Forever Is a Comfort but Right Now Is All I Need

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is either the second book or I will change it alittle and make it the first. I'm undescided :] Thank you for reading!!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Forever Is a Comfort but Right Now Is All I Need

Submitted: May 21, 2011

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Submitted: May 21, 2011



Destiny chapter 1

Leon caught me from behind, wrapping me in his arms and kissing me softly on the cheek. His hands were still hot from his last class, Fire practice. I turned in his arms to face him, and linked our fingers together. Our relationship was complicated. Not complicated like My-Parents-Don't-Like-My-Boyfriend complicated, it was more like a He's-A-Player-But-We’re-Soul-Mates-And-Theirs-No-Way-Around-It complicated.
"Hey, Dezi." Leon murmured his breath warm on my skin.
The smell of smoke clung to him but it was almost comforting, in the way that after being away for the longest time and coming home to the familiar scent of your house.
"Hey" I whispered, before kissing him on the lips.
"Guess how many times I almost died"
I pretended to think about this, "Hmm, four?"
"Six. Only burned the skin off half my arm today." He half joked, knowing it would make me worried.
"That's good." I checked his arm, although I knew it would be clean and undamaged.
He pulled back from my gaze and wrapped both his arms loosely around me. "I don't get what you’re so worried about, Destiny. All the "Dangerous" classes are safe. No one has died in three years during a fire class. Of course you wouldn't know since your classes are so boring and non-dangerous." He was right, my classes were boring. I had plan powers like the oh-so-famous Invisibility and Mind reading along with Mind creating, which is exactly what it sounds like- Creating stuff with your mind. Mind reading was almost useless here since everyone had Guarding bracelets that kept people, like me, out.
"Still, I don’t want you to be the first, and then they won’t be able to fix you again like they did here." I poked the arm that was around my waist.
"Oh c'mon, have a little faith."
I stiffened, but Leon's attention was on a girl who's name I didn't know as she walked, laughing, into the room with Carter by her side.
A few months before me and Leon had been permanently paired together I had created, with my mind, a child. Her name was Faith and after lots of arguments and compromises, I was a loud to keep her on school grounds (Which, by the way, are on a cloud way up in the sky somewhere.). There was only a few rules I had to keep in mind if I wanted to keep custody her and if I failed to follow the rules she would go down to land and be put into an adoption home. The rules were that I had to keep my grades up and I had to be taking cautious care of the young child. After two weeks of having Faith living in my room I had failed three tests and missed more than my amount of days off, she was taken away despite my pleading and now even the thought of the poor child alone without her mother brought tears to my eyes.
 I could feel the slight sting as the navy blue color darkened my crystal blue eyes. Leon's face turned to mine again and I quickly blinked the emotion out of my eyes though I couldn't hide the tears that dripped onto my face. 
My eyes changes color with my mood, which, I know, is so not creative or unique at all.
"What's wrong?" Leon asked, touching my cheek, and for this moment I knew his affection was real, but what I also knew was that as soon as we were apart he would charm another girl. Although we both had glowing stars tattooed onto the palms of our right hands he somehow got multiple girls to believe he loved them with his whole heart. 
I pressed my lips together and shook my head, pulling away from his soothing hand.
As jealous as I got seeing him with numerous girls I had to keep in mind that one day we would be together, because the oracle is never wrong, and that the girls weren't truly in love with him either, it was just an addition to his powers. 
Leon's powers were Fire, Mind control, and Invisibility.
His gaze was still on my face while his hand was on my arm, trying to calm me. 
I forced a smile, "I'm fine. Class is, uh, about to start." 
I turned around and walked towards my seat, leaving Leon in the front the slowly filling room. 
"Hey." Carter said, sliding into the seat next to me with a big grin on her face right as our bizarrely ironic theme song like bell sounded. 
"I'm walking on sunshine! Whoa!" The intercom blared at us, signaling the beginning of class.  
Mr. Watson materialized suddenly in front of the class, scaring the crap out of the poor girl in the front row, named Holly. He clapped his hands loudly together, the sharp sound echoing around the room.
"Today," He paused and I had to turn around in my seat because he was simultaneously across the room. "We are taking a test; a review, if you will, of this whole year." He rubbed his calloused hands together and teleported himself to his desk.
Geez, this man seriously had something against walking, or he just enjoyed flaunting his gift. Probably both.
Mr. Watson picked up a thick stack of papers. A few groans escaped from my classmates before Mr. Watson's eyes turned red and a haze crowded out minds, giving us polite thoughts about the upcoming test.
Just then Aymie Thomas rushed into the door, snapping us all out of Mr. Watsons compulsion buzz. 
Aymie was a senior at our school and was known as “Aymie with an I” (or eye) since she was one of the best future seekers at the school apart from teachers. Normally everyone would be happy to see Aymie, for she often came to talk with Mr. Watson, which more or less kept him from teaching. But her meaning for coming was not to relieve us. The expression on her face was not showing her breezy sense of humor but showed flat out fear, the kind of fear that had Mr. Watson across the room and my classmates out their chairs and crowding behind him.

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