The Edge Of Emptiness

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Chapter 18 (v.1)

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Part 18


Everyone was seemed to be busy in preparations of marriage at Malik bungalow. Yes there were going the preparations of marriage of shahram and pari.

Pari was daughter of rehan younger than sara. Shahram and pari had loved each other since childhood. Shahram used to call her as roshini because he considered her as lightening fact in his life. And his nick name was tintin which pari used to call him to tease him.

Everyone was happy with their marriage except samia, sara and sanaya. Samia wanted sanaya to get marry to shahram rather than pari but shahram had rejected sanaya and rehman also wanted pari to be his daughter in law. Pari was loved by all, by each member of the family and that thing was like a failure and disaster for sara. Though pari was her real younger sister but she wanted that importance in family which pari was having. She stood next in each step of life than pari and that was burning her heart with passage of life with a filthy fire for pari and she started to plot against her. When each plot was failed, samia and sara planned for another plot and resurrection for pari which ruined her life forever.

Two days were left in marriage of pari and shahram, when samia called her younger brother Mr. Umair, who was a fashion designer and younger than samia, in a hotel at evening. She went there with sara to meet him.

Umair: good morning samia why did you call me here, is everything alright? (He was seemed to be worried)

Samia: yes everything is okay! (She asked him pointing him to sit and get relax. Sara also sat beside her) I am here to ask you a favor?

Umair: yes samia I am always there for you. You just order me. (He said in pleasant way). (And when the discussions were over, Umair nodded them as yes. He stood and about to leave when he turned to face sara and samia and looked at them in a concerned way); Samia do you think it’s good; I mean you are going to play with an innocent life; think twice before you act!

Samia: I have decided and now I can’t set back at this moment because it is about my daughter’s life (There was a silence for few minutes). Umair she loves shahram a lot and I love my daughter a lot; I can’t give up. We will have to do that at any cost tonight. (Umair didn’t bother to argue her anymore; he nodded as yes and left from there).

Sara: aunty I don’t know but I do think that we are going to have her nightmares in her future ahead! I mean your motive is somehow fair but what about me! I am going to ruin my real sister’s life! Would I be able to face her on a day of resurrection and what if she doesn’t forgive me? (She asked samia with nuzzling her nose in tension)

Samia: There is left no choice for us and now at this stage you can’t give up. Hope for the best and I am sure we will succeed this time; and one more thing sara that burn your these sympathetic concerns for her in these coming tracks and trances in her life. Just be bold (she spoke straight to her gazing in her eyes firmly and sara nodded her as okay). After a silence samia said, sometimes you have to believe in something to reach for your dreams; it won’t hurt if you have to set aside your life’s principles and just have faith in times. Others call it fate or destiny but it doesn’t mean that you should stop struggling for that….!

Pari was twinkling to see her jewelry and her lehnga. She was very happy on that day. She thought that she was going to have her entire world in her grip then. She was managing her luggage when she saw a paper lying beside the table lamp of her bed; she raised her sardonic eyebrow at that letter and picked that up and started reading;

I lie down; and shut my eyes

And dared to go back

A part of me, my past

Dug deeper as far as I could

Decisions I made back then

That led me to where I am

There was something  

Choices I have made

That could’ve been better

But when I reached the part

Where I met you

All regrets faded away

Because I know in my heart

Those choices I have made

Led me to your trance

And I wouldn’t trade them

Even for the WORLD…….!!!

She blushed when she read that and she was smiling because her guess was right to have her that letter from shahram. When she was about to close its envelope, she freaked that there was more written on that also. She reopened and read;

Don’t ask me why I care about you; don’t ask me why I wanna be with you;

Because if I do have answers;

Perhaps I don’t love you at all……!!!!


She was lost in his words, she was blushing when she saw samia standing infront of her throwing a fake smile on her; and she was freaked to see her all sudden but anyhow she managed herself. She swallowed her lump in her throat not to utter any stupid wind on her face because pari was not very much close to samia and whenever she came before her, she got hesitated to face her and samia never left a chance to harass her and taunt her.

Samia: why are you smiling? I hope that shahram would have not come here? (She asked her pocking her nose here and there to find him if he was there)

Pari: no aunty he can’t come in such indecent manner in my room and you know that well even than me. (She said smirking and samia didn’t like her that behavior).

Samia: whatever …..(She said making her face in awe manner). I have no interest to gossip about you and shahram; I have come to look after for sanaya; I have not seen her since morning so I thought that she might be here in your room!

Pari: no aunty she has not come here. (She seemed to be worried for sanaya)

Samai: okay I shall check out…you do your own work (she left mocking another fake smile).

Sanaya was set on a chair in a park of their bungalow. She was seemed to be welled. She was feeling her breath hitched in between her throat and windpipe. She wanted to yell but she could not. She was distracted to see shahram getting married to pari. She was failed in her all plots to separate them and after two days they were going to have marriage. She felt a complete loss in her life; though she was in love but more than a love it was a challenge for her to win him.

Her mother, samia, could gaze her inner feelings very well and that was what which was compelling her to plot against innocent pari. She wanted to sooth all pain that her daughter was having at that time whether due to love or due to her undesirable intentions to win him.

Samia: sanaya are you okay? (She asked her clenching her from her shoulder to face her and sanaya just nodded her).

Samia sat beside her on a chair. Sanaya was looking down on her feet to avoid her mother’s gaze and samia could feel that. She sighed herself and looked forward in direction to ease her.

Samia: look sanaya we can’t get all what we want; you will have to be passionate and trust me my child I would bring him back to you very soon! It’s my promise so please you get yourself normal because everyone is noticing you like that! (She said consoling her and she saw her mother with a trustworthy eyes which were somehow promising her. She smiled back to her mother and went to her room to freshen up herself and samia was rejuvenated)

Pari was in her room packing her stuff which was mingled here and there in her room because it had been her pathetic habit to entangle things like that. She was trying to fix her clothes in her bag when she saw her mother, amna, standing beside her; she was winked to see her in such dilemma.

Pari: mama why are you staring me like that; you know me very well so please stop gazing me like that (she was still busy in her work avoiding her mother and she knew what would be next move of her mother on her)

Amna: pari please stop behaving like a child! You are grown up so please water your brain too henceforth. (She said while sitting beside her and reviling her) 

Pari: Mama I know your concern about me but don’t worry I promise you that I won’t let you be ashamed of me. (She said gripping her mother‘s neck with her forearms and she smiled)

Amna: I know my child is so cute but my darling you are going to have a joint family and you know very well their whereabouts and that’s what which worries me about you. (She sighed) pari you also know to samia and sanaya; I mean their tinge of ego, that’s why I want you to be serene in your antics and flicker to their aversions  for your relation with shahram!

Pari: okay mama fine I shall take a great care of it and I am sure when shahram is with me, no storm can harm me. (She raised her eyebrow, admiring herself and amna hugged her and smiled at her antics with content).

It was morning when pari groaned her eyes and opened. She was bewildered to see samia admiring her in front her in early morning. She could not guess that she was in her room at that time.

She was about to inquire but she was caught back in her words to gulp back them and samia came forward; she sat beside her on a bed. She cupped her face with fake smile which pari could easily guess

Samia: good morning pari, nice to see your beauty with overwhelming sunshine (she was still cupping her face and pari was just gazing her pathetic conversation at that dilemma but however she could not ask her its reason and she continued). Pari I was thinking that you must try your wedding dress at my brother’s boutique first before your wedding because he is a well known designer so he will guide you better in that case; what do you think? (She was seemed to be sweet to pari)

Pari: not even bad idea but let me ask to mama first then I shall inform you about that? (She was still in same position in her bed)

Samia: no pari, I mean she must have her own arguments to urge you back at home. I am sure she won’t allow you so it’s up to you; if you want, I can drop you there and don’t worry sanaya would be there with you at his boutique!

Pari: okay aunty I shall not tell her about that.

Samia: that’s like a good girl and I will drop you there within half an hour so you get ready quickly; and one more thing that if you are not feeling this apt avatar for you, I can ask sara to accompany you there (she asked pari in friendly and pari was released to hear that sara was also going with her and she nodded as yes).

Samia was smirking in her heart to fool her so easily. She was laughing at her to trap her in the way as she had thought. So now Miss Pari you are having your intrusion in such a dangerous dilemma that you would have never imagined in your life; just wait and watch (she was murmuring that in her heart)

Pari had dressed up and admiring herself before mirror when she saw her phone vibrating. She received at once to hear that voice which she was missing very badly; yes of course there was shahram from another side at phone

Shahram: hello sweet heart good morning.

Pari: hi how are you and why did you not call me yesterday? (She asked him at once before wishing him back and flinced at him)

Shahram: ohhh so mam was missing me? (He was smirking)

Pari: no not at all; I was just asking you generally. (She was pretending to avoid his flirt but she knew that she was caught in her words)

Shahram: okay so don’t you have my number to call me back? It’s not important that I do call you always, you can also call me back; isn’t it? (He was enjoying, pulling her leg further)

Pari: I do have your no Mr. But I am least interested to call you

Shahram: okay I thought you were missing me that’s why I asked you but it seems that people are least interested in me so I must not poke my nose in their matters (he was trying to depict her in his aversion for her)

Pari: okay just leave it; I had to tell you that I am going outside with Sara and sanaya!

Shahram: but why and where are you going roshini? I mean only one day is left to our wed and you are going outside; do you think it’s apt?

Pari: hmm I know but samia aunty had asked me to go and you know shahram that it has been hard for me to refuse her proposal so please don’t mess up, I will be back just within an hour!

Shahram: okay okay but by the way mam where are you going? (He was showing his much concern for her at that time to know that she was going with sanaya as he knew her nature very well and pari could understand his concern for her at that time)

Pari: don’t worry tintin; I am not a kid and I am going for shopping. (She used to call him tintin since childhood and he got to be annoyed when she used to call him with that name)

Shahram: roshini please don’t call me tintin; you know I don’t like it and now I am going to be your legally wedded husband and it’s your duty to respect me as well as my name, did you get that? (He was smiling to order her like that and he knew that she won’t back up to tease him with that name)

Pari: oh really! Thanks to you that you reminded me that I am going to marry you! But my sweet tintin! You will always be my tintin even after my demise too. (She was laughing at him to repeat his name like a child as tintin and again tintin)

Shahram: okay just wait and watch after one day I will see you that how will you call me tintin and laugh as mad (he was trying to frighten her with his fake anger at her and she knew that what he was trying to pretend her and that she loved the most)

Pari: okay now I am getting late; I have to rush. Call you back. (She disconnected the phone before getting back his response and he was just smiling at her serene and innocent antics which he loved the most in her).

Pari was sitting ready with all stuff to leave when she saw sanaya entering in her room and sara was also with her

Sanaya: pari are you ready? Should we leave now?

Pari: yes of course I am ready. (She said with smiley face to Sara but she was behaving in quite pathetic manner which was worrying to pari but she didn’t bother to ask about that to her before sanaya)

Sanaya: pari I am sure you would have not informed about that to amna aunty?

Pari: no I haven’t but I feel not good to hide that from her

Sanaya: oh come on babes, I and Sara are with you so stop creating a scene and let’s go; we are getting late now. (She nodded her as yes and they all left for boutique to meet Umair there who was waiting for them as samia had already informed him about them).

‘’Hello uncle! How are you?’’

Sanaya greeted to Umair when entering in his boutique and he cupped her face with smile. she pointed him towards pari and sara who were looking at them with smile but sara was seemed to be worried and her that expression was not gone unnoticed by pari at any moment but she decided to ask her after going back to home.

Sanaya: Uncle I guess mom must have told you about our purpose of coming here at that time; so let’s come to the point

Umair: ya my child she had informed me. So pari here is your dress, you go to change after that I could guess your outfit accordingly

Pari: okay (she nodded and went to change)

Umair: sanaya think again; I guess you guys are not going to do good with her

Sanaya: Uncle you must have heard that everything is fair in love and war. Whatever we are doing; it’s just to get to shahram. I hate pari because she has snatched him from me but now it’s her turn to suffer; my dose is over now. (The anger could be seen in her eyes and hate for pari had been furious in that)

Umair: okay what can I say; do as you wish.

Sanaya: but let me know that have you prepared all papers ready?

Umair: yes I have, just only one task is left and that is pari’s signature on that! (He said that while looking at Sara)

Sara: don’t worry, it’s my duty to tempt her to sign and as far as she is concerned, she doesn’t bother ever to inquire when I do ask her to do anything.

Sanaya: oh not bad, she trusts you really a lot and look what you are going to do now with her. (She taunted Sara but Sara ignored to mingle in her gossip)

After few minutes, pari came outside with her wedding dress which was red in color with golden brown embroidery on that; it was enchanting her beauty even more in that which was firing a bomb in mind of sanaya to see her. Though she was also good looking but the charm and beauty that pari had, was not engrossed by sanaya.

Umair: wow you are looking so lovely pari; so beautiful. (He said her admiring her and she smiled to hear). Okay pari its time to shoot you! Pari was astonished to hear that word, SHOOOT, what did that mean? What they are trying to do? (She was lost in her thought when Umair saw him and he laughed to guess her posture in her deep antic thoughts)

Umair: (he laughed) don’t worry pari, I mean to say that get ready to have your snaps in this dress so that we could judge you in your bestest outfits.

Pari: oh I see! I thought something else (she exhaled in relief to hear that)

Sanaya: you are stupid that’s what you consider others also like you (she frowned her face and taunted her)

Pari didn’t response her but she was stealing all her glances at Sara who was still seemed to be worried and sad. When she looked at pari, she passed her smile but yet the sadness around her face was twinkling in her eyes and her corner of lips were quivering to say her something which pari was not knowing but she could realize that there was something; something big which is yet to come but what..????? Pari was staring her when Umair called her to have snaps. Those were really beautiful

Sanaya: erm.. A..uncle I think you must also stand with pari to have snap so that you could catch as how must she stand with shahram to have snap there on wedding day, what do you suggest? (She said pointing umair to stand beside pari to have snapped. Pari felt little bit uncomfortable but she considered better to be silent at the moment and nodded sanaya as yes)

Just wait pari, you don’t have an idea what is coming next to you!

You can’t imagine the storm waiting for your chauvinistic wedding day to wind up your all happiness along with itself…..

You are having a blast tomorrow on your day for which you would have never imagined in your life!

You tried to snatch my shahram from me and now let’s see what comes in your destiny ahead.

Trust me pari, even shahram won’t support you henceforth. Your all whereabouts he might be knowing today but the fact which he is going to see tomorrow; you can’t prove that as fake!

You will be all yelling and crying but none would believe, even not your own parents!

My turn has been over to cry, it’s your turn to cry pari and I am waiting keenly as ablaze for tomorrow to humialiate you before your shahram and he could do nothing, nothing at all except to leave you…..

Just WAIT AND WATCH my beauty queen……! (Sanaya was muttering that all in her breath and a fake laugh was breathing out from her nostrils to burst out before pari and taunt her as much as she wanted).

They all came back to their home. Pari went straight to her room. She was sitting on her sofa when she heard knock on her door. She saw Sara standing there.

She was in urge to talk her that what was matter that she had been seemed worried since morning and when she saw her in her room, she found a better chance to query her.

Pari: come in Sara, why are you standing ato ask my permission?

Sara: no I thought you must be busy!

Pari: no I am not busy at all; come and sit (she pointed her to sit beside her on a sofa.

Sara was not looking at her but instead she was looking here and there to avoid her gaze and that was even more worrying to pari that there must be something serious).

Pari: Sara, are you okay? I have been observing you since morning that you are not fine? Is there happened any rift between you and uzaam brother?

Sara: yes everything is fine; I was just tired because of load of wedding days that’s why!

Pari: are you sure? If you want, you can share with me!

Sara; nothing important (she cupped her face to satisfy her with her answer)

Pari: okay if you say, I do agree (she smiled and hugged her)

Sara: errm….pari I want your signature on these papers! (She said while still hugging her and pari got back from hug and looked at her)

Pari: what kind of papers are these?

Sara: actually these papers uzaam had given me; these are about your shares in company and he asked me to get your signature on that.

Pari: shares? What kind of shares? I mean shahram has not told me about that yet

Sara: yes because he doesn’t know about that and it’s a wedding gift for you and shahram. Uzaam asked me to get your signature and after that he would also take the signature of shahram before wedding. So sign?

Pari: but…..i (before she could say Sara interrupted)

Sara: if you want, you can read them!

Pari: no no Sara, I trust you; I don’t need to read them. If you are saying, that must be right! Okay let me take pen to sign them.

Sara: here it is (she gave her pen pointing her towards her hand and she took pen and signed the papers without bothering to have even a glance. She smiled at Sara but she was not smiling. She might be feeling guilt)

She was about to leave when pari held her hand

Pari: Sara I hope you must be okay? (Sara was welled to hear those words from her sister who was being worried for her sister and she was selfish, who was going to destroy her own sister).

‘’ How much she trusts me that even she didn’t bother to read just once and what about me, I am going to ruin her for ever….i am sorry, I am really sorry!’’ sara muttered in her teeth

Sara: I am okay my dear don’t worry and just be happy. (She cupped her face and kissed her on her forehead. She left with tears in her eyes).

Sara could not sleep whole night. She thought to go to her sister and tell her all that before morning but she could not go. What was there which was not allowing her to save her sister? There might be her tinge of ego, her tinge of envy, her ruthlessness, her carelessness and her selfishness to get importance and consideration in her in laws like her sister.

That was a reason which didn’t allow her to stop that entire storm because she wanted her to get out of that house by any means.  

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