The Edge Of Emptiness

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

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Part 10

It was early morning, pari got up from her bed. She groaned her eyes. Her bua was offering prayer; she got up and veiled herself to offer prayer. After having prayer, she dressed up herself.

It was 10.00 am when she asked her bua that she was leaving for Lahore with dr. hayyam. She had already informed about that to her at night.

Bua: I know pari it’s not so easy to go there for you but just take it easy. You are going for seminar nothing else and you will have to stay there for just only one day so relax my child! (She hugged pari and pari nodded her. She was leaving for hospital when hayyam phoned her)

Pari: hello sir good morning

Hayyam: good morning pari (he could not control the smile with glint in his eyes when he heard her sweet voice early in the morning)…actually I have to ask you that don’t go to hospital but it’s even better that you do come at my home and from here we shall leave at 11:00 am. (Pari could not utter anything because she was not comfortable with that what he asked her. She felt awkward to go to his home. She had never gone there before and then first time she was supposed to go there. She didn’t reply anything but he could guess that). He smiled and said her; pari I know you have never come before here but don’t worry it’s not very much pathetic as you are feeling. My mom is very good entertainer, I am sure she would not let you be bored. (He smirked because he wanted her anyhow at his home to come)

Pari: sir you don’t need to bother; I mean I shall be on time at airport. I shall not let you wait!

Hayyam: I know you are very punctual but…. (He stopped and after a minute he said), but forget the rest and it’s my order that I see you at my home within 20 minutes and your time starts now! (He disconnected the phone before she could ask anything more).

Pari was confused why he had asked her to be at his home. But she had to go so she left without musing anything more.

Hayyam was getting ready; he was tying his tie knot, when bell of his home was ringed, he suddenly stood from his bed to open the door because he was sure that there might be pari. Glint coud easily be seen in his eyes and a wide smile on his face. He was coming in hurry from his stairs; he stopped at his hall when he saw pari sitting on sofa with his mother. He came towards her without delaying any more. He sat beside her; her mother smirked at him while noticing his expressions.

Hayyam: not bad dr pari you are really very much punctual! You are on time even 10 minutes earlier. (He smirked saying her that and she was embarrassed to guise his expressions)

Marium: hayyam it’s even more pleasant to get you here without even telling you that she has reached. (His mother wanted to tease him and she tried to pull his leg; he groaned his eyes to his mother to stop behaving like that before pari. She then turned to pari) pari I have heard a lot about you from hayyam! I was very much ablaze to meet you. (Pari was surprised to hear her admiration from hayyam before his mother and hayyam was damn getting winced on talks of his mother. He didn’t want her to utter that before pari, he was trying to stop his mother through his eyes not to continue anymore)

Pari: well thanks sir (She looked at hayyam with smiley face and he was surprised for her such expressions)…….sir I think we must leave now?

Marium: no I can’t let you go without having breakfast! You have come first time here, it doesn’t look good. You both seat at dining table, I am having breakfast to both of you.

Pari: no aunty thanks I had breakfast at home before coming here. (Hayyam was looking at her; he wanted her to have breakfast)

Marium: okay child but you may have tea, if you want with us?

Hayyam: yes mom she would, let’s go! (He said her before pari could refuse for tea and that time pari could not deny her and they both moved to dining table).  

Marium: so child with whom do you live? I mean how many family members are you? (She asked her at dining table while sipping tea)

Pari: Aunty I do live with my bua, the elder sister of my father, Ali Abbas. (She was hesitating during that conversation when she asked her about her parents)

Marium: and what about your parents? (She was looking at pari who was looking here and there, trying to avoid her and hayyam could notice that but he wanted pari to reply as he was also unaware of her parents; she had never mentioned them before).

Pari: aunty they are not with me, they have left. (Before marium could ask her further she at once looked at hayyam and asked him to leave as they were getting late). He was somehow worried about her behavior and the way she avoided to answer about her parents but he didn’t want to ask her again, she could have meant that her parents may have died. He nodded her as yes. They both stood from chair when marium called her back;

Marium: Pari my child, don’t ever get yourself alone, whenever you need a support, you can ask me; I am there for you! (She cupped her face and smiled. Pari’s eyes were welled and she at once hugged her tightly. Hayyam smiled looking at her and marium was looking at his expressions).

Hayyam: pari should we leave, if you would have been caressed enough by mom? (He asked her while smirking).

Pari: yes sir I am ready. (She turned to marium and said), thanks aunty, I am very much glad to meet you!

Marium: my pleasure my child! (She cupped her face with her one hand. They both left then).

Pari and hayyam were in SUV. Pari was serious, looking outside facing another side to hayyam and hayyam was staring her. She didn’t know that he was intended to her; she didn’t pay any attention that hayyam tried from his side.

Hayyam: pari should I ask you something? (He cleared his throat and asked her. She then had to face him that time but she was worried what he was supposed to ask her; what if he also asked about her parents, there was no place to escape from his question in that car as she had saved herself at dining table. She came back to her senses and nodded as yes

Hayyam: pari more than 6 months have been passed to you working in my ward but yet I am failed enough to guess your nature? (He asked her looking outside from his widscreen. Pari could not get him)

Pari: sorry sir but I didn’t get your mean?

Hayyam: I mean sometimes you behave like a child; like a stubborn nostalgic child. You annoy me so much by your stupid and childish yet serene antics that I lose my temperament and burst out at you and the very next moment you are so serious that it seems you have hidden a very much big storm inside your heart. (That time he was looking at her and she was not looking at him). He smirked, pari you are again in same mood, I guess you want me to insist you to utter anyhow; isn’t it?

Pari: no sir not exactly! I can handle all my matters without help of anyone. You are my senior nothing else; I have never intended to annoy you but you force me to do what I don’t want to do and that is which annoys me. (She was saying in anger not looking back to him and he was burnt that time in anger, he stopped his SUV with abrupt halt that she almost stroke to dash board. She looked at him surprisingly that what made him to screech like that but before she could ask, he unbuckled his seat belt and gazed back in anger to pari).

Hayyam: pari I am trying hard nowadays not to hurt you by my words but (he stopped and grasped her by her arms) but what’s your problem damn it! Why do you want me to burst out at you? I have never forced you to do stupid things before me either, or argue me! You even don’t know what you are for me damn it….. (He stopped at once, looked back avoiding her gaze; he left his grasp on her arms)….I am…I am sorry. (He came back to his senses and pari was gazing him whatever he said that she didn’t know what was she to him those days but she didn’t ask him back anything more because he was seemed to be in anger and she was also not in mood to argue and burst out back at him. He wrapped his seat belt again and made his way fast to airport. He didn’t look back to her after that but he had stolen few glances of her)

They reached at airport; after all formalities they were finally seated at their respective seats. They reached to Lahore; he had not talked to her in entire journey, but she didn’t bother to ask or muse upon it further. They were meant to stay in a hotel from hospital side. They both were given their separate respective rooms; there were other doctors too from different universities and hospitals to attend the seminar.

Pari followed hayyam and he was somehow happy to find her around him. He left her to her room and before leaving he said,

Hayyam: pari I am staying next to your room, if you need anything, you may ask me. (She nodded as yes). (He again turned back to her), pari I am again sorry! (Pari was about to utter but he left without listening her. She went back to her room and he turned back to see her but she was not there that time. He sighed and went to his room).







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