Annaveil's Story

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Annaveil's sister just got married to the man she has always loved for a year. While at her sister's wedding party, Anna meets a mysterious man who wants to dance with her. Find out who that man is c:

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Annaveil's Story

Submitted: December 12, 2012

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Submitted: December 12, 2012






As I stood at the altar, I watched my sister stare into the eyes of the man she had fallen for a year ago. Today she was in a white wide dress with flowers printed at the bottom of the gown. I looked at the groom and saw him in a black tuxedo with an icy blue colored tie, my sister’s favorite color. Today was the day that she would spend the rest of her life with this man she desperately loved more than anything (besides me!). I caught a glimpse of the best man. It was the groom’s brother, tall, lean, and a tint of tan in him. He had hair that covered his eyebrows and almost his eyes. He had raven black hair, just like his brother, but this one had a single streak of white in his hair, making him look more mature than his older brother and stronger than his eldest sibling. The couple finally finished their vows and kissed, marking this day the beginning of their new lives together. The entire audience cheered and applauded.

Today my eldest sister, Emilee Rosalina Miller married Faber Ryan Reynolds. Today was also they day where she would move out and leave me behind, forcing me to move back with my father to continue my studies in high school. The only problem is, my father lives in a castle. Yes, I said a castle. You didn’t think this would be a normal wedding did you? My dad is the King of Demons, and since Faber is a Vampire Prince, my sister would be the queen of Vampires in their little country together. I am the last heir to the Demon Royalty Family. Normally the blue-bloods (my kind and every other magical being) wouldn’t need a big celebration. Sadly, Emilee made some mortal friends and soon invited everyone to this ridiculous and expensive party. This was only for show, I guess. Hopefully, mortals would start to get bored and eventually have drama and start a drunk wedding fight over who got what. Then the real fun would start. But I had swore to my sister, before this party had started that, I wouldn’t cause any mischievous behavior, and I can’t break any promises with Emilee. This day also marks the last night to be with her silly mortal friends before she takes on duties of Vampire Royalty.

I prayed that this party would soon be over. With its obnoxiously loud music that roared inside the room and outside as well. I couldn’t take it anymore and I was about to snap real soon. I stayed sitting at the gigantic table and stared at all the mortals around me. I soon looked to my right and saw the groom’s brother with the same bored expression, just like mine had looked not too long ago. I knew he was bored, and wanted to leave, exactly what I had wanted and still want to! I hesitated to actually socialize with this boy, but then a thought had occurred to me ‘What happens if he’s a gigantic pervert and I end up wasting my time?’ So I had stayed where I was sitting and watched for a little longer and watched mortals how they call it ‘Dance the night away’. I had watched my sister dance with her newlywed husband. She smiled the same smile she always had when she was with me. But this smile was gentler and intimate, made for the one she had loved the most in this way. I had smiled too.

It was now past midnight, still sitting where I had been and still bored as I have been since I walked into this party. I soon felt a presence behind me, and waited for at least something to happen. I slowly turned my head back and saw the Best Man looking down at the ground.  I thought I saw his face turn red, but that could’ve been the lighting or my imagination. He mouthed something that I couldn’t understand. I had raised my eyebrow in confusion. He had mouthed the same thing over again one more time. I had just stared at him and my eyebrow was still raised. Then I had seen him hold out his hand, a gesture for asking for a dance. He stood there motionless and patiently with his palm up, waiting to fill my hand with his. Being nice, I had taken his hand to dance. But before I had stood up, I took off my four-inch heels and walked barefoot to the dance floor with him.

When we arrived at the dance floor, conveniently a slow song had just started to play, but sadly in full freaking blast. He had smoothly but in a gentle manner, pulled my arm up to his shoulder and laced my fingers, on my free hand, with his fingers. He slowly had put his hand near my hip. While doing so, I had watched his face turn from his original skin color to a beet red in a matter of seconds. From the looks of this, he had never been so close to a girl like this. And for some reason, I had found this to be very adorable. During the dance, he had never talked, only moved his lips, saying the words I had wished I could read and understand. I had wondered if he had spoke English or just spoke in general. We were dancing slowly for non-stop. Not that I’m complaining or anything, but the crowd of annoying mortals had noticed we were dancing after the third cheesy romance song had started. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen we’re clapping and howling, like we had a ‘thing’ for each other. None of this I actually cared for, until I saw Emilee smiling and giving me two thumbs up, her silent cheer for me. I felt my face turn as red as an apple. I looked up to see Faber’s brother, only to see this guy make the cockiest smirk ever.  I looked back at my sister; she gave me a wink, a sign to make a move right now. My face flushed with embarrassment, I knew my face was turning pale, along with my entire body.  But being polite, I waited until the song had finally finished, did a curtsy while his brother bowed (a minor force of habit), said goodbye to Emilee and Faber, and walked home. I was way too tired to even get a taxi or any sort of transportation.  I also didn’t even want to see if mortals were going to get drunk and start some drama. I didn’t even want to be in the room, especially what had happened with that guy.  Thank God, I will never have to see that guy ever again!

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