Broken Hearts and Lost Loves

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Dianna thinks she is pregnant

Submitted: February 06, 2008

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Submitted: February 06, 2008



It has been four months since Zachary has past away. Dianna has not started her period it yet. For the past three months she had been so depressed and stressed. out over what happened to Zacharythat she thought that was the reason she had not started yet.

Dianna's father had put her into an all girl school after he learn about Zachary. So she has not even talked to any of her friends.Her fathers was being an real ass about thing. Dianna has to decide either to keep doing what she has been doing or go talk to her father.So she decides to go down stairs to talk to her father. When she opens his office door he looks at her and says" Why are you not in bed?" Dad she says I need to talk to you.I miss being with my friends Emily and Jared most ofall I miss Zachary. I know he is dead and that he will never be coming back.I am doing everything that I was told to do and everything else.But dad I need to be around my friends so they can help me deal with Zachary's death. Dad I know that you thought that you where protecting bye doing what you did. But I am not a little girl any more.Dad I am begging you Please let me see Emily and Jared. I promise that there are no other boyfriends and I promise you that there never will be. You see dad I loved Zachary and I believed him to be my soul-mate and my true love so there will be no other. I am sorry about what happened to mom and that you had to raise me on your own for the past year butit was you who told me you only have one love in your life and he was mine like mom was yours. Dad please I am asking you to do me this one little thing. I need some one to talk to about Zachary.

Her father just sat there looking at her and how what he had done hurt her.He really thought he was just protecting her.He had stayed up plenty of nights listening to her cry herself to sleep. He looks at her and says"Baby I am sorry for your pain and I am sorry for hurting you and if it will make you happy again and I get to see you smiling again sure. I will let you start seeing your friends again. I will also let you go back to school at the regular school.He told her it will have to be tomorrow because it is so late now.

Dianna gives her father a big hug and kiss and tells him that she loves him and that she forgives him.Then she heads up stairs to bed. She gets out her journal that she has been writing Zachary's letters in and begins to write him like she does every night.

To : My Darling Ashton

From: Silia

Dear Ashton

I am so scared right now. It has been four months since you have been gone and since we made love. I made a vowel to myself that there where not going to be anyone else in my life. I think that we maybe having a baby. I have not had a period in four months but I thought it was just my depression and stress. I have not gotten to talk to Emily or Jared since the day we came back from our little get together.I was sent off to an girls school. I want to tell you that I am sorry for not being at you awake or you burial.But dad would not let me go.I will never for get the first day we met and I will never forget the first time we made love. I am making a promise to you and to myself . I will always love you and there will never be anyone else for me. You where my one and only true love, my soul-mate , my everything. Well it is getting really late and Iam really tired so I am saying goodnight and I love you forever.

Love Silia

The next morning when she got up there was a note on her door. Baby girl I had to go to the base and I will not be home until tomorrow. So If you still want to go to see Emily and Jared you can and if Emily wants you to you can stay over. I want to let you know I am so sorry that I cause you so much pain and hurt. I really thought that I was protecting you.

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