The Edge Of Emptiness

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: February 03, 2013

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Submitted: February 03, 2013




Part 4

He came downstairs and found all family members at dining table for dinner. He was seemed to be tensed and frustrated because of sanaya but none could help him regarding that matter.

Rehman: shahram come son, sit here to have dinner with us?

Shahram: no papa I am not in mood and my stomach does not need it right now so excuse me…….(he said and went out with arguing anymore and sanaya was watching him in a hope to have dinner with him either, or he must at least respond in a enchanting way but all her hopes dumped when she saw him going outside and samia could see that all in her but she could not do anything more now for her.

Rehman: samia whatever you and sara have done with shahram, I don’t think so, my son would forget that all so soon and the guilt which is surrounding us all, does not allow me to breath, its suffocating me all the time and I have made my all efforts to find her and bring her back but I have not got even a single clue that where the hell she has gone and………(he suddenly stopped and closed his eyes pressing his lashes tightly, clenching his fist in pain and guilt), annnndd the fear which is frustrating me is whether she is alive or…..(he said and put his morsel down in his plate and could not complete his sentence further). All were silent, a wind blew and it seemed that it would blow all whatever was left behind in that bungalow; it was just seemed to be a beautiful place, the beauty of which was artificial which could attract to anyone by its charm but the people in that place were empty, there was left nothing in them except guilt and regret, the pain of which was irresistible, that didn’t allow them to utter a single word of to be fine at all……….After a very big silence, rehman breathed deeply and a gust of his breath was expressing the pain of guilt which he was having at that time and his wife Zareena put her hand at his shoulder to console him back and her eyes were teary, she was so sensitive lady just opposite to samia, she could feel the pain of his son shahram but she could never help him out and rehman never allowed her to interfere in her sons’ matters rather he considered samia better to deal the matters as she was social woman and zareena was just a house wife nothing more than that according to him.

Rehman: do you know what zareena , now I have realized that you were always right. You always forbid me about those disgusting ways of my life and behavior but I never drawn my attention and you were right damn it, you were right……oh God! Why didn’t I listen to you, hell with me and my rude behavior with her. Would that she comes back, I would knee down to beg her pardon….would that zareena would that……….from where I get her back!( And that time he was crying hard like a child, wiping his tears and left the dinner, moved towards his room).

Raid: I have some work so excuse me…..(he also left with teary eyes).

Samia: sanaya it all happened just because of you, because of you, I have ruined today so many lives and there is left nothing neither for you nor for shahram.

Sanaya: oh come on mom, it was sara’s and yours plan not of mine, so please stop blaming me all the time. (she said putting her morsel back in plate)

Sara was quit, she didn’t speak anything, the guilt was not allowing her anymore to speak out anything and she could hardly take few morsels and tears were flowing on her cheek……the tears of pain and guilt, the tears of regret and there was left nothing except regret for her. Uzaam could easily see that but he did not bother to wipe her tears because he had resisted her a lot at that time to stop that foul play at that time but she did not listen him and now it was time for her to regret and repent whatever she did two and half years back.

Sara: aunty please stop arguing because you and me did all for our benefits so it’s high time to ask for pardon to ALLAH so that we could repent… can’t imagine, the pain in my heart is pinching me all the time, its pinch is like needle, which is tearing…..why I had been so rude, so mean, so arrogant, so selfish and so disgusting at that time that I did that cruelty to her, my ALLAH won’t forgive me, He would hell me in fire but before that this life has been hell for me, I can’t live in this regret now, I can’t.

Uzaam: sara I am going to my room, I am tired so I have to sleep, I have a lot work to do. (Uzaam had no sympathy for sara because she was paying

whatever she did. All went and there left nothing except silence, the silence with pain in that lounge).


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