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Chapter 57 (v.1) - [chapter# 57] THE PASSIONS OF VIET NAM

Submitted: July 18, 2010

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Submitted: July 18, 2010



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At times it seemed that a combination of WW 2 tactics and gorilla warfare tactics were implemented. We were really treading on thin ice, in an alien land. It was challenging to command and most of all the American soldier. It became a live and learn fast situation. It added to the mortality, the alien situation. New F.N.G's were usually the victims. Each moment, presented itself with a new situation. Your mind had to attuned very fast in thinking. Every situation the enemy posed, brought a new situation. Different, yet in context, bearing down on the Americans vulnerability. Never the same, always changing in mannerisms. Though this was the way of gorilla warfare and it's tactics. The American soldier, use to habit in America, was un-use to change in Viet Nam. Though the fast change of learning, was a shock to the American soldier.

Once an American soldier got into country, he started to learn he arts of gorilla warfare. The learning came fast or slower, according to station and situations. The guys in the field learned very fast, or be sent home in the rubber sack.[known as the rubber sack club]. I myself learned slower, being stationed in a base camp. This was a safer place, in the whole situation. Though still the learning continued for your total tour of duty. Just after really learning all the ropes, the soldier was ready for shipment back to the states. It was frustrating, in that there was always a green portion of new troops and just qualified leaving. It was sort of like popcorn, heated, cooking, popping, then leaving for the states.

The causality rate was affected by the greenness of troops. The new F.N.G would do something stupid and get killed or wounded, or, cause someone else to become a causality. Though, the first panic that one experiences when shot at is mind blowing. At first the mind freezes, and the reality is really unknown. You know what happen, but the truth freezes you solid. Maybe someone yells, and like a child, you hit the dirt. Maybe more real life training, would have altered the experience ? It was really a matter of conditioning. Though at this point in one's tour, you realized with honesty it was not stick guns in the backyard woods. You were thrown in the pool at this point. Either learned to swim or die in your own blood. It was a harsh reality of one's tour of duty.

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