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Chapter 14 (v.1) - THE SLAVE

Submitted: April 03, 2007

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Submitted: April 03, 2007



page 29

Though one grew use to the odor after a period of time. Only to find the dead from the unknown germs that they were living within the hole. Creating all sorts of epidemics on the early slave ships. The ships of death some of them were probably known by. With some of them losing all life aboard and no one surviving.

There on the ocean floating ships of dead. Floating with the tide of commerce. Floating with the tides of many diseases. Floating on the ways of mans life. Floating with the currents of life. All coming together to make a story, though the girl was taken away, never to be seen by the ship again. Gone sold to some private market in some distant land. Tribe people living off the jungle now the captive cargo in the hole of a slave ship.

Keeper closed the door of the one room with the girl dangling from his arm. She seemed sort of doll-like, with the fluid manner in which she was suspendeed. There rocking with the ship in the grip of Keeper.A wood against wood thud made for the noise of the door. The girls hair was loose annd dangling like the ropes from the high arms. Falling in the not present wind and capturing the odor of the hole. Letting the odor seep into the molecules of the hair, filing the hair with explosions of moment. Giving the color a golden hue with the light of the candle penetrating its fibers.

Keeper firmed his grip of the girl. She was tired from everything and was almost asleep with the past exhaustion. Both moved down the narrow path in the hole. Off to the side and up some stairs. The stairs that led to freedom. The light of the sun, which was forgotten with the passage of time. Giving to the hole a new feeling of life. Making the old seem new.

The steps were hard and worn by the crew. Really in need of he carpenters hand to make them right. Keepers feet seemed to grip the rungs like that of a monkey.


Only from years of knowledge could this have been accomplished. With the right hand a firm grip on the lid of the hole, the Keeper with the girl brought the girl to the captain. Hidden from the rest of the crew. Only the liberty with the other woman, kept the mouths shut of the crew. they all in some seperate way found pleasure in the working of the slave ship.

The hole engulfed Z at this point in time. Reality was starting to reach it first one-eyed awareness of the situation at hand. Captive aboard a slave ship. Even that fact of it being a slave ship was unknown. In aplace that was unknown to Z or any of the tribe. Born, raised and bred in the inland parts of Africa. Having never seen a ship before. It was only the wood with white wings. Now planted in the belly of the monster. The one that was digesting the cargo of people.

Filling the bowls of the ship with the new life. The new energy of cargo and the advenure at hand. Z was part of the adventure. Lost alone with others in the dark prison shelf of the ship. The tangled flesh meshed into the ugly order of tormented humanity. Clanking the chains of something new and never felt before. The bondage of the flesh. That part of the wrist area. There where the hand meets the arm. Clasped steel gave forth its new arrival. For many the first time in their life.

Z reclined and looked at the others in the bottom of the hole. Clinging some to each other, just silent with the shattering image of reality. The dull light, the dull Keeper. The dull feeling of exhaustion. There mingling with the other captives. Most from his village. Others from another village. Gathered in the hunts in the back woods. Where no light of the sun, or man, have ever seen. Only the hand of God, who made the creation which spanned time. Z was part of that creation. He knew that. God also knew that he was part of the creation. This he knew.

page 31 CHAPTER 5 Step 3

The far end of the hole held the last of the people to be seperated by the Keepers helpers. A woman clung to the man in a clinging stance, that tells a story of its own. The hardened arms that seem to pulse with a quivering energy. The tendon which catches the skin and makes it tight to look at. The man solid and motionless at the numbness of the shock lingered.

One of the Keepers helpers grabbed the woman by the arm. A firm grip which to the woman seemed vice-like and is, in reality. Pushing the flesh against the bones of the arm and pushing the blood toward the brain. Giving it a rush which rings a bell of self survival. The man with her noted the bell in the inner part of the male-female relationship. The magnetic pull which is polarized by Mother Nature and christen by the pure act of bonded mating. Reaching for the higher energies of life.

The both of them reached the higher bonds of mating by the sudden and rude grip of the Keepers helper. Tormenting the outer capillaries of the underskin and awaking the primordial instincts of the man.

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