The Edge Of Emptiness

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

Submitted: May 01, 2013

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Submitted: May 01, 2013




Part 9

I know the truth hurts and it cuts the Deep,

Broken dreams and pain turn a Heart cold as Ice,

And my ink will never lie heading this pen to the End;

Living in the past, feeling like the future is worthless;

Why did you have to take it there and hurt that!

Shahram could not get himself out of the frustrations and guilt from which he had been passing through. He was sitting on his recliner in his room, writing poem on his diary; he was lost in his flashbacks:

Shahram: roshini do you know why do I call you as roshini? (He was sitting at bench holding her hand in his; he asked her looking towards sea waves with smiley face)

Roshini: ya I know but I want to listen from your words!

Shahram: because you are like a light, like brilliance, like a glint in my eyes, in my life that’s why I call you with this sweet name. I don’t care what you are for others but you are roshini for me. I have been loving you since childhood and now I want you permanently as mine. (He was staring at her then and smirking)

Roshini: hmm ya I know you love me but somehow I do feel that you have very weak faith even on your own self; I don’t understand, you can easily be trapped by others. People don’t need to try hard to get you in their talks. (She seemed to be serious)……shahram I want you to trust me!

Shahram: I trust you even more than myself. You don’t worry I won’t let sanaya to win easily. She can’t plot us.  

Roshini: I hope so…..(she said while looking at sea waves). Shahram promise me today that you won’t leave me at any cost? I don’t know which type of fear is dumping me all around, the fear of losing you?

Shahram: oh come on roshini you are just overwhelming your furious fears nothing else. But anyways I promise you I shall always be there for you in my whole life.

He jerked and spranged on his recliner; his flashbacks were ended. He roamed his eyes in his room, he once again groaned his eyes to make sure that roshini was really not there with him, it was just a chauvinistic past which he had been wishing to live again. His eyes were welled with tears that he had promised her to be with her but when she needed him, he left her all alone.

He was still on his recliner when his cell rang with name of Dr. Hayyam. (Hayyam was his friend, they were sharing good terms). Shahram made himself relaxed and received his call

Shahram: assalam u allaikum dr how do you do?

Hayyam: walaikum asalam shahram I am perfect but you tell why have you indulged yourself so busy? I mean you don’t even bother to recall your friends not evenme! I thought I must remind him that we are also alive dear! (He asked him in complaining manner with smile)

Shahram: no it’s not like that, you know the formalities of business so that’s all….(he anyhow managed to save himself)

Hayyam: hmm ya I can understand. Well I have called that tomorrow I am coming to Lahore, if you get some time, can we share?

Shahram: ya of course why not! But it’s much better that you do come at my home to have gathering with my family too?

Hayyam: not bad idea! Okay I shall inform you then tomorrow after my arrival there. So take care see you soon! Bye

Shahram: okay bye take care.

Hayyam had made all his preparations for his departure. On other hand pari was also packing but she was not happy at all, she was not in mood to go to Lahore but she could not refuse to hayyam. Pari could not even sleep whole night; she was just lost what would be next, tomorrow.

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