How You Know It's Love

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Rave finds Oscar's journal one day and curiosity gets the best of her.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - How You Know It's Love

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011




"You can't tell me that they've gone through every box of cereal?!"
"I told you not to buy the ones with surprises in them. I even told you while we were there in the shop. I said, if you buy those for the kids-"
"They'll open them and make a mess trying to find the toy. I know."
Rave Sawyer gave a very triumphant grin to her husband and shrugged her shoulders when he pouted at her. She giggled when he reached out to pull her to him, the grin turning into a loving smile as he kissed her soundly.
"You should learn from this," She mumbled against his lips, another grin fast appearing on her features. "I'm obviously always right so you should always listen to me and my wisdom."
Oscar rolled his eyes and growled lightly, making her laugh again, "What are you talking about? I always listen to you..most of the time? Whenever you're not wrong?"
Yet another laugh escaped her and she swatted at him, ignoring his complaints about letting her go. Obviously he had to because he had to go to the store to pick up more cereal. She was hungry, damnit!
"Mmmhm, yes, I know, I'm so cuddly it's a shame. But Oscar..I want cereal. I want cereal and I also want grapefruits. You can't deny the wishes of your loving wife." She told him, moving over to the fridge where she could get the juice out. "Plus, your equally fantastic kids will be awake soon and they'll be hungry. Do you want me to tell them that daddy forgot to provide for their favourite meal of the day?" His expression, a mix between guilt and fear, was enough for her. "Exactly. So hop to it, love."
"Grawr!" He swooped over to her, making her screech lightly and burst out laughing when he wrapped his arms around her from behind, attacking her neck with light bites."You're so lucky I'm in love with you and don't mind your silly pregnancy cravings." His final comment was accentuated with a sweet kiss to her cheek, his hand smoothing over her already swollen stomach, and she tried to catch her breath when he went to grab his keys. He left the house with the promise of being back as soon as possible, and she moved to wave him off from the door.

Now that the house was quiet again, Rave took a moment for herself. A smile curled the corners of her lips as she thought about how happy she was in her life right at that moment. She was married to the man she loved, they had two beautiful children with a third on the way and Oscar made sure none of them ever wanted for anything. He'd secured a job in his best friend's father's company which was well paid with a very neat bonus at the end of the year too. Though, she knew that no matter what their situation, as long as she had her family everything was perfect. Sighing in contentment, she went to pour herself a glass of the juice Oscar had distracted her from and then looked around the kitchen. She'd decided that she was going to do some cleaning that day but..maybe she could start in their bedroom. At least then the bed would be right there after she gave up halfway through for a nap. The thought made her chuckle and she placed her empty glass in the sink, leaving it for later--or when Oscar got back--and heading off up the stairs.
Taking a quick look into the children's rooms she was happy to see them still asleep, then continued down the hall to the master bedroom. This was probably her favourite room in the house, aside from the bathroom, because they were completely her's. Oscar had let her decorate the bedroom and make as girly as she wanted it; especially now that they had kids who made a mess in every room they were allowed in. The bathroom, of course, was her own little oasis where she could just relax and forget the world outside the door. It was brilliant.

Flopping onto the bed she snuggled into the pillows for a moment, sorely tempted to just get back under the covers and never come out, but then her gaze fell onto the bay window seat. There, sticking out from behind the cushions, was a book. At first she thought it was a story book that Oscar must've been reading to the kids, but it wasn't. Frowning at it she could just make out the letters 'rnal'. What did that even mean? Reluctantly sitting up, she padded over and pulled the cushion away. 'Journal'. Rave stared for a moment and then she picked it up, glancing behind her as if Oscar would suddenly be stood there watching. Of course, she knew it was his, since she was far superior in finding hiding places. Obviously she was; she hid the kid's presents for their birthday and Christmas didn't she? Hell, she hid Oscar's presents too and she knew for a fact he was the type to try and look for them.
Casting a quick look out the window, making sure that his car wasn't pulling back into the drive, she shuffled back to the bed and stretched out on it. If she was going to have a sneaky look through it she wanted to at least be comfortable, duh. Another look towards the door and she flipped to the first entry.

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