Pokemon Chronicles

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Cole has started his journey to become a pokemon master. Along side him is his trusted Cyndaquil which he uses to challenge trainers and gym leaders alike. But when Team Rocket arrives can Cole stop them and save the legendary pokemon? The first book based on Cole's adventures in the Johto Region.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Pokemon Chronicles

Submitted: October 02, 2009

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Submitted: October 02, 2009



Pokémon Chronicles
Episode 1
As the morning sun shone through Cole’s window his mum’s Growlithe jumped on him to wake him up. Cole woke up and chucked on his clothes picked up his bag and raced for the door. His mum tried to stop him before he left but before she could Cole was already half way down the road. When Cole got to Professor Elm’s Lab he heard an explosion from inside. He raced through the front door and saw a girl holding a pokeball. He heard Professor Elm cry out to give the Totodile back. The girl just pretended to think then said no. As she left for the back door Cole ran up to where Chikorita and Cyndaquil’s Pokeballs were. He grabbed Cyndaquil’s and called him out. The girl turned around and saw a Cyndaquil standing there. She called out here Totodile and told it to use Water Gun. Cole told Cyndaquil to use Smokescreen. Cyndaquil obeyed and produced a thick haze. Totodile then spun around while using Water Gun and hit Cyndaquil dead on. The attack sent Cyndaquil flying. When the smoke had cleared the girl and Totodile had disappeared. Where they were standing before was a rose with a letter on it. The letter said Thanks for the Totodile-Kiara. Professor Elm was angry but had calmed down a bit. When he saw how Cole came and tried to get Totodile back he decided to entrust Cole with Cyndaquil. Cole accepted Cyndaquil and when the Professor pulled out a Pokedex and 5 Pokeballs Cole was amazed at what the Professor was giving him. He told Cole to become a trainer and try to be the best. He also told Cole that if you can try and get Totodile back. As Cole said bye to Professor Elm his mum raced over to the lab before he could leave town. He gave Cole his Pokegear which had just come back from being repaired. Cole said goodbye to everyone and left on his journey with Cyndaquil by his side. As Cole left New Bark Town a boat made port in New Bark Town with a girl on board with a baby Bulbasaur named Bulba in her hands.

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