The Edge Of Emptiness

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Chapter 16 (v.1)

Submitted: May 15, 2013

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Submitted: May 15, 2013




Part 16

Everyone was happy except malik family. Pari was still looking down when farah called her and she raised her head up. As soon as she raised her head she saw shahram standing in front of her. She was dump folded and damn winced to see him there standing there before her.

Two and half years had been passed and that day was seemed to be dream for her when she again saw him back. She jerked herself to confirm herself. She didn’t know that whether she should have been happy to see him back or not because she had been engaged to hayyam. She was no longer his roshini but she was soon to be Mrs. Hayyam.

All things were racing in her mind. She was afraid that what would shahram do, what if he told everything to hayyam? She would be ruined again. Her body was trembling, her hands were shivering. She didn’t know how to react because she was happy as well as sad at that time. She wanted to go to shahram to talk to him. She wanted to hear him each second and each moment as there had been passed centuries between them to meet. She wanted to run towards him to give up herself but next moment when she looked to hayyam, she remembered when he asked her to promise that she would not leave him ever. Her eyes were teary, she was welled and when hayyam noticed her, he asked her at once

Hayyam: pari what happened, are you okay?

Pari: y y yeeess yes I am fine. (She jerked when he asked her and replied him while all shivering)

Hayyam: but pari you don’t seem to be fine to me! Are you sure you are okay? (He held her arm and asked her because he was getting worried now for her but she nodded him that she was fine).

Pari: hayyam I am tired, I want to go to my room. (She asked looking at hayyam who was still seemed to be worried for her and he nodded her as yes and she moved from there).

Shahram was still gazing her because he was trying hard to talk to her and pari was freaking all to notice his gaze on her. She didn’t want to talk to him even not at that moment. She wanted to escape from there as soon as possible.

Hayyam noticed shahram when he was staring to pari and it was felt awkward and pathetic, annoying him to gaze like that.

Pari walked beside shahram without looking at him. She was all trembling and shivering. She could notice that there was not anger in eyes of shahram and not even in others’ eyes; instead there was seemed a strange type of plead for her. Sara wanted to talk to her but before she could move; pari moved from there at once without delaying and avoiding them all.

She was running, passing through stairs in few feet because she was trying to run from her family; she didn’t want them to talk to her.

When she reached on last stair, her one foot was slipped and she rolled back from stairs; she was all rolling from each stair so roughly and fast that she had lost her control completely and when she reached up to half stairs, her head stuck to a pillar and she was drawn from there, rolling on stairs and fell on an aquarium.

When she fell on that acquirium; it was all broken. Water was flowing out of it which pushed her and made her to roll again.

When hayyam had seen her being dragged from stairs, he started running towards her and he also heard shahram calling her as roshini but when he could reach up to her to catch her; she had been fallen on an aquarium. He ran to her and held her head in his arms. Shahram also ran behind him and sat beside her and yelling at her as roshini.

Pari was all bleeding,

She was sighing.

Her forehead was all faded with her blood.

Her hands were bloody with mirror pieces of broken acquirium.

Her pulse had been weak and feeble.

Her breath had been thread.

Tears were gushing from her eyes and she was looking at hayyam who was crying to see her and yelling for ambulance.

Hayyam: call the damn ambulance right now

Pari was trying hard to speak out but her words were not accompanying her breath. She could see the people around her; she saw her bua sitting beside her and shahram and sara from another side.

She could hear shahram calling her as roshini. She again turned to hayyam who was crying and yelling ambulance not allowing her to speak.

Hayyam: please some body call the ambulance please

Her eyes were not helping her to be opened. She was trying to open them but she was failed. She felt herself to be dragged somewhere in a very deep place where was nothing except darkness. She could not hear anything except tingling in her hears and blur on her vision.

She was in flashback again where she saw herself sitting outside a main door and crying hardly. She was urging hard that she was innocent and she had not done anything. It was cold night and she was pleading to give her chance to explain herself but she found none there to help her out. But after a while she found a hand on her shoulder, clenching her and when she turned, she saw samia standing behind her and holding her shoulder with wide smirk on her face.

You are not my daughter

You not tenure of our love

You are died for us……..did you hear?

You are died for us!

Tintin , she said

 She jerked from that flashback and saw hayyam holding her. She looked back to shahram and that time she was not able to be conscious anymore. She lost her balance, her hand hanged down, her eyes were closed and she was unconscious then. She was bled a lot, when hayyam admitted her in hospital.

Hayyam had noticed when shahram had called her roshini but he didn’t bother to ask him at that moment, he was worried about pari. He wanted her back at any cost in his life.

Hayyam felt, his heart was swelled, his breath was hitched, his hands had been cold, and his face had been pale. ‘’Call the damn stretcher’’, he barked, holding her tiny form in his arms, embracing her head as tightly as possible.

For the first time in his life, he sensed a loss;

For the first time he was crashed all before his fate and her love

For the first time he felt, his life would be meaningless without her

For the first time, he felt her soul freaked in his arms;

For the first time he failed miserably in his responsibility;


Her twinkling EYES, her Naughtiness;


Her Whined eyebrows to tease him;



Her all efforts to impress him,

Her love, her care,

Her everything was damn fair and true…..

COME BACK TO ME PLEASE (He finally yelled and cried hard as much as he could)

I beg to you, please come back to me,

I will try my level best to sooth your pain and your all flaws;

I will try to undo them,

Don’t leave me like this;

I know I have been fuddy-duddy-dies damn it; but I will make sure that our relationship works,

I will love you till the end of my life……

PLEASE COME BACK TO ME PLEASE…!!!! (He cried, looking at the roof, holding his neck vertically as much as possible and yelled again cupping her head tightly!

After a few minutes, ambulance came and hayyam put her on a stretcher and sat beside her, holding her hand in his hand. Shahram also followed him. He was all distracted to get her back in that position when everything was seemed to be blurred before him. With each second when her vision was getting blurred, he could see his reflection in her eyes but at very moment he could also see love for her in hayyam’s eyes.

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