The Edge Of Emptiness

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Chapter 20 (v.1)

Submitted: May 19, 2013

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Submitted: May 19, 2013




Part 20

Shahram was sitting on his recliner, his eyes were blank, his face with no more expression. He was lost in thoughts of pari. He had believed that she had betrayed him. He was not in sane to see her face even.

Why roshini? Why did you cheat me?

What was left unfulfilled in my love that you betrayed me like that?

Why did you humiliate me in such filthy way and on my wedding day!

You have really bestowed me such a wonderful gift on my wedding day!

I would never forget that!

I will never forgive you roshini! Never ever damn it!

He jerked his hand on table tightly and due to which glass lying there fell down on floor. He again pressed his head with his hands.

Pari was sitting beside door on the stair, hiding her face in her lap, folding her legs there. The blood which was oozing few hours back from her hand, had been then frozen on her hand like a paint.

It was almost 5 am, her body has been thrilled and chilled because of cold, her rests of parts were stiffed with freeze. She felt a hand clenching her shoulder hardly, She jerked back to see behind and there was samia standing behind her with wide smirk on her face and taunt in her eyes;

Samia: so miss pari how are you feeling now? (She sat beside her saying that)

Pari: why aunty? What did you get to ruin me?

Samia: my daughter’s happiness, I have got!

Pari: I did not get you? (She winced to hear her)

Samia: her path is cleared; she can marry to shahram now because shahram will hate you henceforth and definitely he will not marry you. You just wait and watch pari there is still some drama left which I have to show you! (she smirked saying her that)

Pari: I am ruined today aunty but I have always learnt that truth can never be hidden; it has to be revealed and I and you will see that one day everyone will come to know that who was guilty!

Samia: come on babes! You can console yourself but not me by these stupid absurd that you do believe! Well; best of luck for your life ahead! There is still more to suffer, your episode is not over here but I must say that your panoply was splendid one and in rest of job, your dad was accomplice to throw you here like that. Now let’s see how I play with you babes; none would be there to help you not even your sister Sara! (She winked her and moved inside; she again locked the door from inside).

5 months were passed to her resting in that house. She used to live in a servant quarter because she was meant there not more than a servant in that house.

Shahram had left for London from there, after that incident. He never came to know that pari was living there as a servant. Her parents were also not interested anymore to know about their daughter that what situation she was facing there; whether she was alive or not.

Samia used to treat her as her rival and there was really none who could stand by her except Ali Abbas who used to care her a lot but he could not support her before family. He used to have her food at time whenever she was in her room.

In those few months, she never cried, she never wept again; she had zipped her mouth forever. She used to do whatever she was ordered to do without any absurd and stymie against them. She never spoke again in those five months.

It was 6th month to that incident when shahram came back because rehman asked him to have some work. When he came back he didn’t meet to pari. Neither he met her, nor did he bother to ask about her. Samia didn’t allow her to work in their house inside but she was ordered to do rest of house works outside.

Rehman forced a lot shahram to marry to sanaya but he was refusing them. His father started blackmailing him in stoic way; apathetic to his emotions. And finally he accepted that proposal and married to sanaya.

When pari came to know about that she could not bear that anymore. Her heart could not gulp that sorrow, her tears gushed again. She tried her hard to stay there and tolerate as much as she could; she floundered in her level best.

Ali Abbas could judge her feelings. Samia deliberately was trying to face her filthy dilemma but she didn’t utter a single word. She was treated as servant in that house before shahram but he did never argued on that manner. He never bothered to ask her health. He used to behave as there was no soul existing with name of pari. He had supposed her as dead.

Pari was fine till shahram was not there but when he had been back and married to sanaya; it had been hard for her to tolerate more. So she decided to leave that house. It was not so easy for her; she thought to rush at night. Ali Abbas had helped her to run from there and he came with her to Karachi and started living there, their rest of life.

It was next morning; everyone was busy in their work. Samia went to call to pari to prepare breakfast for them but when she found her that she was not present there in her room, she rushed towards Raid

Samia: Raid! pari is not in her room, I have checked her everywhere?

Shahram: what do you mean aunty that she is not here! She must be there, I am sure you might not have seen her! (he said coming towards samia in flinced face)

Samia:  no shahram I have seen everywhere but she is not here

Servant: mam here is a letter in pari’s room for shahram sir! (A servant came, holding a letter in his hand and pointed towards shahram)

Shahram took that from his hand and started reading:


I know I have lost the right to call you Tintin but it is last time that I am calling you with this name! I don’t know where my destiny has led me but I can’t tolerate more now. There has been enough for me to bear. Now there was left nothing for me in that home. I am not writing this letter to you to justify that I was innocent because my ALLAH knows better that who was innocent at that time and I am sure that one day HE would reveal the truth before all, but I have written this letter to inform you that I am leaving this house. I am going; I don’t know where but I know well that from now onward I would be living happy. And I beg your yearn that don’t try to find me please!

And one more thing;

I loved you tintin; I will love you always till last breath of my life!


Yours’ unfortunate Roshini!

Shahram was dump folded to read it. His eyes were welled. He wanted to run to find her but he didn’t because he still believed her to be guilty. He crushed that letter in his hand and went back to his room.

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