The Edge Of Emptiness

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Chapter 14 (v.1)

Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Submitted: May 09, 2013




Part 14

Only two days were left in ceremony; pari had not gone to hospital, she was on leave for three days. She was gossiping with her bua when her phone rang and there was named hayyam; when she received the call, his eyes were glimed with brilliance for her.

Hayyam: what are you doing mam? (He whined and smirked)

Pari: excuse me sir, I am not your mam. (She said with smiley tone)

Hayyam: you are not mam but soon to be my mam because after a month I will not remain bachelor because I have decided to marry you just after one month of engagement. (He smirked but she stopped suddenly because she didn’t want to marry so early but she didn’t ask him on that moment)

Pari: well that will be decided after engagement has been done. (She said raising her eyebrow)

Hayyam: I think you didn’t hear properly what I said… (He said in husky voice). I mean I haavvvveee decided to marry you after one month. (She didn’t say anything more and to change the topic hayyam asked her about the shopping)

Pari: ya almost done. (For few minutes, there was silence from hayyam’s side and after that pari heard his mother’s voice who greeted her. Marium snatched phone from hayyam while conversing to pari and she started to speak)

Marium: how are you pari? (She smiled asking to pari and looked back to hayyam who was standing beside her when marium snatched phone from his hands and he hesitated)

Pari: I am fine aunty and how are you?

Marium: I am also good. Pari I had to ask you that I and hayyam are coming to your home to pick up you for shopping so you get ready, we shall be there within 20 minutes. (She disconnected the phone before pari could deny)

Hayyam: mom where are we going; I mean I am not coming with you guys; I have a lot of work to do at hospital. (He tried to compensate his hesitation before his mother and smirked)

Marium: oh really hayyam are you busy! I mean you are hanging on the phone all the time and you are telling me that you are busy (she tried to tease him). Okay now I don’t want argument; come on let’s go. Pari must be waiting for us. (She said and left his room before he could ask more and hayyam had to prepare that time but he was happy too because he was going to see pari again. He was feeling to be tickled).

Pari had asked her bua and she got ready. She was waiting for them when her door was knocked and she opened the door. She saw hayyam and his mother standing on door; she greeted them. They both came inside and bua also greeted them. Pari asked them to sit but they were in hurry so they asked pari to go for shopping because it had to serve enough time. They also asked bua to go with them but she refused to come because she had to work at home.

When they reached in mall, they went in a jewelry shop where marium asked pari to choose the ring of her own choice and hayyam also wanted her to choose. She was hesitating but marium was trying to comfort her.

Hayyam’s family was well off family; they belonged to a respectable family, well known to entire city; and hayyam was their only son so they wanted his marriage to be memorable. They had arranged accordingly. They loved hayyam and of course loved his love too, pari.

Marium: pari my child! You are my son’s choice and you are very precious to us. You don’t hesitate at all; you can consider me your mom too like hayyam! You make yourself at your place. (She said cupping her face trying to relax her. Hayyam also tried to make her relax by his eye tone; and she smiled and looked to another side to avoid his gesture and he smirked to observe her).

After shopping, they went to coffee shop and then they returned to home at evening. They didn’t drove pari at her home but asked her to come with them at their home and she could not deny. When they reached at home, marium asked pari to fresh up in her room.

It was night; marium had informed bua that hayyam would drive her back at home after dinner. After dinner, marium asked hayyam to show pari, her room. Hayyam smiled and smirked looking at his mom and asked pari to come with him. They both went upstairs.

Hayyam: pari this is your room, how is it? (He asked her showing her his room)

Pari: it’s beautiful. I had come to your home before but I had not seen your room at that time. (Hayyam held her hand and gazed in her eyes and asked her that it was their room then not his only and smirked. She smiled).

After a while she asked him to drive her at home because she was getting late, he denied but when he found her uncomfortable, he agreed and drove her back to her home.

But before going back to her home, he drove his SUV to beach.

Hayyam: pari do you know, I always come here whenever I am whether happy or sad!

Pari: why? Any specific reason?

Hayyam: yes because I find to be complete with my all emotions apathetic to my heart when I do come here and stand in front of these waves touching my feet with love and care (he was smiling while telling her that and she was gazing his expressions)

Pari: and do you really feel good when you do stand here all alone? (he turned to her and smirked to hear that)

Hayyam: ya but I feel that I don’t need now to come here henceforth!

Pari: why?

Hayyam: because I have got you now and I am complete to stand with you that’s why I don’t need to come here (he said staring in her eyes and she tried to avoid his gaze)

Pari: then why have you come today when I am with you?

Hayyam: I wanted to show these sea waves that I don’t need those now! Look! I have been perfect today; I have found the most beautiful wave in my life forever! (He was looking at waves. He looked back to pari, held her hands)

Hayyam: pari are you happy? (she nodded him as yes and smiled). Now ask same question from me too?

Pari: are you happy?

Hayyam: beyond your expectations….thank you pari for everything!

After an hour they left from there. When they reached at pari’s home, she was about to go inside when he called her

Hayyam: pari stop; I have to say you something! (He asked her to stop while sitting inside his car and she was standing near her gate; she turned back and came to him; she stood near another side of care facing him)

Pari: yes sir

Hayyam: pari promise me that you won’t leave me ever in my life. (He asked her in serious tone)

Pari: but sir what happened suddenly? (She seemed to be worried)

Hayyam: pari don’t argue always; just promise me that you won’t!

Pari: sir I promise you I will always be there for you in each moment of life. (She smiled).

Hayyam: and one more thing that stop calling me sir! Only hayyam; so say hayyam? (He smirked and winked her but she ran back without replying him. he smiled and went back to home).

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