neck is not at risk. These people were twelve thousand miles away, with no real conception of the wars reality.

Most likely they were getting the same altered reports from the field, like the American people. The altering and changing facts of enemy killed was one factor. Sure water buffalo, pigs, livestock were added to present a good image to the American people. It looks good but, it wasn't the true reality of the war. The guys in the field [infantry] were more like bait it seemed. Encounter enemy action, then call in air strikes, artillery. This cost the American tax payer billions of dollars to sustain this tactic. Often times the Viet Cong  were well gone, knowing the air strikes were coming. End result, our own men were bombed and killed in the dense jungles at times.

Halting the bombing of the Ho Che Minh Trail was a favorite, on - off, again tactic of  war politics. To us who were fighting and dying it was insanity. The Ho trail was the main munitions supply line.Though the Paris Peace talks were in the fireplace of hoped peace. The North Vietnamese, were probably joggling the talks, knowing supplies were coming down the trail. It was after Tet, and there was a lull around An Khe. An attitude in the company was, we would be going home soon. The factor of time, was the ace card the North used upon the Americans.

The Viet Cong mastered the use of time, as I had stated earlier. They knew the American public was a service oriented society. Meaning the American public liked things done fast, in short order. Fast food chains, over night cleaners, instant this, instant that, etc. The American people seemed, very much conditioned in this form of life style. Sub-consciously, the American people wanted fast results. If this didn't happen in the war, the dial on the TV. was changed to a new channel.

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