The Edge Of Emptiness

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: January 25, 2013

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Submitted: January 25, 2013




Part 3

PARI came out of his office. She roamed her eyes here and there and then she went to her ward to look after if any type of need to patients. When she entered into ward she introduced herself to the patients gladly. Suddenly she stopped at sound which asked her to stop there, she turned back to know who was there and she saw a tall good-looking and confident girl before her, she came near to her. She was walking as if a model has been walking on a ramp.

Hi I am Dr. Samra but people call me sam. She introduced herself

What is your good name?

Pari: I am Dr. Pari

Sam: ohh so dr pari, you must have met that eligible bachelor owner of this ward…none other than Dr.Hayyam?

Pari: yaa right now I have been coming from there to have him my intro

Sam: oh come on pari, you don’t but he must have introduced himself, he is so cool and handsome that any girl can wish to have her intro to him but let me remind you pari that please don’t you try to dream about him because he does not even bother to look a girl like you! Look at your dress how old fashioned it is and by any way you don’t look like a doctor and above all he is mine and only mine.

Pari: Why she is telling me this all, what the hell I have to do with that, either she loves him or not, it’s none of my business so why she is wasting her time as well as of mine? Pari murmured…… sam why are you telling me this all? I neither know you nor to Dr. Hayyam so why are you indulging me in your gossips?

Sam: shut up pari, I know the girls like you, you by your innocent face can easily trap to poor guy like Hayyam so before you could think of it, I thought I must warn you. One more thing that he is Dr.Hayyam, only for me but you better call him SIR; and mam to me, did you get?

Pari: yaa I got and now please take a side, I have a lot work to do except your gossips!

Sam: how dared you to talk me like that! You have come just now into this hospital and you are telling me what to do or not to do? She asked her so angrily that pari was freaked first but then she gulped her fear and replied her courageously

Pari: I know I am new comer but it does not mean that you must insult me, I know my limitations and I respect double to those who do respect to me but I don’t bother to grass even those who insult me so you better be careful next time. She said and moved ahead passing by her shoulder and sam was just astonished to be insulted by an ordinary girl. And on other side Hayyam was listening that all argument but he didn’t interrupt. Actually he was astonished to see pari, the girl who was shivering and trembling few minutes back in his office like a cat and now she is standing like rock to face sam with so much courage, NOT BAD, he murmured and smirked.

Sam: why are you smiling Dr. Hayyam? Did you hear how did she talk to me and you are standing here to get lust of what had been happening there?

Hayyam:  sam I heard whatever she said but I also heard whatever you asked her so please again I must remind you that keep your personal interests out of my ward

Sam: okay fine…….she moved in anger and said nothing back to him again because she knew she would fail in arguing him back so it was better for her to leave.

Pari went to hall where all her colleagues were seated and they were gossiping, she saw them and came near to them, she introduced herself to all and all paid good attention to her. One girl came near to her……hi pari it’s me Dr. farah and nice to meet you!

Pari: thanks and I am Dr. Pari! Glad to meet you.

Farah: so you are new comer…actually we all have joined this ward one month back so you didn’t have lost so much, you can join us easily.

Pari: thanks dear again and so nice of you, actually in morning I met a girl named sam, and the way she behaved I was little worried to have a staff like her but now to know you, I am glad that I have got a good friend

Farah: yaaa you don’t worry sam mam is like awe, so just forget it

She smiled and thanked her again. Farah then asked her to have coffee at canteen and they both went outside.

Dr. Hayyam was meeting to his co. workers and when it was over he asked receipt to call to sam in his office and after few minutes sam came inside

Hayyam: so Dr. sam I thought you must be angry so let’s have patch up, it’s too much and you know you were wrong with her at that time

Sam: so you have called me for this to talk?

Hayyam: no sam i……actually it’s not good that you should spoil your mood like that on such a small thing and being senior you must guide to your juniors rather than being rude to them.

Sam: okay fine just forget her, why should I spoil my moments with you by discussing about her…..that BIT…..she could just say that and Hayyam stopped her not to utter any mesh word for her and she was surprised to see him concerned for her like that and she was about to ask that when door knocked and Hayyam asked to come in and when he nodded up, his eyes were filled with a strange type of glint and glime that he also could not understand that what was it

Sam: pari you here? What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you bothering us? He was still staring at her but sam made him to come into his senses and he interrupted to sam and asked pari if any matter?

Pari: yaa sir actually its 5 pm, so may I leave for home?

Hayyam: pari you may leave but don’t forget that tomorrow be on time okay?

Pari: okay sir thanks and she left but he was staring her until she went out!

Sam: hayyam she has gone so if you don’t mind, may I have your attention please? Hayyam was still lost in pari, he did not hear what sam asked her and it was so annoying for sam to be not focused by him and she felt spat in his thoughts. She sprinted out of her anger and this time hayyam had to pay her attention anyhow.

Sam: you called me here so that I could see how you were lost in her hayyam, I mean I have been observing you since she has come; I have been observing havoc in your senses. I have never seen you before like that for any girl even not for me so please don’t mess me in my thoughts to characterize you double that which face I must consider to be true…..

Hayyam: please sam stop over reacting, it’s not like that as you think so. I am fine and I have always managed to be out of my havoc senses. But he knew that there was something racing in his heart for her, he tried hard to fight those feelings but actually he could not.

Sam: okay just forget and let’s go to have coffee at canteen

Hayyam: okay let’s go.

After having coffee, they both left for him. It had been always even a duty for hayyam to drive sam to her home and she was used to tease him with her boring gossips, he did not like that at all but he had to because sam was daughter of his dad’s best friend and it was asked to hayam by his dad to be with her and guide her as a friend not as colleague so he had to whether he liked or not. Otherwise hayyam did not allow anyone to go against his wish but he forced others to do whatever he wished. He never cared what do people think about him but it mattered what he wanted. He had his own rules which everyone had to follow at any cost. He was so loose in his temperament and above all very week to control his anger at all. He put his anger and frustrations on those who so ever come in his way so all his staff members.

Sam: so good bye hayyam, see you soon take care

Hayyam: hmm bye. He drove back to his home.

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