The Edge Of Emptiness

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Chapter 12 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 09, 2013




Part 12

Three days had been passed but pari had not gone to hospital. Hayyam tried his best to call her but she neither received his call nor did she call him back. It was worrying hayyam even more.

On 4th day, he thought if she did not come, he would go to her home to talk to her but when he came out of his cabin, he saw her in her cabin. He seemed to be happy and moved to her cabin with glint in his eyes but also he was worried.

Pari was writing something on a file when he knocked the door and without getting her answer he went inside.

Hayyam: pari where were you? I mean why did you not come for 3 days?

Pari: yes sir everything was okay; I was just suffering of fever that’s why I could not come. (She said without looking at him)

Hayyam: are you fine now? If you want, you can have leave for few days!  (He seemed to be worried about her)

Pari: no sir thanks but I am fine now! (Hayyam wanted to ask her but he could not dare). At last he dared to ask her

Hayyam: pari look at me (he asked her to pay him attention and she looked to him); pari I had asked you something 3 days back, what did you decide? (He was looking at her with all emotions and she was looking here and there in accordance to avoid him). Pari you know I don’t like when you don’t pay me attention so please don’t try to annoy me! (He was still saying her that in polite way but with firm tone).

Pari: do you think it is suitable place to discuss that? (She looked back to him and asked him to go anywhere else to talk about that)

Hayyam: okay then come with me. (He held her hand and made her to walk with him).

They went in a restaurant. Hayyam asked her about tea but she didn’t reply; hayyam looked at her and she was getting nervous. He avoided her gesture and ordered for two cups of tea. He then turned to pari,

Hayyam: Pari now tell me please; I have been waiting keenly for your answer since 4 days; now I can’t wait any more!

Pari: sir before I could say; I want to tell you about my past then you decide that either you will marry me or not!

Hayyam: pari I had told you before too that I am not interested in your past; I want to make you my present and my future; that’s it! (He said her being serious that time)

Pari: you are not interested but I am…..i am interested to tell you everything before start of my new life. (She urged to tell him)

Hayyam: that means you are ready to marry me….isn’t it? (He said in excitement, holding her hand and she was jerked)

Pari: sir but first listen to me what I intend to say? (She tried to tell him but he didn’t)

Hayyam: no pari that’s all, I just wanted your answer…. (He interrupted in her talk). Will you marry me?

Pari: sir please! First listen to me then you decide; please don’t get hurry; you would regret then!

Hayyam: no I am sure I won’t regret by marrying you and forget about the past; you just tell me that will you marry me or not?

Pari: but sir……..

Hayyam: just yes or no? (He interrupted again and asked her answer in either yes or no)

Pari: yes I will…. (She said while observing his eagerness to get back answer. He held her hand and thanked her).

Hayyam: thanks pari….i promise you that I won’t let you get hurt ever in my life. I will stand by you in all circumstances and don’t think about past; it was just a past not your present. Whatever there was, I don’t need to know which could create rift between us. I am just concerned with your present and intend to make you my future too! Thanks (she smiled to hear that but somehow she was getting worried that whenever he got the truth, he would not be able to tolerate that).

Hayyam: so should I bring my parents at your home tomorrow? (He smirked and asked her. Pari looked another side and nodded him as yes)

Hayyam: pari (he made her to face him)

Pari: hmm

Hayyam: I love you and thank you very much

Next day hayyam’s parents went to pari’s home to ask about her proposal from her bua. She accepted pleasantly. She also didn’t bother to tell about pari’s past to hayyam’s parents and when they asked about her parents, she said that her mother had died when she was of 10 years and 2 years back, her father was also died; since then she had been taking care of her.

Hayyam’s parents were of liberal mind, they had liked pari so they didn’t want anything more to know. Everything had been finalized

Marium: so congratulations my dear son (she said while having sweet to hayyam and he smiled looking at his mom. When she turned to bua) so I think that we must fix their engagement soon, what do you suggest? (She asked from bua)

Bua: yes as you consider better; I don’t have any objection! (She said looking at pari)

Ali Hassan: I think we must arrange that on our wedding anniversary! We have arranged a fantastic party and it would be even worthy to engage them on that day! What do you think hayyam?

Hayyam: yes dad whatever you consider better; well this will be great. But we must ask from bua, (he then turned to bua) bua next week we have arranged a party at our home; I have invited all my relatives and friends and that would be great that we arrange engagement ceremony also on that day; is it al right?

Bua: yes my child it’s great, if you all are agreed, we are okay with that. (She smiled)

Marium: okay then it is final that next week, you both are going to have engagement; congratulations to both of you, my child! (She cupped face of pari and kissed on her forehead. Hayyam smiled while looking at pari but she was not smiling, she was looking down on floor).

Pari was looking outside from her window towards moon at midnight; she was thinking about the dream which she usually was having all nights. She was lost that how much hayyam loved her but what when he would get the truth what would he do! She was gazing at moon when her phone rang

Pari: hello

Hayyam: hello miss! How are you? Why are you still waking? (He smirked and asked her in teasing tone)

Pari: I can also ask that question to you that why you were waking. (She asked in same tone)

Hayyam: not bad; you have learnt better to argue even more! Well were you waiting for my call?

Pari: no not at all sir I was just busy in my work, that’s why I didn’t sleep!

Hayyam: oh really? (He smirked)

Pari: yes of course. (She said trying to avoid his teasing tone)

Hayyam: okay mam no problem; soon you shall be waiting for my call only! (She was smiling). Pari can I ask you one question? (She said him yes). Pari do you love me? (He asked her in slow and patient tone but there was silence from another side and that silence could easily be guessed by hayyam that still she was not in love with him; he sighed). After a few minutes he said, I know pari you don’t but I am sure that you will in love too with me very soon, I promise you that! (He said in husky voice and smirked). Okay now stop shying and go to sleep, if your so.called work in which you were busy would have been over. (She smiled and said okay).

Pari was happy that she was having such a lovely family in her life but on another side she was worried that she had not told hayyam about her, about her parents. She was also worried that she was going to marry but her family was unaware of that; yes her family, her real family was not her bua and Ali abbas but there was another family!

She wanted to ask them but she was afraid that she might be ruined again; she decided to keep her past hidden in her life ahead; neither would she tell about that to hayyam nor to anyone else, she promised herself and slept.



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