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They came from the sky--as expected
They took 1/2 of our population--as promised
My family chose me to go with them-- unexpected
We were told Earth was about to die--tragic
I am on a spaceship with many people I don't know, some I do. Where we are going is a new like Earth planet never inhabited before. We are to go there and populate. I try not to think about what is happening at home. I am safe but, my family is in danger and there is nothing I can do. So I wait and see what will happen.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Evacuation

Submitted: January 27, 2013

Reads: 98

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Submitted: January 27, 2013



They came from the sky as anyone would have expected them to. It was about nine thirty at night and my mom and I were driving down an intersection missing a red light by seconds. We were on our way to picking up my older sister Alison at work. My mom and I were listening to the radio and I was looking up at the stars through the windshield. One star I had thought was Polaris, the Northern star. The more I stared at it the more the star seemed to move. I squinted to see it better. Sometimes when you are in a moving car objects seem to be following you like the moon or sun. I was still unsure when it suddenly jerked to the left then the right. Left-right-left. My heart hammered in my chest.
“What the hell!” My mom said.
She sped up and we finally got to my sisters work. My mom got out of the truck and held on to the door for support. The star-light was only hovering now. I sat in the truck not wanting to look. The light scared me to death.
I heard my mom call onto her phone. “Alison get out now, tell them your mom said you have to leave.”
“Why” I heard Alison say annoyingly.
“Because I want to go home. Now!” Then she snapped the phone closed.
“David, have you seen what is in the sky?” She had called my dad next.
“No, what’s going on?”
“Look at the sky.”
I allowed myself to look up again hoping that it would disappear. It was still there, a bright white slowly hovering. “Ugh!” I shuddered. Now I couldn’t look away.
“Oh wow!” I heard my dad say.
My sister walked out of the restaurant and after seeing my mom turned her head to look behind her. Alison screamed profanity and hurried over to my mom.
“Is it a meteor?”
“I don’t know, get in I want to go home.” My mom slid into the truck seat and restarted the truck. Alison opened the back door and came in too. The parking lots of businesses were full of people who had parked their cars to look at the sky. People had their phones pointed upward. Some cars went slow others sped off. We pulled into our drive way and emptied out. My dad was standing next to a few neighbors. I went inside to turn on the news. Alison stood beside me texting on her phone. The newsman, Josh was reporting on the situation. “If you haven’t seen it already it is currently floating in the western part sky. The air force has been assigned to check it out.” The scene zoomed out to show the same man leaning over a desk a discussing the recent events with the anchormen Steve and Julia. “It seems as if aliens decided to contact us.” Julia said in her television voice. “I hope they don’t plan on staying.” Steve replied. “You and me both.” Josh said. “Let’s go live with Vanessa Saunters on the scene.
“Hello Josh, I am here on 10th and broadway and you can see all around me people have stopped to look at the strange light up in the sky.” On cue the camera focused on the light. “Here comes the air force!”
Five other lights in V formation made their way to the light. Before they could go too far, the light vanished. “The light just…turned off.” Vanessa reported. “Maybe they decided to retreat—“
Vanessa was cut off. Instead of live footage of the light a man was on the screen. My blood seemed to freeze numbly moving about in my body. “Attention, I am Tain. Yes I am the light you see above you. we have come many light years away. we are here to evacuate Earth.

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