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Chapter 56 (v.1) - [chapter#56] THE PASSIONS OF VIET NAM

Submitted: March 19, 2010

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Submitted: March 19, 2010



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The Viet Cong and the North used this arena to eventually win the war. They knew that the quick service oriented American culture, would loose interest in the war. It became like watching a football game and not seeing any action. The war became dragged out and uneventful.Soon the channel changed, and numbness or uncaring persisted. It persisted till the end of the war.

The North in wanting the bombing stopped or policies changed, they would cater to the Americans. They would bring a lull in fighting, to look like negotiations were possible. At the Paris talks, time came into play for diplomatic plays. This in reality, gave the North and Viet Cong time to regroup and supply. Hope of peace, was a high card in the Norths strategy.

The basic bottom line again was to remove the American public interest. Change the channel, and bring discontent. Once public policy persisted, pressures amounted in politics. Then the North knew the war would be won in time. The Viet Cong lived the same today as for years. Time was just a flow of life. In five years, he would be doing the same things as five years before.

Again at the bottom line, the Viet Cong really had no desire to win the war, until it was won. Psychology was the weapon, used in prolongation of the war. Again, prolong things and make the American public discontent. Probably the only win to the war was to invade the North. Then things probably would have become like quicksand. 

Patience again was the keyword. Fast order, quick service, Americans were in a different ballpark of culture. Many times the Viet Cong would wait for weeks for an ambush. Knowing the American soldier would use the same path or route. The American soldier was more a creature of habit, than the imaginative Viet Cong. It was sort of like tripping a person as they walked. Knowing the pace [quick, fast, oriented] then waiting for the right moment. The American soldiers habits of life style were his own enemy. Fast pace, was no match for slow oriented Viet Cong, with patience.

The army training could not unteach past learning of civilian life, only bring about system regimentation. You only learned the mechanics of Army. In Viet Nam a fast learning process took place at different degrees. It was one of the most frustrating parts of the war, not being able to out think the Viet Cong.

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