The Edge Of Emptiness

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Chapter 13 (v.1)

Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Submitted: May 09, 2013




Part 13

There were left 5 days in hayyam’s engagement. He had invited to all his friends and families but he had not invited to shahram’s family yet. Shahram was in his office when hayyam called him,

Hayyam: hi shahram how do you do?

Shahram: I am fine man what about you?

Hayyam: I am perfect! Actually shahram I have called you to invite you in my engagement which will be held after five days on 26th December! You are invited whole heartedly with your family. I have posted invitation card but I thought I must invite you personally too!

Shahram: great man, congratulations! And we all shall come to attend that ceremony. By the way what is name of my soon to be bhabhi?

Hayyam: none other than pari (he smirked taking her name. There was silence hayyam called him but shahram was lost somewhere when he jerked by his voice)

Shahram: okay nice name! We’ll see you soon take care (he didn’t bother to talk to hayyam more so he put phone down)

Shahram was unable to flick that there was something which was going to be wrong but what; he told sanaya that they had to go to attend hayyam’s engagement next week so she must get ready for that. Shahram went outside, he was standing in his lobby when his father Abdul Rehman came there and stood beside him.

Rehman: shahram are you still angry with me?

Shahram: no dad whatever had been happened, it was not your fault at all. I am not intended to blame you at all. Actuallay it was my fault, if I had trusted on roshini, she might have been with me today. (He sighed and his eyes were welled, rehman could see that)

Rehman: I know my child but we can’t change to our fate. Whatever that happens in our lives’ it is all prewritten; we can’t help in anything. (He tried to console him)

Shahram: yes dad but my marriage with sanaya was not my fate, it was your decision. (He turned his face to rehman in anger). If you had not insisted me, I would have been in peace today. And do you know what dad, today I am failed to get back to roshini in my life just because of sanaya; she is a big thwart and stymie in my life and I can’t help to get me out of this frustrations now. (He took a deep breath).

Dad why did you all plot against her?

What harm had she made to you!

What was her fault dad; she was your neice damn it! (That time tears were rolling from his cheeks and those were pinching to rehman; he hugged him tightly and rehman caressed his back; his eyes were also welled)

Rehman: I am sorry my son, I am really so sorry. Please forgive me; I am extremely sorry. (He said consoling him and caressed his back. Shahram got back from his hug; he wiped his tears and took a deep breath).

Shahram: she was not mine dad that’s why I lost her.

I want to see her just one time;

I want to beg her pardon;

I would promise her that I would give her paradise here on earth…….

Just one time dad, just only one time let her come back in my life!

I will heal her all sorrows and tears.

I will kneel before her to beg her pardon. (He was crying like a child and rehman was all breaking from inside to see his son like that and he was unable to do anything for him. He was most well reputed business man, he could get easily whatever he wanted; but he was failed for his son to do. He had tried his all efforts and powers to find out roshini but he was disappointed from all aspects. He could not tolerate to see his son being broken everyday and every time. He was just seeing him going through depression everyday but he could just stand there to see his condition).

Rehman: my son be bold please! Don’t let yourself break like this; be courageous! There is a glint of light yet; we can find her out, don’t worry. (He tried to bring him back to life)

Shahram: dad 7 months have been passed, we have made our all efforts to find her but we are failed; please stop consoling me with lame efforts, you can’t do anything! (he said waving off his hand from his shoulder and turned back to him)

Rehman: hmm I know but we must not give up; hope sustains life my child! (He said again putting his hand on his shoulder and pressed it hard)

Shahram: hmm I hope so…. (He finally managed his anger and pain and replied in low voice). Dad I had to tell you that hayyam had called me few minutes before and he had invited all of us on his engagement ceremony on 26th December! (He said facing him again and groaned his eyes)

Rehman: oh it’s nice, finally he is going to marry; okay we all shall go to attend. His father is very kind to all of us and it is best occasion for them, we must go there. (He smiled)

Shahram: Okay dad good night. (He said without looking at rehman and left with same sad mood to his room; rehman looked back to him with guilt and sadness; sadness for his son which was distracting each and every day! 

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