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Chapter 6 (v.1) - THE SLAVE

Submitted: March 27, 2007

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Submitted: March 27, 2007



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Now into his fifteenth year as a captain of this ship, he had an affinity with the ship and the slave trade. He had grown into it and motioned to Keeper with the bottle of rum. The sweet, spicy type that came from the islands. And at other times, in his more adventuresome years found the smuggling of rum between the islands. All part of a days work and the ways of his life. He understood the business. Keeper was the dog. The master of the hole. The lord and guardian in the hole. Only that certain cry from some soul, called for the captains attention. With that cry, the captain would go down into the hole and take command of it, becoming the captain of the ship and giving the slaves a sense of law and higher authority to the hole. They had only just known Keeper and the inner sadistic pitch would grow too high. The captain would again have to go into the hole and render justice. Keeper did not realize that the cargo had to arrive alive and in good shape, if possible. This commanded a larger price, and the profit invested, would be larger, filling the basic premise for the whole situation.

The captain was smart and knew the higher price would make the ship look good and command a higher price for the future runs. The long voyages across the Atlantic, usually lasting a hundred days, give ot take. The slaves on board some ships were groomed for the markets. On other ships, probably the dog ships of the trade , the slaves were like goldfish in a tank. Eating each other to stay alive, along with human waste or any other form of excretion which could be found below in the hole. Some died, so they would overload the ship to allow for the deaths and make sure the cargo paid for the trip and filled the pockets of the traders.

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Keeper instilled the harsh punishment below deck. Full of cries and screams of terror from the initial shock of the situation. Others remained silent and kept the easity won, broken look in the back oof their eyes. Keeper, knowing the look, was less harsh though, keeping busy with the other more hostile cargo. Chained to the ship from one coast to the other. Only allowed walks on deck for a few hours, whichever facored the situation at the time. The idea was to become a captives friend and take the edge off the real situation and arrive on the new shore.

Slaves fell into the hands of the traders. Caged to look at and sorted like a new ship load of St. Pauls cloth. Trying to make the decision of field hand or house servant. This would mean much future years. The way of life and the keep of the person. Some going to the highest levels of society at that time and others working in fields from sun up to sunset. Even at the full moon and around harvest and planting seasons. Land was for the mere taking and establishment of larger farms. Others referred to them as plantations, which was a new social word, to hide the more baser word, farm. Giving a higher place in society, was to own a plantation. The nose became higher in the air at the social gatherings around towns.

Thiswas the pillar of the energing societies and social roots, growing with the passing of time. The formation of the foundation of the house was being dug. The emerging powers, which will always be, were forming on the horizon to shine upon the new land. Up noth, the church and the more educated people were forming. Finding the climate more like Europe, with the snow and cold blasts from the north. The place where the ice crystals shine upon the land.

All of this was part of the captains make-up. More education and more mature to take control of a ship and make a mature decision on board the ship. Supreme lord and commander. This captain was in it for business and profit. There for Keeper, who would come and make the knocks of the door and make the same report about the hole to the captain.Then he would leave or at times talk with the captain. Become the captains friend andshare the captains pleasures. This was his reward for making sure the cargo did arrive in good condition and would command top dollar at the auctions in New Orleans.

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