The Edge Of Emptiness

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Chapter 17 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 15, 2013




Part 17

She was in ICU; she was all sinking.

Her pulse was feeble and thread;

Her breath was sighing and irregular.

Her eyes were closed and she was unconscious.

She had bled a lot and there was urgent need of transfusion of blood to her.

She was sinking with passage of each second; her ECG monitor was showing irregular spikes in waves. She was in deep sleep almost to death.

Everyone was waiting keenly outside for her recovery including Malik family. Shahram was all broken; he was distracted. He got her back that day and again lost her few minutes back. He was crying, none could realize the pinch in his heart at that moment. He was distracted to lose her again.

On other side hayyam was also distracted; he had been engaged with her few minutes back and the very next moment, he lost her. He was running here and there and in next moment he sat on a chair holding his head with his both hands.

Sam: hayyam you must get ready now because few minutes have been left to start her surgery. (she came inside his cabin to ask him for surgery of pari; yes hayyam was supposed to do her surgery and it was like to incise one’s own self rather than to operate her. He was not in position to do her surgery but he was well reputed surgeon and none could stand better than him in that job; but hayyam was meant to do pari’s surgery that he loved the most, whom he wanted to marry, whom he considered his life). Hayyam nodded her as yes. Sam could see his welled and teary eyes but she could not help him.

Hayyam dressed up himself with OT dress. When he came outside, he saw shahram and his family standing outside the operation theatre. He saw in anger to shahram. He didn’t know himself that what was there to be angry on him but somehow he considered shahram as responsible for all that which happened to pari. If he had not been there, pari would have not lost her balance. He could be only reason for her flaws, he thought.  

Shahram could feel that anger in his eyes; he kept his head down with guilt, not gazing back to hayyam.

Marium: hayyam my son! Be bold; it’s like a temporary thwart and stymie in your love; and I am sure that you would succeed to bring my daughter back. (She said putting her hand on his shoulder to console him and hayyam nooded her and left).

When hayyam was walking towards ICU, he went in all flashbacks from the very first day when he met to her

(Pari: I am dr. pari………

Hayyam: I want you to be around me all the time…….

Not bad you have been punctual…..

Pari: sir you don’t need to be sorry to me………

Hayyam: pari I wanted to know that whether you were fine or not that’s why I knocked your door at midnight……

Pari can we go for a walk?

Pari: do you like darkness?.......

Hayyam: pari I am in love with you…….will you marry me?......

Pari: sir before you decide to marry me, I want to tell you about my past; after that you decide……

Hayyam: I am not interested in your past; I just want to make you my present and my future……..

Hayyam: pari do you love me?.......

Pari: sir this ring is so beautiful and it is worth that you have gifted me that……

Pari: I am cute

Hayyam: I feel complete pari when you are with me

Hayyam: pari promise me that you will never leave me!.......

.pari: I promise you hayyam!)

Flashbacks ended and hayyam was shuddered. He once again repeated and murmured pari you had promised me, you can’t break your promise, you can’t leave me; you had promised me!

He sighed and moved in tiptoes; slowly and gradually towards OT. His heart was beating fast, he was sweating all. His face was pale. Finally he managed to open the door.

When he opened the door of theatre, he saw her lying on bed; her face was all bloody, her forehead was still bleeding and she was unconscious.

Dr. Riaz had anesthetized her already. Her all vitals were monitored too.

He first gazed her and then he stared at ECG, showing wave spikes. He didn’t delay anymore and started her surgery.

When he put scalper in his hand, he looked into her eyes; which were closed and then looked back to scalper, and remembered what he had asked pari in first meeting; (PARI YOUR PATIENTS MUST BE YOUR PATIENTS ONLY; NEVER TRY TO MAKE THEM YOUR FRIENDS OR RELATIVES)., he closed his eyes tightly that tears gushed out from his eyes; he clenched his fist that he was here to incise that girl whom he loved the most in this world.

He was supposed here to run the scalper and scissor on that girl whom he had promised to save from all flaws and wounds. He was there to save life of that girl whom he regarded his life.

In my fate; in every page of my fate; in each moment of my fate

In my life and after my death at the Day of Resurrection;

In my present and in my future ahead;

Oh GOD! Depict her in each page of my life with golden words that,

In each story of my life; in each ASAP of my life;

In the world of my heart

In each relation of my life; in each moment of my life;

I bow before you oh GOD! Retire her intrusion in my life to fetch my quench please

I yearn to give her back to me please


He was all trembling and it was first time in his whole career that he was trembling and getting nervous in surgery because he was not incising to his patients but he was there to operate his own love…….;

He again remembered

(Pari: hayyam I promise you that I am with you in each step of my life).

He came back to his senses; wiped his tears and managed himself to start the surgery.

8 hours had been passed and each second was killing to shahram. He had not eaten anything. He was sitting holding his forehead with his hands, since 8 hours. He had not moved even for a second from there. All were worried that what was next to be done. They had called to Rehan and his family too. Rehan was father of pari; he had not been in contact with rehman’s family since when he came to know the truth behind their game. When rehman told him about pari’s accident, he came back from Dubai with his family.

Bua: why you all have come back to her life? (She asked them looking in anger to shahram). Why have you come, just to ruin har again! You were not satisfied yet and that made you to interrupt again in my child’s life and ruin her again! So now you all must be happy to see her in that condition. You are responsible for her disaster; I won’t forgive you shahram, never. (She said slapping to shahram and he was crying because he knew that she was right). And rehan sahib why are you back now? After 3 years you have come to know that how is your daughter! You must be worried, I guess; that your daughter was unfortunately alive! (She taunted to rehan and he was seemed to be guilty and tears rolled from his cheeks). You all are here to see her dying like that! Now you all have got happy so just get out from here right now. (She yelled at them and marium consoled her). Shahram and sanaya, my daughter is in this condition just because of you all and if there happens anything to her; I promise you I won’t leave you all! (She said while weeping and wiping her tears)

Marium could not get that if they were parents of pari then who Ali Abbas was to her and why shahram was calling her roshini; and why bua was yelling at that. She was totally blank about the truth. She wanted to know all and that’s why she went to shahram to ask everything.

Shahram was welled with tears but he came back to his senses when marium asked him about roshini that who was she and why he was calling pari as roshini. He was shuddered to see marium before him asking him in anger in her eyes. He knew everything but he didn’t want to tell her because of pari that she might get flaws in her life back after revealing truth before her soon to be mother in law. But when marium yelled at him, he had to tell her then. He turned his face to another side and wiped his tears. He started stating before her in guilt and painful way;


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