The Edge Of Emptiness

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Chapter 19 (v.1)

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Part 19

It was wedding day of pari and shahram. Everyone was seemed to be happy. Shahram was dressing up himself in his room. His face was flushing, his eyes were seemed to be glowing in smile, he had a wide smirk on his face;

‘’so finally miss roshini your tintin is going to bring you in my home for ever, you can’t imagine that how much happy I am today! Today I am having my life whom I have loved since childhood,’’ he muttered in his breath.

He was feeling his life complete on that day

He was going to owe the lady whom he loved madly

She was one and only girl whom he considered his own

He was feeling perfect on that day

He felt no rift in that relationship except sanaya but he didn’t care because he knew to handle that case was quite easy for him

Roshini and tintin were meant that day to be one; shahram and pari were meant that day to be one

On other hand pari was also so happy to stand with his beloved name. She was dressed up in same dress which shahram had gifted her for their wedding day. She felt like flying in the sky among stars, she felt like dancing in happiness. There were left few hours only.

But was that as easy as they were going through?

Was it happened as they had planned?

What had their destiny decided for them on that day?

What was stoic, intricate as maze in their future?

Who was there who was stymie in their relation?

Was it so easy to emend and panoply the avarice of one’s own self?

Who was accomplice?

Who was vicarious to vantage them abreast?

Was it planned or it was stymie by their destiny to separate them forever????

Those were questions never to be answered at that moment. The absurd predicament of seeming to argue that virtue at that moment was highly desirable but intensely unpleasant!

Pari was well dressed up when Sara came and asked her to go with her at stage where shahram was sitting and all guests beside them were seated. They both left for hall. Pari came with Sara and sat beside shahram on a seat. He passed her a pleasant smirk on his face.

Everyone was present there except samia. After a while she came running towards rehman who was sitting beside shahram. She came and whispered something in his ear and he stood as 1000 volt current would have crashed him. He spranged from his chair. He gazed in anger to pari and asked all his family members to gather in their living area.

All seemed to be worried. Shahram and pari were shocked to get that dilemma which was not to be at that moment because within few minutes they were supposed to tie a knot of nikkah so what must be there which had happened all of sudden.

After a few minutes, all were gathered in a living area to know quickly that what matter was. Pari was standing beside her mother gripping her forearm tightly in fear. She was quivering in fear and her mother could feel that. She tried to slow down her fear and gripped her hand tightly to console her. Shahram was standing as blank not getting anything in his mind to guess their presence at once.

He went to rehman who was standing in anger which was burning his heart inside and that fire could easily be visualized in his eyes. He was standing facing his back to all others who were just behind him and samia was beside him

Shahram; dad what has happened? Why did you call us like that? (He said putting his hand on rehman’s shoulder to ask him the reason. Rehman jerked when shahram called him and he turned to face him)

Rehman did not ask him anything and he went to pari who was afraid of his anger. He tiptoed and moved towards her, holding papers in his hand

Rehman: pari what is this? (He asked her pointing those papers which he was holding in his hand.

Pari was hell shocked then when rehman pointed her to answer but what answer she should have given when she knew nothing. She was shivering and trembling all; but after a while she swallowed her lump and managed herself)

Pari: I am not getting uncle what do you mean?

Samia: oh come on pari! Don’t try to be innocent! You have done a sin and now you are pretending to be innocent (samia came close to her and pari could see the rage in her eyes).

Everyone was staring at pari that what was being asked from her. Shahram was not getting anything. He at once went again close to rehman to ask him

Shahram: dad why you both are trying to intricate as maze to all of us? Please come to the point!

Rehman: okay so you want a straight answer! Just look at these papers and read them! (He hanged those papers to shahram and ordered him in furious rage to read).

Shahram took papers from him. He stole gaze first at pari who was welled, tears were flowing in her eyes and about to fall. He tried to console her by his gesture and his eyes. He looked back to those papers and started reading them.

His eyes were widened; he could not believe that what he was reading. He looked back to pari who was standing in same state; he then again turned to those papers. He took three to four steps backward in a shock not getting anything that he was figuring out on those papers.

He was dumb folded;

His mind had been gone blank;

His vision was not accompanying him because of tears rolling in his eyes,

His eyes were welled,

His throat did not allow him to swallow his lump and gulp down his emotions.

He was moving backward and backward until he hit the wall and there he stood as empty body. His heart was beating fast as to never end, his chest was swallowed with sorrow, his pulse was thread; he sighed his breath.

He looked back again to pari who was looking at his state and that time tears were rolling down on her cheeks. He wished to go near to her to wipe them but when he looked back to those papers he just crashed down on floor and tears started rolling from his eyes too. Papers dropped from his hand on the floor. His eyes were half opened and half closed.

How could you roshini?

How did you betray me and my love?

What was left unfulfilled in my love that you distracted me in that way?

Roshini what was there which tempted you to do that to me?

He was muttering in his breath all that. He wanted to cry and yell hard as much as he could, not even looking at pari who was crying to see him like that. Her heart was beating so fast to run towards him and console him.

To see him like that, zareena ran towards her son to hug him and console him. She hugged him and asked him that what was there in those papers that he had been too dump folded but he was not responding her. He was sinking in each word of those papers; he was not getting what his mother was asking him.

Samia: let me tell you amna! (She said coming towards them; she took the papers from floor. She looked at them and again she stared back to pari and Umair who was standing beside main door holding few snaps in his hand). What did you think pari that you can easily fool us all to get marry to shahram when you are already married? (She said coming towards pari).

Pari was dump folded to hear that (WHEN YOU ARE ALREADY MARRIED), She was trembled. She could hear her ears were tingling.

She was rejuvenated,

The limelight was hitting her face badly that she was unable to eye lock with samia who was standing in scorn before her holding papers in her hand and pointing towards pari

Pari: wh..what..what are you talking about aunty? I am not getting you? (She was stammering and tears were gushing as to never end)

Samia; oh don’t you know pari? Don’t try to be innocent my darling! I am talking about your marriage with Umair and if you don’t believe then look at these nikah papers and look at your signatures on these papers! (She yelled that time pointing her fingers on her signatures on those papers)

Pari took few steps backward in shock loosening her grip from her mother’s arms. She could not get what was happening there to her

When and how did i sign those papers?

Why did not i read papers before signing but

When did I and was I blind at that time that I didn’t look that those were nikkah’s documents damn it?

She was sighing her breath; her heart was swelling to get out in fear and sorrow that what was coming next to her. She was not in her senses that how and when??????

Amna: samia what are you saying? Are you in your senses? You are accusing my daughter on her wedding day!

Samia; amna I am accusing her with a proof and thanks to GOD that we have come to know before her marriage with shahram because that would have been not acceptable after that! (she said in furious anger to amna). If you don’t believe, look at these papers and look at the signature of your daughter on these papers

Amna was shocked to see her signature and she turned to pari who was crying badly

Amna: pari look at me and tell me that it’s not true; tell me my child that its accuse on you. Tell me that you have not signed them; tell me pari I am asking you something! (She started jerking her to answer her)

Pari: mama I swear I don’t know anything about that; mama please believe me I didn’t sign them (she hugged her mother and cried)

Samia: oh so you don’t agree then what are these? (she ran towards Umair and snatched the snaps which he was holding in his hand and pointed them to all to look at them and those were snaps of Umair and pari in wedding dress) now tell me that it’s also an accuse and you don’t know about them also?

Pari: aunty these are those snaps which you had asked me to try and Sara and sanaya were also with me at that time because you asked me to go to his boutique to have trial there!

Samia: oh come on pari now you are trying to accuse us! Okay tell me when did I ask you to go and when did Sara and sanaya come with you?

Pari was shocked to hear that statement when she remembered that samia had asked her to go. She at once ran towards Sara and asked her to explain that she was with her at that time.

Sara: pari I am sorry but when? I don’t remember when did I come with you to his boutique?

And that statement was hell trembling for her. She was shocked; her eyes were widened to hear that from her own sister when she knew that she had gone with her yesterday morning. Tears were gushing from her eyes.

Pari; Sara why are you telling lie? What are you saying, don’t you remember that you were with me damn it! You and sanaya were with me at that time and (she ran towards sanaya holding her arms) and and sanaya you asked me to have snaps with Umair so that you could have idea to stand with shahram! Don’t you remember? Please speak truth please tell them! I am begging you! (She asked sanaya to speak folding her hands before her)

Sanaya: pari why are you asking me to tell a lie! I don’t know about that and yesterday morning I didn’t go anywhere. I was with mom, busy in some work (she said turning her face to others who were looking at pari running here and there and crying madly)

Pari: why the hell are you telling lie guys? (She crashed herself on the floor)

Samia: stop over reacting pari! Your truth has been revealed and there is left nothing except humiliation for us. How could you pari?

Pari: stop aunty what the hell are you trying to prove? This is not true, not at all! Please stop accusing me please

Samia: oh so you are still trying to prove yourself that you are innocent. After these all proofs you are still trying to fool us by your nostalgic antics? (She went to Umair and dragged him to speak the actual dilemma before all).Umair you tell them that what is truth?

Umair; samia is right (He said holding his eyes on one gaze and uttering in firm tone) I and pari are married! She married me one month back and we were trying to hide that marriage from all. Pari tried a lot to tell to shahram but she could not so I thought that before that marriage happens, I must tell to all this truth!

The gust of wind blew in that room as it was meant to carry each and everything along with it. Pari was again trembled,

She was shivering hard.

She was winced.

Her tears were not gushing that time;

She was sitting as she would have been frozen there.

Her strands of hair were running on her face,

Her vision was getting blurred,

Her throat was not allowing her to swallow her gulp,

She could see that it would have been preplanned to ruin her in that manner. She managed herself. She stood from floor and looked at all who were staring her in burning anger. She saw her parents who were crying, blaming her to insult them. She turned back and there she saw shahram who was still on the floor, sitting lifelessly with no tears in his eyes as if his tears would have been frozen in his eyes, without any expression on his face. His avatar was frightening her that what was coming next for her. She floundered to herself.

She managed herself and went near to him. She was rejuvenated to see him lying lifelessly not even gazing her once and neither blinking at all. She crashed and depicted herself before and near to him and he flickered to see her before himself but didn’t react.

Pari: shahram? (It was very first time when pari called him with that name because she always used to call him with name of tintin and it was not gone unnoticed by him but he didn’t let her feel that).

When he didn’t respond her; she put her hand above his hand but he jerked back in funky way and waved off her hand. That was most pathetic and painful for her that he had believed her to be filthy in that play.

She was winced to see him as fuddy-duddy-dies. She held her hand back; she was all lost to see him not believing her even not giving her chance to explain just once. Tears gushed again from her eyes but she didn’t give up and couraged to remove that thwarts and stymie between their love!

Pari: shahram please listen to me just for once; please give me at least one chance to explain myself please!

She was about to jerk him when she felt a hand clenching her hand; and when she turned back to see that who was there, she was winced to see Rehan, her father, holding her hand tightly, gritting his teeth in anger, tightening his fist as tightly as possible and his eyes were welled.

She was about to speak ‘’pa’’ and no time he jerked her to stand before him and slapped her as tightly as possible and that moment shahram came to his senses when he saw her depicted before him on floor holding her cheek with her hand

She was crashed back on floor like a lifeless body holding her face with hand. She was winced, her blinks were uncontrollable, her tears were raining, she was frozen back, she was shocked, damn shocked to see her father slapping her like that and was damn infuriated as he was standing there to kill her within no time.

She was lying there feeling all alone. She looked at her mother who was also looking at her with anger and tears in her eyes; she turned back to her father who was standing there beside her; again she turned to Sara who could not meet her gaze with her sister. She could see the smirk in eyes of samia and sanaya but none could see them except pari

Rehan: how could you pari? How could you?

You have ruined me today…….you were my daughter, I trusted you but you didn’t care for our respect, for love; do you know what humiliation you have granted us today?

Do you have idea how much pain you have given us today?

I feel like killing you here before all……..

You are not my daughter, you are not my daughter damn it, did you hear you are not (he yelled)

You are not tenure of my love,

I thought you as ushering of love and respect in my and amna’s life but no, no damn it, not at all,

You were damn filthy and chauvinistic tinge on respect and love of your family (he was yelling and crying at her and she could do nothing except to shiver, her lips were quivering with fear and sorrow; she was not meeting her eyes with him who was standing in furious and burning anger throwing on her)

He looked her still lying there on floor; he wiped his tears when rehman held his hand in order to control his anger

Rehan: I am sorry bro, I am really sorry! Just because of my daughter, you and your son are suffering, I am really sorry (he bowed before him but rehman held him before kneeling)

Rehman: no rehan! Don’t be sorry; it’s not your fault. And I promise you that none will suffer except her. (He said gazing to pari).

Rehman went near to her and held her by her hand. He dragged her towards Umair who was standing beside samia.

Rehman: divorce her! (He yelled at Umair who jerked to hear and pari stared at rehman in surprise)…..did you not hear what I said! Divorce her right now damn it! (He yelled in very firm tone that all were jerked to hear that and shahram stood to hear his father’s yell that time)

Umair: but? (Before he could speak, pari interrupted at once)

Pari: but uncle I am not married to him! For GOD’s sake believe me. When I am not married to him, how can he divorce me? Please I beg you please believe me, he is telling a lie; they all are telling a lie! I am not married. (she bowed before rehman begging him to believe by holding her hand before him).

Rehman:  oh really? Then what are these damn it? (He pointed her, who was on her knees before him, towards those nikkah papers which were in samia’s hands)

Pari: these are fake uncle! They are telling lie; please believe me

Rehman: no! Four people at a time can’t be telling a lie!…… Okay if I do agree then how can your own sister tell a lie against you?

Pari: I don’t know why she is doing like that (She rushed towards Sara)….sara please tell them damn it! Why are you ruining me? I am your sister pari! Please tell them actual thing please?

Sara; pari I am telling truth, but why are you asking me to tell them lie when I was not with you at that time? I do know about your nostalgic antics but it doesn’t mean that I allow you to have nikah over another nikah!

Pari: just shut up sara! I know why the hell you are doing this! Just to throw me out from shahram’s life, that’s what you want; isn’t it?

Sara: I am saying what I know; I don’t want to absurd you anymore (she turned her face to another side to avoid pari).

Pari was silent, hiding her face in her hands, she again wiped her tears which were still not wiped and rushed towards shahram who was gazing her not only with pain but also love could be visualized in them

Pari; do you trust me tintin? (She asked him with polite, painful, loving yet firm tone)

He stared her when he heard her saying him tintin,

He wanted to melt;

He wanted to trust her roshini;

He wanted to cup her face with all his love;

He wanted to marry her;

He wanted to believe but……. (He sighed his breath when his gaze fall on those papers and snaps which were solid proofs)

‘’But what about those papers pari?’’ He asked her

She jerked back to hear him calling her not roshini but pari for the very first time in her life.

There was no answer to his question because she had nothing to prove her innocence. She was silent and when he found her silent, he thought her guilty because he guessed her silence as her guilt. He gritted his teeth, tightened his fist and rushed to his room not stealing any single glance at pari who was seemed to accept her loss, her disaster; she was standing there feeling all alone.

Rehman: Umair divorce her right now otherwise you will have to suffer a lot! (He yelled at him with firm tone)

Umair went near pari; he was not able to meet her gaze who was standing as frozen and lifeless body with no feelings, with no breath. He was staring on floor

Umair: I divorce you pari, I divorce you, I divorce you! (he said and left from there within no time)

Pari was standing there in same condition, wearing her wedding dress, not believing yet that the gust of wind which blew few minutes back had taken everything along with it. She was divorced by that man whom she was not married; she was divorced by a man who played a fowl game to her life. She again looked back to shahram’s room where he had rushed; she ensured herself that he was no more there.

Two souls met, little time spent;

Hearts were meant, cruel is the moment;

Love unfulfilled…..

Time had flown, separate roads were taken,

Lives of their own, they never met again;

Still love unfulfilled….!!!!

She turned back to her parents but as soon as she turned her face, she found none was standing there. Everyone had left. She was standing all alone in that living area. After a few minutes she heard a voice of car outside; she came back to her senses and ran towards main door. She saw her family, her parents; her brothers were leaving her there all alone. She saw rehan going towards his car to start; she in one blink rushed towards him

Pari: papa you can’t go, you can’t leave me here all alone! (She said holding her father’s arm tightly)

Rehan: you are not my daughter, did you hear? You are died for us henceforth! (He yelled loosening his arm from her grip)

Pari: no papa you can’t do this to me please papa I was not at fault please don’t leave me, I can’t live without my family (she was weeping, she was not able to control her sobs)

Rehan: I said, ‘’you are died for us’’

(he said her in firm tone and sat in car. He closed the door where her hand was present and it was crushed by being pinched in between car’s door and remaining space. She cried and her hand was bleeding badly)

Before she could run towards another side of car where her mother was seated, she heard a sudden and abrupt halt of car screeching fast to move ahead and she was standing there yelling from behind to stop them but they didn’t hear and rushed their car towards their way.

She was frozen there not believing yet. Her hands were shivering, her lips were quivering. Her hand was oozing out her blood but she was not feeling that pain.

She was moving three to four steps back not knowing where she was leaning and bowing;

Look! How your destiny could be ruined and lurched at once!

Look! How your home can be distracted as piece of mud!

Each path seems to be engrossed by hate

None leads to transgress to love

Where you are and…….where I AM!

Look! How an autumn can bring you to distraction with no end! Look………

She crashed herself on the floor when she flickered that she could not run behind that car. She was depicted lifelessly there.

She was frozen, her body was shivering,

Her tears were feeling stymie in their way to flow further,

Her breath was sighing irregularly,

Her sobs were getting dump then, her pulse was threading.

Ya ALLLLAAAAHHHHHHH! She yelled by facing upward on sky; crying hard as much as she could.

It was dark, with no twinkling star, with no lightening moon without sign of life either……..

Why did YOU do this to me!

What harm have I done to YOU!

Why? Why? Why?

She was crying badly, tears were gushing from her eyes, her sobs started again with same frequency. She was crying hiding her face with her both hands and still lying on floor by bowing on her knees.

2 hours had been passed to her sitting there in same position, but none was seemed beside her to help her. She was frozen in cold there. Her shivers had been turned into her trembles but she was blank with that cold. She was lost in her pain deep that she forgot to stand from there and move inside.

She was bowing there and when she realized the two feet standing beside her, consoling her by putting hand on her head. She at once moved up to see that who was there and she saw Ali Abbas, their watchman, standing there, and her smiley face again turned back into sadness and she blinked her eyes to turn back.

Abbas: child! Get up and come with me, it’s too cold! You can have fever. (He asked her politely).

But pari didn’t reply him. He once again tried to jerk her to bring her into senses but she waved off his hand. He didn’t bother to argue her anymore and moved from there. He turned back to her because he was feeling very bad for her. He always considered her as a daughter. He felt like weeping for her. But he could do nothing for her at that time except to console her.






Her ears again started tingling those words of her father in her ears. She pressed hardly to her ears not to hear those words uttered by his father.

Finally she managed herself; she tried to stand but her legs were not allowing her to stand because they had been frozen due to continuous pressure of body since two hours lying there. She anyhow couraged and moved towards the door; she tried to open but it was locked inside. She knocked but none opened for her. There was left no courage in her to stand there and yell to open the door. She was knocking lifelessly. She was about to faint when she held the door’s clip and sat beside its stair, taking the help of wall beside her by resting her head on that.

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